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The Heart by Crimson Rose


AN:// So I've been stuck with writers block on my stories and I decided to add another one to my list. i just needed to do something fun and hopefully bring out my muse from his self induced solitude. This prompt is written for *~Missy~*'s odd word challenge. If you have another prompt to give me I'm all ears (or all eyes since I'll read it lol) hopefully this'll help get everything running again! Please Read&Review! 

ps. They'll all be interconnecting and NO youkai in this fic.

Prompt: Aroma

Settled on the small hill her lunch laid forgotten next to her. Tilting her head up towards the sun, allowing the heat to warm her body wishes that the heat from the sun could heat her heart as well. Clutching her chest, Kagome breathed in the aroma of freshly mowed grass and could hear the distant voices of her fellow classmates during their lunch hour. If anything she couldn't help but feel nostalgia. Feeling the teasing hands of the wind play with her blue black tresses, Kagome hesitantly checked her watch for the fifth time. Noticing that once again, he was late.

They had become distant. Considering now that out of everyone, Kagome was the only single person in their clique. Inuyasha had Kikyo, Sango had Miroku, Shippou had Shiori. And recently, Sesshomaru had Rin. The last pairing which had been unexpected from everyone else, occurred because of her own selflessness.

Allowing a sigh to slip past her pink lips and running her hands through her hair. A known tell of hers that conveyed her feelings. Kagome was beyond nervous, perhaps on the brink of terrified. Which was extremely silly of her considering who was coming to see her. Especially since he was the one who texted her this morning to meet up in their usual spot. Sesshomaru, one of her best friends, the one who she has persistently befriended. And the one man she was in love with.

It had all started innocently enough. Being who she was, Kagome had a penchant for befriending those who otherwise had no one. Especially because at one time, she had been exactly like them.

Transferring in the middle of freshman year to a place where she knew absolutely no one. Constantly being picked on and bullied until her last semester, she would often eat her lunches alone in the library. The one place where Kagome never had to deal with her tormentors. It all changed when she met Inuyasha Taisho.

On that particular day, Kagome had rushed to the library covered in food and nursing a split lip from an unexpected punch from her 'favorite' bully, Kaguya. Holding back her tears, Kagome had managed to slip into the room without the librarian noticing the state she was in. Hurrying to the far of the room, she leaned against a book case for support. Attempting but failing at completely silencing her cries. Sliding to the ground Kagome had been too caught up in her own misery to notice that she was no longer alone.

"Oi." A gruff voice came from above her.

Quickly rubbing her tears away, dull gray eyes that were normally filled with life blinked away the blurriness to see an outstretched palm up hand towards her. Shocked, Kagome quickly found the face of the person who so obviously was trying to help her stand up.

Silver hair pulled into a low braid that went to his waist and warm honey colored eyes filled with kindness. "Looks like you can use a friend wench. Come, let's ditch." A smirk covering his face, only growing wider as Kagome hesitantly reached out towards him. Allowing a small smile to come to her face as he effortlessly pulled her up.

"I'm Inuyasha."

"I know, my names's not wench."

And just like that, Kagome Higurashi was no longer alone. Finally surrounded by her own friends that cared.


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