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Circumstances By Law by InuLuna of The Moon

Ch. 1 Adjustments

AN: I had started this in 9/19/2013. Had been on hold because it was stuck on my old computer until very recently. And also had about 6 copies of each chapter that I had to go through…. At the time it was Veterans day as this story had just popped into my head. Glad I can finally post one chapter of it. 3 pages.

To everyone, I wanted to say a special thank you for my dad, and every veteran for fighting for our freedom.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha franchise and co. This plot is my own and I created the extra characters not related to the Inuyasha series ect.

Ch. 1 Adjustments

       A small six year old burst out of her room with an ear splitting grin on her face. One hand on a yellow back pack for school swung it back and forth, while the other played with her pony tail. As she walked through the hall way leading to the living room the warm rays of the sun cast a light glow on her skin. She loved going to school and it seemed like the only time she wouldn’t see a slight frown on her foster parent. Hiding her smile, she turned around to wait for him to come out of the kitchen.

“Kagome are you ready yet?” The only male in the house hollered.

The little girl answered, dropping her pack by the door. “I’m in here Mr. Janak.” She always felt that it was wrong to call him by something else, and because of this, she hoped that if she added the ‘Mr.’ he wouldn’t be too upset like usual when she didn‘t call him by his name.

The skinny man peeked his brown covered head around the corner and glowered at her. Sharp black eyes thinning to slits. “What are you planning on twerp?” He asked suspiciously.

“Um…” She fidgeted her feet and looked at the tiled floor. She had asked this question every year since she could talk and he had answered with a no. But, with the last two, he seemed to get more violent in his out bursts. Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, she said it anyways. “I was wondering if… because it’s my 6th birthday that you can look for my parents today?” Biting her bottom lip she gave Janak her best pleading eyes. At his look, and tensed shoulders, Kagome backed away. Suddenly afraid of what he would do.

“I told you to NEVER ask that DAMN question again.” He full out fumed. Throwing a plate against the wall above her head as the little girl flinched and shied away from the broken pieces. “Go to your fucking room and pack some clothes.” He ordered.

“But…” She still hoped dismally.

He walked over to her dangerously close and pointed down the hall. One hand was raised to hit her if she didn’t move. “NOW.”

Kagome began to cry as she ran to her room. Her arms and body shaking. ‘It was definitely worse then last time.’ Scrambling to her closet, she grabbed her two other pairs of pants, and shirts. Then, reached for her green jacket from the rack. In the very back corner of the small space, she dug out the only thing she had left of her real parents, and paused. It was the soft toy dog she had gotten from her mother. Whom she couldn‘t even remember what she looked like. Smothering it against her face and shutting her eyes. Picturing the lovely gardens she always dreamed of. With flowers blooming everywhere and a pathway leading to a pond. Her imaginary father holding her in his arms as they looked into the water. The feeling of being safe and warm calming her down.

She jumped seconds later as she heard a phone being slammed on the counter in the other room. Her reflexes being quick after years of dealing with his violent outbursts. She grabbed her things and a few others before going back to her pack and stuffing them in it. Her heart rate speeding up in anticipation. Standing by the door again, she quietly waited for what might happen next. Not understanding what was going on.

Janak came out of the kitchen again. Cursing profanities while he paced. A few minutes later, he abruptly turned to look at her, and his eyes turned to ice. Seeing her tiny form not shake under his gaze. He spoke. “When those women get here, you will leave with them, till I choose to let you come back.”

Kagome’s body froze as she numbly nodded her head. The air felt awfully tense and stifling all of a sudden. She couldn’t even speak, because she was too afraid of what he was planning. Janak sat on the couch and stared at her the entire time. What seemed like an hour passed and neither moved. Kagome was still too afraid, and Janak, too angry.

Some one knocked on the front door and Janak got to his feet. Eying it critically. When he seemed satisfied, he turned the door knob, and opened it.

An old woman stood there with a small smile. “You called, Mr. Janak. We’re here for the child.”

Janak nodded his head. Letting her and two other vicious looking women into the house. All of them wore a long white dress with a red shawl looking thing on their shoulders. With some white gloves covering their arms, up the their elbows, with red lace on the rim. Accenting to the color of the dresses lower trim.

“Come on sweetie.“ One of the tall women grabbed her hand and began to pull Kagome out the door.

Kagome gave pleading eyes with Janak. “What about my friends at school?”

His entire kind appearance darkened from his original impersonation when they had entered, he sneered. “You’ll never see them again. And don’t even think about asking that question.”

“No!” she screamed in indignation. Digging her heals on the pavement outside. The two women grabbed both her wrists tightly and continued. Struggling, Kagome bit the closest one on the hand. Immediately the woman hissed and backed away. But, the other one picked her up around the middle, and walked to the car. “Let me go!” She yelled at the top of her lungs. Kicking and screaming the entire time. All she wanted to do was run away. Janak would never be as kind as he used to. And she didn’t want to go with these women.

Out of the blue, she felt a slight pinch on her arms, and looked around. Her eyes becoming groggy in seconds as she wanted to sleep all of a sudden. The last she remembered, before her world went black, was the old woman sitting next to her. Petting her hair to try to calm her.

She didn’t know how long she was asleep or where they were taking her. But, she did wake to see a gray ceiling above her. Sitting up as fast as she could to back up against a wall. The blanket she had, had on her as she slept, fell to the mattress. The ceiling may have been disheartening, but the walls were even more so. All around the room was stone. With the floor having a reddish brown wood on it. She was even more then confused at the beautiful glass window, small wooden shelves on the wall, a chest at the foot of the bed, and a lamp table on her left. In the middle of the table was an intricate white lamp and a glass of water. ‘Where am I?’


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