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My love, My mate, My new life by kitty


      A/N  This is my first ever fanfic  so please be gentle with me. Also if you will leave a review that will help me a lot . Enjoy !

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It was over.

           The fight with Naraku was finally over and everyone was  getting some peace. Everyone except Kagome , who was now back in her time line in front of the well, on her knees crying her heart out.

         For 2 weeks she has  tried to get back to her friends and her love but with no luck. Her mother tried to make Kagome feel better, she tried to make her do things in order to take her dauther's mind off the pain. 

          After a month Kagome was the best student in her class, after 3 more months  the little miko was going out with her friends everyday after school, but that didn't mean that she had lost hope.

              At night when every member of her family was asleep she was walking  down the stairs to the well. Every night she was trying to get back to the Feudal Era only to be hit with the harsh reality that she doesn't belong there anymore .

                    After a year or so she gave up ,she had come in terms with her condition and accepted that she doesn't belong in the past anymore.

            Weeks went on and now was a beautiful day of summer . Kagome woke up with a start that morning

Getting the coffee started then going back in her room to pick out some clothes, she headed to the bathroom for her shower. Kagome stepped into the shower after stripping down into nothing.

She put on a white T-short with a pair of black skinny jeans .Finally finished getting ready and Kagome cooked a small breakfast. After that she helped her mother clean the house and then decided to go out. She gave  her mother a good bye kiss on the cheek and made her way out of the shrine to her favourite Caffee Shop .

     She ordered a cappuccino and sit down on a table near the window. She took a sip and started thinking about the days with Inuyasha. Oh yes Inuyasha  , she remembered the first time she meet him, all the things that they done together and now ? Now she was lonely  . She needed to be apart of a relationship, needed the outlet for the love overflowing in her heart. She had needed him . But it had all been one-sided. The only question she had, was: why her? Why, of all the women, youkai and human alike, that he could have chosen, why her? Was it because she was a miko? Regret and hurt squeezed a tight fist about her heart. She had been so very eager, happy even, to stand in the shadows he cast.

She was tired… tired of waiting to be loved by the boy who never would. She was lonely, lonely and alone when he abandoned her to see Kikyo.

She knew she meant something to him, but he would never show it. She knew he felt guilty about it, but it was out of his control. How could he not see Kikyo in her?

He’d made it clear he wasn’t interested, that he loved Kikyo and Kikyo alone. How long was she supposed to wait?

She’d finally decided that the wait was over. He showed interest in her. He told her that she was beautiful, a living breathing angel. He could make her entire body go up in flames with just a glance. Why should she wait for Inuyasha when she could have him?

With Sango to keep her company, she had been content to wait for those rare moments when he would share her life. She really misses her friend and Shippo even the hentai monk at times not to mention Kaede. She had been so very, very foolish. 

            "Sango I hope you can take care of my little boy, I know that only you can protect him from  Inuyasha when in need."

     Kagome was starting to cry thinking about them still hurt her. She was pull out of her taught by a strong yet gentile  voice " Is this seat taken ?"


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