The Sorceress by Tsuki no Tennyo

The Shop

Author's Note: Because I kind of just wanted Kagome as an eccentric shopkeeper/sorceress kind of like Count D (Pet Shop of Horrors) and Yuko (xxxHolic)? :P This will be a chaptered story, but of varying lengths (meaning: short little snippets, mostly). I mean, my general writing style is already kind of like that anyway. This is just me actually splitting them into chapters instead of clumping it all into a one-shot. We'll see how this goes!

Word Count: 200


Tucked between two innocuous buildings in bustling Tokyo lay a small shop, which in and of itself was not unusual, but Sesshoumaru could have sworn before today he had never seen it on his daily commute. Today, though, he found the strange shop to be beckoning him forth, and he felt himself inclined to do so.

He entered the mysterious shop, hearing a bell chimed his entrance and smelling immediately incense wafting in his direction. He took in the vast space which should not have been possible. From the outside, it looked like it was roughly about the size of a small apartment, but inside it seemed normal at first glance, but he sensed that it stretched farther than his eyes could see.

He started having second guesses about whether or not this truly was a shop, seeing the décor resembled more like a living space with just various odd items cluttered around. He picked up an antique silver pocket watch left on a side table near the entrance, finding it was engraved with a message: "To my lady".

"Oi!" he heard a male voice called from behind the sheer drapes in the next room, "What's your business here, demon?"


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