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To Be Alpha by Minime

The Alpha Registration

Author's Note:

This is my first story and I'm still trying to learn how to set things up.  Sadly, I've been a lurker on this site for so long and it is only now that I submit a story.  This is not edited, and just did this on a whim I guess.  If anyone is interested in being a beta reading then I would be very grateful.


The usual one.  I do not own Inuyasha or any character of Rumiko Takahashi and all her awesomeness.  Please do not sue. (I am very poor)

Chapter 1: The Alpha Registration

The Alpha Registration Day

The Big Dome was quite a daunting architectural feat.  Situated in the land neither here nor there, only people with strong spiritual powers could search and reach the place, unless of course when riding a special youkai transportation device.  It was believed that Mr. Buckminster Fuller, at the brink of suicide, saw a vision of the Big Dome that resulted in several geodesic dome architectures in the human world.  These human versions, though were just miniature versions of the real one, for it was large enough to fit hundreds of daiyoukais in their real and most menacing forms.  Inside the dome was an amphitheater, with a sturdy looking stage made of youkai grade materials in the middle.  The amphitheater also accommodated several rooms and offices below the seating areas.

Usually it was a sleeping giant throughout the year, except for times when hot blooded youkais were engaged in duel for their honor, or when rented for special events and tournaments.  Today however, the Big Dome was teeming with youkais of different forms and colors, for the Alpha Registration was being held there.  The first day of the Alpha registration was for filing of application of Alpha aspirants.  Normally a quick process that only took less than 10 minutes, the line in Counter 5 however was experiencing a hold-up.  The poor youkai manning the counter was in a bit of a pickle.  His underused reptilian brain could not understand the application papers that he was about to process.  Used to only handling normal and routine situations, what was a lizard youkai to do during this sort of situation?  The growling and roaring complaints of those in the line were not helping either. 

“What is going on here?”  the floor manager, a bulbous tanuki with a protruding belly entered the lizard youkai’s station. “Well, you see Sir we have a situation here” croaked the lizard, who at this point had already changed into several skin tones of bright colors while handing the manager the application form in question. The tanuri raisesd his non-existent eyebrow at the lizard’s display of nervousness and uncertainty.  What could possibly be in this paper that has this lizard almost pissing his pants?

Name: Kagome Higurashi

Age: 26 human years

Height: 157.5 cm

Weight: 49 Kg

Occupation: Unemployed








Race:  Human

Reading the last item on first page of the application form, the tanuki fainted.  “At least I didn’t piss my pants” the lizard thought to himself.

Emergency Meeting

Operation on Counter 5 went back to normal as the owner of the problematic form was hauled into one of the  more private rooms found in the inner area of the Big Dome.  This room looked more like a conference room used by executives and salary men in the city.  But instead of obnoxious and brown nosing salary men, Kagome Higurashi found herself surrounded by seven intimidating youkais.

“Miss Kagome,”  a gentle but authoritative voice of a black dragon daiyoukai started.  “Are you aware of what this application is all about?”

“Yes, I am aware.”

“If this is all about the free food and accommodations, then we can give you a room and some food to eat, if that is what you’re after,”  the golden lion daiyoukai implied.

“That is not the case, Lord Leo.  I am really here to register myself as alpha.”  Kagome said with an amused and indulgent expression on her face.

“We do not mean to insult you young lady.  But as you can see, this situation is unprecedented.  Throughout the history of the Alpha Registration, only youkais applied.  Surely, you understand our concern.  Being alpha means being strong enough to protect the members of your pack.    The youkai society takes the alpha position very seriously” This is not like getting your driver’s license to signify your coming of age.”

“I understand Lord Ryu.  And it is not my intention to mock your culture.  I am serious with my intention of being an alpha and whatever responsibilities it entails.”

“This is really such a peculiar case” said the thunder youkai Lord Raiju. “What do you think, Lord Sesshomaru?”

Lord Sesshomaru had been staring at the girl since she had walked inside the conference room.  She seemed normally human enough.  Of moderate height and soft feminine features, no one could deny that the girl carried a delicate and simple beauty, especially with her cobalt blue eyes and raven winged hair.  Yet she was able to sit confidently and undauntedly by the presence of few of the most powerful youkais of the realm.  There was also something about her that had been tugging on his inner youkai.  Strange, he mused.  This had never happened before.

Upon further inspection and looking pass her physical allure , though, he noticed several peculiarities with the woman.  For one, she had no detectable scent.  Normally, even at such distance from himself, he would not have any problem smelling human or youkai, with his keen inuyokai nose.  Wait! No!  There was something. A faint scent of jasmine, in a soft blanket of morning dew.  Yet, no stench of mortality.  Then, there was also the feeling of power, raw and potent, almost overflowing, like a pot with escaping boiling liquid. Yet no surges were felt, tamed and controlled.  Also, the woman seemed aware of who she was speaking with.  Not one of the youkai in the room had been introduced, a breach in youkai meeting protocol, regardless of who was being met by the lords.  Forgivable in this case, due to the seemingly absurd nature of the circumstances.  Yet she was able to address those who spoke to her by name.

Sesshomaru was vaguely aware that his attention was being called.  But the woman seemed alert enough, that upon mentioning his name by Lord Raiju, she turned to look at him directly.  In this instant, their eyes met, and for Sesshomaru, the world ceased to exist.   At that moment, there was no emergency meeting. No conference room full of alpha lords. No alpha registration. No Western land to lord over and protect. Only her and her striking blue eyes, which were now filled with confusion, mirroring his own.

“Lord Sesshomaru” Raiju called again.

“Hn. “


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