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In Love With A Miko by Alice (Angelic Sins)

Chapter 1-Immortal?A sliver Inu Daiyoukai?!?

Chapter 1- Immortal? A sliver Inu Daiyoukai?!?


The scent of blood is getting stronger as he walks closer to the clearing, there he saw a dead Miko in front of him." Isn't she that half-breeds Miko? where is the pack and why is she dead?" he wonder when he saw three claw marks on her chest and ear twitch when he heard a fainted footsteps of Rin and Jaken yelling at her,

"lord Sesshomaru!"

"Slow down you insolent child" Jaken squeaked.

But Rin already stop in front of the clearing and saw kagome lying there not moving in a pool of blood, she screams and runs to her lord, her eyes show horror mix with surprise, she starts sobbing hard against him "lord Sesshomaru can...can you save kagome nee-san, Rin want to play with Kagome nee-san again"

Before he can answer a bright light shoot out from the Miko and a faint heartbeat was heard and a person he knew for sure was dead is now standing in front of him...his father "Inu no Taisho".all Sesshomaru can do is stare at his dead, no, alive father.

"Well my son, is that how you greet your father after so long by staring at me!"

Sesshomaru only narrow his eye and only broke the stare when the Miko open her eyes and blink a few times "why am I alive I thought Inuyasha already kill me?" That's when she realize the lord of the western land staring at her and another demon that look like another copy of Sesshomaru.

" umm, what happen here and may I ask who are you? and why do you look like Sesshomaru? where am I? and what are you doing here Sesshomaru" Ask kagome, who now getting very confuse at what is happening here and throwing a thousand at the males in font of her.

The demon only laugh and said" I am Inu no Taisho, Sesshomaru's father"

"But I thought u were dead a long time ago"

"Yes child I was dead once but kami send me here to help you with your mission"

"Huh? mission what is it?"

Before Inu, no Taisho can reply Rin jump on her "kagome nee-san you are alive!" The 7-year-old girl exclaimed happily as kagome wipe away her tears with her hand, hugging her carefully making sure that no blood stain on her midnight blue kimono with pale pink Sakura flower on it.

Just then Sesshomaru speak up "Miko where are that half breed and your pack"

"Well" she begin as fear begin to rose out of her body, covering her scent "I don't know Inuyasha kill me because Kikyo is dead, and I can't help her but he said I kill her so he kills me too, the last thing I remember is Inuyasha and the pack left me"kagome start crying and said "when I open my eyes again I saw you and Inu no Taisho"

After she finish Sesshomaru ask " then why is my father alive again and I have my arm back too?" his eyes show no emotions as he continues to stare at kagome "I-I don't know"

"I think I'll do the explanation" Inu no Taisho said


"It all start yesterday when Inuyasha kill kagome, a kami came to me and tell me that soon a war is coming and it will kill all demons in the world so he give me another life to help you two to win the war,but of course kagome is dead but the kami told me to tell you something...the time kagome is alive once again, she, the Shikon Miko will be immortal, also is a sliver Inu tail youkai that guards the ancient world where the demons, Hanyous, fairies and elves, Sesshomaru too will be immortal, whether you like it or not, you will be guarding both worlds with kagome,"

Both Sesshomaru and kagome stand there staring at Inu no Taisho trying to take in what he just Sesshomaru seems to take the information in faster than kagome changing his facial expression from surprise to that usual cold look.

"But lord Inu no Taisho why me?" said kagome as she stood there trying to take in what the previous lord if the west said.

"Child you are the chosen one the day you are born, but your power is the seal and now the seal is broken so you are to become the most powerful Miko and Daiyoukai in both world" he paused for a few moment and say "please just call me Toga."

Kagome finally understand what he meant and ask him "so what am I going to do now?"

Before Toga can even answer her question

Sesshomaru spoke up "you will be staying in my palace until we know what to do with the war"

Kagome's mouth drops open in surprise.

"...o...k" she replies, not sure what to do.

"We will find another place to camp tonight and leave at first light when the sun rises," Sesshomaru said.

"And when I do find Inuyasha, that pup is going to go through so lesson the hard way since he doesn't like it the easy way." Toga growled loudly as he cracked his knuckles.

Sesshomaru smirk while kagome giggles at Togas idea.


meanwhile in a cave somewhere...

Sango and shippo were sobbing hard leaning against Miroku.

"Keh,won't you just shut up," Inuyasha said covering his sensitive ear with his hand

"But you kill my sister" Sango snapped at him

"And you kill my momma for something she didn't do!" shippo said as he give Inuyasha a glare

"Inuyasha, you should know by now after three years of traveling with lady kagome, she will not do anything like that," Miroku said, "she knows that you love Kikyo, but you didn't even listen to her, you kill her just like that."

"Well, it's too late to do anything so now can you all shut the hell up"


Than In An Unknown place...

"So she's is still alive" the three mysterious man in the dark

"This time we are going to kill her and use her power to rule the this and the ancient world,"One of the voice said

"Yes, we are" all three of them hiss loudly and disappeared into the thin air...

To be continued...


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