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Scrapbook by Chie

It only takes a moment

This is a collection where I will post the short drabbles I write (max 800 words).

Unless otherwise stated, each chapter/drabble will be a standalone. Their respective genres, universes and ratings may vary.



Prompt: Capture      -     175 words (For Dokuga_official on LJ)


Title: It only takes a moment

Genre: Romance

Rating: K

Type: Stand alone

Summary: In that moment she captured his heart.


The season had changed; the time had come for Sesshoumaru to visit Edo. Over the years, he had made a point of periodically checking on Rin.

They had camped near the village the night before, so Sesshoumaru set out on foot, leaving Ah-Un and Jaken behind. 

It was a fine, warm morning, though the breeze stirring his long silver-white hair still carried an echo of the winter.

Upon entering the village, it was the miko whom Sesshoumaru noticed first.

She sat on the stone steps, cooing at the baby in her arms – one of the slayer’s and the monk’s get, Sesshoumaru guessed.

Rin was sitting beside them, her head bent with the miko’s as she reached to tickle the baby.

Sesshoumaru had stopped to stare at them. A flurry of soft pink petals danced in the air around them, and deep in his chest, Sesshoumaru’s thawing heart stirred.

As if sensing his presence, the miko looked up. Her blue eyes were warm and alight as they met his gaze, her smile brighter than the sun.


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