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crazed encounters by weirdlykagome

Not again.

Author’s note: I do not own Inuyasha and its characters. It will always retain its ownership to our dearest Rumiko Takahashi. So let’s get started.

The forest ground was stilled from all the battle it had faced not so about some one hour ago. Breaking through the still of the forest was a woman running to her safety. The woman wore a small green skirt that was above her knee length and a white shirt which was caked with dirt and sweat. She ran as fast as her tired body could carry her.

Kagome thought to herself, how on earth the day turned into such a one of turmoil and disaster when it had started out quite peaceful. What was that word again oh ya Murphy’s Law she thought to herself albeit in a grudging manner.

The day had started with the usual comical display of the shard hunter group. Inuyasha shouting for more Ramen. Pestering Shippo about taking his share. Kagome face planting Inuyasha with her magical word and then the beautiful slap which echoed through the clearing followed by an unconscious monk.

Suddenly a demon with long arms and short leg and a thin body came after her shards. The group battled but the demon seemed to bypass the Tetsusaiga’s attack and instead follow Kagome.

The above incident had led her to her present predicament. Why was Inuyasha not following her? She thought gingerly because the so called malnutrition and malformed demon had enough strength to deflect the wind scar and send it to her group instead who had fallen down.

She ran and ran and ran. Not within a few moments of time the demon had her in his rather long hands and was shaking her in a funny way. The shaking reminded her of the times when she used to shake her piggy bank to see if she had any more money left. Was this guy thinking her to be a piggy bank and the shards to be money?

 As if in reply, the demon whined and complained about not finding the money.. ummm the shards. So he released a growl. Kagome being extremely frightened released a small squeak and along with that a small amount of her magic demon repellent power. The guy which was supposed to be a child cried out and like a frustrated child threw her into the air. Was she supposed to be the piggy bank being thrown cause she had no money..argh shard.

As a matter where was the shard bottle? Now she remembers she kept them in her backpack. Then why had the demon attacked her. Now she remembered she had left the backpack in the forest while running. The demon being a child might not have realized and continued to follow her.

How unfair could life get to her? She only hoped that their group had found the shard and that it was in safe hands. Oh yes did she mention? She was flying through the air. How fitting for such a day to proceed. She hoped that nothing more went wrong for the wretched day.

But as the entire Japan knows, the word fate is never fare to Kagome. As if to prove this point the great and the terrible Lord Sesshomaru was at the moment relaxing in a hot spring not even about 1 meter away from the currently flying miko.


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