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Moon Children by Reira


A little note: This is where I'll post my snippets for dokuga_official. The plan is to have them all connect in the end, but I am going to strive to write them in a manner where they can theoretically be read separately. And yes, my SesshKag kids from The Promise, Mamoru and Mayu are also featuring in this collection. Except Kagome is their biological mother this time.

Disclaimer: I am not, in any way, affiliated with the creators or producers of Inuyasha. No profit is made from this writing.


A young white-haired girl dipped her fingers into the water and giggled as ripples moved across the surface. She hastily removed the flower from her hair – a peony, that had just bloomed that morning – and gently let it down to float.

“Mayu!” a voice called from inside the manor. She looked up, a frown marring her chubby face. Footsteps thundered throughout the hall as her brother stomped his way to the garden. Upon reaching the verandah he pouted and curled his fists to show his frustration.

“You promised you would play with me today!” the boy yelled.

Mayu wiggled her nose. “No, I did not, Mamoru.”

Mamoru’s face flushed bright red, but before he could explode two long arms swept him up and threw him over a wide shoulder. The children both squealed, albeit for very different reasons. Mamoru was frightened by the sudden assault, while Mayu was smiling excitedly at the appearance of her parents.

“No arguing,” Kagome ordered.

Sesshomaru was focused on his daughter. “Where is the peony I picked for you this morning?”

“I gave it to the moon,” Mayu grinned as she pointed to the water, where the bloom was floating by the pale moon’s reflection.


Prompt: Bloom (200 words)


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