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Kindergarten savior by Amanda

Chapter 1: The beginning of an unlikely friendship.

Disclaimer:  I own nothing of Inuyasha It belongs to the creator!! (wish I did though -_-)


"Mommy? Why do I have to go back? They always tease me!" A little girl asked her mother as they arrived to the school. She didn't understand why they were always mean to her. Still, her mother forced her to return, not truly understanding the severity of the bullying.

"Kagome Higurashi! You will get out of this car and into that building!" Her mother turned in her seat to look at the child, now known as Kagome. The girl nods before slowly getting out and shutting the door. She then made her way inside, head hung and black-blue hair hiding her face. She got halfway down the hall when the teasing started.

"Look! It's the freak!" One girl said. before the girl's group of friends joined in.

"Yeah! How can the teacher stand her?"

"I agree. She's a freak!"

"Always looking around in fear and talking to herself."

"Does she really think we believe that she sees ghosts?! That's just stupid!"

"Stupid freak! Go away!"

Kagome then ran, right into a group of grade two student, who laugh at her.

End Flashback

"Well, well! We just found the school freak!" The leader smirks, looking down at the little girl who was on the ground in tears. The other's in the group of boys laugh, lifting her up by her little arms. They then start to beat on her. Kicking her stomach, legs, arms, face, anywhere that they could get to as she cries in pain.

"Stop it! Leave me alone!" Kagome cries, sobbing as they continues. Suddenly, there was a a voice of another student coming their way as she heard running footsteps near.

"Hey! Get away from her! Leave the poor girl alone!" The leader looks up and laughs, only to groan as he fell to the floor, holding his face with one hand. 

"Ouch! You meanie! You broke my nose!" He screamed at the attacker. Kagome still curled in a ball and sobbing, opens her grey-blue eyes and gasps.

There, standing before her and helping her, was grade 2 student, Sesshomaru Taisho, known hater of weaklings and humans. The young pure-blooded demon child stood there, arms spread out as if blocking anyone from seeing her, growling in anger. the two friends helped their leader up, glaring at Kagome. "Be lucky Taisho showed up! You won't be that lucky again!"

With that, they ran off. Sesshomaru turns slowly, his eyes red and stripes on his cheeks slightly jagged as he knelt down by her side, his silver colored hair swishing behind him as he did. Slowly, he reaches his hand out, as if afraid to scare her, to check for any bruises and to move her hair from her face. She blinks as she looks up at him, tears flowing down her cheeks. "Thank you, Taisho-san, for saving me."

The boy smiles softly, removing her hair from her face before pulling her into his arms and standing. She cries out in pain, making him frown and rush to the nurse's office. He kicks rapidly, holding her close. "Nurse! Open up! I have a hurt student! It's Higurashi-san I have!"

The nurse opens the door quickly as she heard this, Sesshomaru rushing into the room and laying her down on one of the cots. "What happened?"

Sesshomaru frowms, looking at the nurse. "I was on my way back to class from the bathroom when I saw some kids from my grade were beating on her. I rushed over and punched one in the nose before blocking their paths to her. I didn't want them to hurt her further. They were demons, like me."

His long explanation causes the nurse to pause in her work. having never heard him speak so much. She then nods slowly, sending him to the principle while she called Kagome's mother. Hours later found Kagome in the hospital, Sesshomaru and his family there waiting with Mrs. Higurashi in the waiting room as they cared for Kagome's wounds.

"Mrs. Higurashi?" A doctor came out, speaking softly as she stood.

"Yes? Is my baby ok?" She spoke quickly, her voice thick with worry. The doctor nods and then looks at the demon family behind her.

"If you would like, I could take you all to see her. She'll be here for a week. That young man saved her life." The doctor spoke with admiration and surprise. "It isn't every day that a demon of such standing saves the life of a human with holy powers." That got all of their attention as Mrs. Higurashi blinks in surprise.

"She's a preistess? Well, she'll have to go through proper training once home." The doctor nods and leads them to the girl's room. Upon entering, they saw Kagome looking at the door in confusion before her eyes light up with gratitude and happiness. Her mother rushes to her side, Sesshomaru standing back for fear of scaring the little girl.

"Sesshomaru." He looks at his father as he spoke, before being nudged foreward. "Go on, she's looking right at you." His father laughs softly at his son, who was surprised.

"Taisho-san...?" Kagome's little voice was heard as he looks up before rushing to her side with concern. "Thank you..." She then surprises them all and hugs him. But what surprised them more, was that he returned the hug. "You saved me. I can never repay you..." She then yawns and he makes her lay down.

"Just rest, Higurashi-san, and call me Sesshomaru." She nods and smiles, saying he had to call her Kagome if she had to call him by first name.

//A.N! I've decided to make this into a chapter story. Not sure when I'll be updating, because it won't be regualr updates.


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