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Spring 2017 - Drabble Collective by thesesskagrevivalproject

Snippet #1: Bloom

Title: Curiosity Blooms

Author: Puritysan

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Rating: T

Type: Part of a collective

Summary: Even demon lords can't resist their nose.

Cherry blossoms bloomed all around her as she leant against the God Tree, Goshinboku, a book in her lap. Unfortunately, she had dozed off several minutes ago, her hair creating a curtain around her face. She couldn't have helped it, it was serene and somehow Inuyasha hadn't scented her out all day.

Of course, that might be due to the fact that her scent had been shielded as soon has she had dozed off, her protector high in a tree.

The wind picked up and if she had been yokai, she would've noticed her admirer enter the clearing, scenting the air carefully.

Mixed with the scent of the breeze, cherry blossoms and Kagome’s natural scent - or was it the smell of the soap she washed her hair with? He wasn't sure, as this was the first time he had been able to inspect her up close. Frustration at himself rose, as he dared to near, cursing himself for his interest.

Was he as much like his father as his mother made him out to be? Or was there something else about this woman that caught him, causing this insatiable curiosity? He wasn't sure but it bloomed within him, intense and unwavering.

WC: 200

A/N: omg.. my word processor failed me!


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