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Bleeding sacrifices by Natalia


 Hello dear readers! This is to be my first attempt at angst so please tell me your opinion. Also I have a busy life at the moment and won’t be able to update as often as I would wish, so please forgive me and be patient with me? Please? Chapters will be 1000 words since the lack of time is at fault again! I won’t nag, since everyone has his problems so I won’t bother you with mine! Wishing you all good luck and hope you will enjoy the read!






The skies cried alongside her. The tears were warmer and their saltiness crept up her frozen lips. She didn’t bother to wipe her face, her apathy numbing her limbs and entire body. Why would it matter? She asked herself. I don’t matter. She gulped her pain that settled in her chest like a deadly stone and took a shaking breath. Her feet trembled when she moved it and she tripped, but kept her balance and took another one. This one was devoid of strength as well, so she fell down on her bum and stayed like this. She knew she was pathetic. She knew she was broken, unneeded and unwanted.

Should she get up? She asked herself, but shook her head. Why would it matter? She wasn’t wanted. He didn’t want her. Kagome chocked a sob, but the pain ripping at her insides increased with every breath she took, until she could breathe no more. She screamed. Long and piercing, the scream wailing and filled with pain. The mud around her splashed her clothes and her hands gripped her hem, until her already white knuckles paled further.

You are but a weak, pathetic human,his voice resonated in her mind, replying that morning in her eye-mind. His handsome face not changing its features even for that cruel moment. His clothes white and pristine, his figure tall and willowy. Everything about him was beautiful. Even the way the wind played with his tresses was ehereal, like a dance.

You are nothing and will never be nothing but dirt under this Sesshoumaru’s feet.” Kagome’s eyes replayed the images for her and her ears still resonated with his words, the pain in her heart sharpening. He viciously squashed the tender bud of her feelings with his next calloused sentence:

To imagine that one such as you had hope for a relationship with this one.... As if one of my breeding, power and stature will lower himself to consort with a human, a miko none the less!”

Kagome tried to speak opening her lips, but a single word from that beautiful mouth, cut her attempts short.


The way he said that word, in his monotone cold voice, hurt even more. Taking her tattered pride in her hands, she fled the garden leaving him to his solitude with his pride as companion.

On trembling legs she tried to get up, but his beautiful face was envisioned in front of her eyes. He wanted a pure blooded demoness. She knew that, yet somehow she hoped that she... Kagome shook her head and on still unsteady legs got up, a new plan settled in mind. She still loved him! Despite anything she still loved his cold, arrogant self. She mentally sorted any options she had, remembering information that she once thought useless or crazy. Even the stories her grandfather told her seemed a well of information now. She was hurt, crushed and broken even, but she still didn’t want to give up. She gave up once and lost everything, including the love of the one she thought her life and future. Her soul mate. She chuckled to herself. She won’t give up.

The time flew fast. Months spent in pursue of information and myths of lost power and enchantments. She researched potions, flowers and witches across the land and even got her hands on a few books on magic from the China. Nothing. No luck! Until a tale of an old crone that practised magic so old, that even demons forgot the names of her spells, not talking about her name, reached her.

“The price is heavy, not everyone can pay,” the old crone told her, when Kagome entered her dark cave. The woman shouldn't have been called a crone thought. The female looked young and fresh, her skin sparkling and Kagome realized that some old magic had to be at work for such appearance. If her young and radiant looking face was the poof of her power, she was willing to try. Green vibrant eyes, plump pink lips, white pale skin and black shining hair. The female was positively like a super model from the future. Her gestures elegant and fluid, hands delicate, she knew she was beautiful and behaved accordingly.

“Not everyone is willing to pay the price I am extracting. Many are weak of heart,” continued the witch in her dulcet voice. Kagome was a woman herself, but she knew a temptress when she saw one. She also recognized the mannerism.

“You are human. Or at least have been one once,” Kagome spoke her mind and the witch smiled, her face becoming sharp in the same second. The next blink and her face relaxed in a perfect visage again.

“You are a sharp one little girl. I sense great power inside that small body of yours,” she sat down on a chair, her dress flowing around her with a gentle breeze. “One has to wonder why you want that certain spell...” she trailed on, but Kagome shook her head.

“It is none of your business, you would only need to provide me the spell.”

“Hn, very well, but don’t jump ahead, you don’t know yet the price and if you are willing to pay it, for once the contract is signed, in blood I may add,” she gestured toward a silver dagger and a brush next to it, “ can’t be broken.”

“Very well then, tell me,” Kagome instructed the witch and as words escaped her pink lips, Kagome’s face paled. But steeling her resolve, and thinking things carefully, the miko nodded her head and taking the dagger cut her palm. Her blood flew easily colouring the dagger and trailed to the bowl for the ritual. Kagome saw the greed in the witch’s eyes at the look at her blood and squinted her eyes. Her blood had power, but it was too late now. She had decided. Taking the brush she signed her name on the parchment in bold, bloody letters.

Her fate was sealed.



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