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Blindly Loved by FoxyKittyKatara

Blind Cash

updated 2-10-17

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Sesshoumaru tuned his guitar. A notepad sat on the couch next to him. His notes were messy as he had made several changes to his next song for his next big gig which was becoming fewer and far between.   Recently all he did was play and money was getting tighter. He had gotten used to the constant mold smell that took over every part of the rundown one bedroom apartment. Since he had moved in a year ago he had disposed of seven mice and two rats total from the traps. In all honesty he was terrified his first night living in the small residence that he had went crazy with traps and in the process lost track of where he put a few of them. He also had to have pest control come in once a week just to keep down on the bugs. He literally moved into one of the worst apartments known in town which had been talked about for months of being torn down. He endured all of it for his music career. As he continued to turn the guitar the string snapped and he closed his eyes just long enough for the end of the string to rear up and smack him in the face. He groaned knowing he now needed replacements. He sighed and looked at his checkbook. He had little to his name and even though a set was very cheap he would not be able to afford it at the moment. Even though his rent was cheap he had a measly twenty five dollars in his account. He had two hundred fifty in rent due in three days plus utilities. He had no money to spend on strings. He thought back to his last conversation with his father about money.

“Hey dad, I hate to ask but can you loan me a bit just to get me on my feet until my next gig. I will pay you back every penny.” Sesshoumaru asked calmly.

“Sesshoumaru, your mother and I are worried about it. You are almost 1,000 years old. You were mature for your age until your little brother came along. Since the 1960’s you have become more childish by the day. Living in a vermin infested apartment while writing music that will never be heard by anyone was not something that I ever planned for you. I hoped for more from you Sesshoumaru. I hoped that by now I would be retired and have grandpups running around.

“You do have another son you know.” Sesshoumaru countered. “Why not pass on the company to him instead. Have him give you some grand pups.”

“Your brother is too much of a playboy and he is always careful when it comes to pregnancy. Your mother has always spoiled that boy. Even if he wasn’t biologically hers she has always loved him as her own. The other day she went into his room to tidy up and you know what she said she found in his night stand drawer?”

“I do not want to know what is in my baby brother’s night stand drawer father.”

“Condoms and playboy magazines. She said she opened it and it was full of a few magazines but the whole drawer was nothing but condoms. At least we know what his allowance goes to.” Sesshoumaru sighed thinking of his poor mother being astonished by opening the drawer and finding that site. He couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought. “It isn’t funny. Your younger brother sees more action than you do. Move out of that rat infested place, agree to take over the business, and then we will talk about money. You can still do your music on the side.”

Sesshoumaru thought about himself in one of those fancy ties and suits. He couldn’t even imagine it. He liked being in jeans and a t-shirt, not some expensive suit. “Hn. Yeah dad, I don’t think business is good for me.”

“Then I don’t think my money agrees with you ether.” His father said before hanging up.

Sesshoumaru sighed and then looked down at the piece of paper his band mate gave him a few weeks back. Naraku smiled when he had gave it to him, handing him the typed out ‘how to’ page he had created himself. Naraku was the kind of spider demon who planned to skate by in life easily. With his trials and errors of this lifestyle came the first draft of his ‘how to’ list. A list compiled of the best ways to make money fast. He called this list ‘How To Make Cash Fast’. Sesshoumaru skimmed the list. Some he did not feel comfortable breaking the law. Stealing change from wishing wells was one of them. The most promising one was selling sperm. He thought about it for a second. His father always wanted grandpups and he wasn’t planning to get married or have any kids anytime soon. Why not?


*** A few days later ***


Sesshoumaru walked out of the clinic with five hundred dollars in cash. He had done some research and demon pregnancy was trickier when it came to humans. They would only have children with their mates. To the profesionals it was like sperm which was healthy however, would not match with any human genetics. Resulting in no viable pregnancies. In theory it was like shooting blank rounds. He smiled knowing he would be able to get strings and pay rent. He would even have enough to get the lastest book from his favorite author H.K Valentine. As he stuffed the cash in his wallet he bumped into a small raven haired woman with blue eyes. She was so tiny compared to him, maybe about 5’3. He stopped for a moment and looked at her. She was very cute but his mind quickly reverted back to guitar strings and the new book he wished to purchase.

A few minutes later the same girl had been sitting in the little room. For the last several months she had tracked her ovulation to a science and knew now was the best time to have a baby. Physically that was. She wanted to find the perfect specimen for herself. Someone who was interesting and creative. That was the kind of thing she wanted to pass on to her offspring. She also wanted someone tall so her children would at least have a chance later in life when it came to reaching the top shelf.  She had been looking at the many different candidates and she had not been able to find the one she perfectly matched yet. Her eyes fell on the profile of donor 18392. Grew up in Japan, moved to the states as a teenager, is well educated, and has a great passion for music. The final thing that sealed the deal was the fact that he was 6’2.

“Kagome, have you finally decided on a donor today?” the nurse asked.

“Yes, this one.” She said, pointing to the piece of paper in the spiral notebook.

“Oh, this one was just added. Good pick.” She replied. “We will have it ready for you shortly. Get in a gown, lay back on the bed and the doctor will be with you shortly.”

“Thank you.” She said. Kagome sighed deeply. This was the first step to the rest of her life and soon someone special would call her mom.


*** 2 weeks later ***


Kagome walked into her bathroom and took off her pajamas. As she started to get dressed for the day she notices a blue mark on her abdomen. “What is this doing on my stomach?” She grabbed a wash cloth and used hot water and soap to try to get it off. However, as she rubbed it showed no sign of coming off. “What the fuck?” She looked in the mirror and directly in the center of her abdomen was a blue crescent moon. Around the mark was tribal marks that Kagome had never seen before in her life.

“What the-”


Chapter End


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