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Trick or Treat! by candy cane

Correcting a mistake

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It was Halloween! Kagome had grown tired of dropping hints and flirting with the cold Sesshomaru. At first, she thought she had fallen for InuYasha and for a long time she had tried to make it work. But, yet after a long conversation with her girlfriends. She found that she had fallen for his brother.  But, yet because she felt he would never accept her. Kagome had replaced Sesshomaru with his brother that looked similar without realizing. 

When she thought that she was into InuYasha.She learned a lot about Inu demon behavior. This was so that she could understand his silent communication with her. They just couldn’t seem to connect as InuYasha wanted to be with more than just her. To make matters worse. He wanted her cousin Kikyo too, and she couldn’t stand the woman. Kikyo wasn’t a good person. She manipulated people and would do anything to get what she wanted. So they broke up, and for awhile it hurt because she cared for him.

Kagome found after considerable soul-searching that she had only had a crush on him. It was only a part of why their relationship never progressed forward. The first part being him dating Kikyo. The other part being that her mistaken shift of feelings onto him. After her discovery. She found Sesshomaru’s Mother by accident and spent considerable time with the woman.

She explained everything to her and to her surprise his Mother took her under her wing. Teaching her everything she needed to know about Inu demons. She had no clue that Inu males were old-fashioned. If she wanted a long lasting relationship. She’d have to expect domestic discipline as part of their relationship. Once she learned all his Mother could teach her. She told Kagome not to come back until she was ready to accept the Inu lifestyle.

 This led her to have a long conversation about her feelings and what her role would be with her Mother. She had no idea that her own Father had been the same way. After a conversation with her Mom. She sat down with both her and her Grandfather to tell them both that he was an Inu demon. At first, her grandfather had been angry because they lived on a shrine and were a holy family. But, yet after learning about all the work she had put into a relationship that didn’t even exist yet. They both gave her their blessings to see where the relationship would lead.

Now that she was ready to enter a relationship with Sesshomaru she told his Mother. She wanted to be sure he was still, single. His Mother confirmed that he was not dating anyone. She also approved of her having a relationship with him. Now all she needed was an idea on how to get him to notice her. She had been trying for a while now, and he almost never said anything to her. He didn't even notice her at all. It’s like she’s not even there. 

Then just recently she received an invite to a costume party on Halloween at their house. She had made her costume so that it could be a Princess priestess fighting yet formal kimono. She knew it was risky considering the party would contain demons. But she was proud of what she was, and she wasn’t about to hide it from anyone.

Getting up her last bit of courage. She went over the instructions Sesshomaru’s Mother had given her. First, she was to drop something lowering her eyes then her head before bending over to get it. This would look like submission and should cause a reaction if she had done it right. Then she was to find a reason to tilt her head to the side exposing her neck to him. If that didn’t work at getting her mated. The final innocent action was to find a reason to be on all fours in front of him. No unmated male Inu could resist the position. No matter how innocent it seemed. Sesshomaru’s Mother promised her that she would end up mated before the night was over. She just had to be careful to make sure to reject all other males and not show any interest.

She got everything together putting the blade in her obi as was typical of women and grabbed her fan. She wanted to add an air of mystery to herself to intrigue Sesshomaru. She grabbed her bow and quiver. Sesshomaru’s mother recommended she arrive prepared to defend herself if necessary. She put them over her shoulder before grabbing her satchel with her invitation. As well a few common Miko items. she thought would be useful to have. Now feeling prepared she headed towards her carriage and got in. She had a lot of anticipation when the carriage started moving to her destination. 

She planned on arriving going to the snack table. She'd get a drink and finding a cozy corner to read until the festivities were in full swing. Once the carriage came to a stop. She got out and approached the large grand ballroom the building was ancient and large. She entered the massive doors and waited in the hallway for her turn to present her invitation.

Once she did and was past the entrance. She found a drink she liked and made her way around the room. She was looking for a place she’d enjoy sitting until the festivities started. She found a small library area. It was near a large number of windows and several sets of French doors. They led to a rather large and impressive garden. She decided that this would be the perfect place to relax until there were more people around.

The festivities began, and music started playing. She put her book down. Having finished her drink she got up and went to the dance floor. She made her way into the crowd and started dancing with everyone else. That is until she felt a tap on the shoulder. She turned around to see a male wolf with a cocky grin he proclaimed, “You’re going to be my woman!”

She glared at him. She knew him all too well. He was the playboy Koga. She replied, “You shouldn’t be here it’s for singles only, and you're pledged to Amaya. Now go away I have no interest in a player or a cheater.” 

She turned on her heel and moved to another location. This lets Koga know she had rejected his statement. Koga huffed he didn’t take rejection well. He didn’t care what anyone wanted other than himself. He’d try a few others and go back to the challenging ones later. 

Kagome decided it was time for a light snack and perhaps a brief rest. Somewhere Koga wasn’t likely to notice her for a while. She couldn’t understand why he was so obsessed with her or why he refused to take no for an answer. Perhaps he was just obsessed with any female that didn’t want him and told him no. Either way, she wished he’d find someone else to chase after. 

At one time they had been good friends, and she had hoped to maintain that friendship. But even that was looking less and less likely due to his constant pursuit of her.

She was just starting to enjoy the quiet relaxing atmosphere. In the secluded lounge area. She had found when she heard a male voice say “Oi wench why aren’t you on the dance floor shaking your booty. You ain't gonna find a mate sitting around in the corner hidden from everyone. Although I am sure losing a pound or two would help improve your chances you’re a little tubby. Maybe you're back here because you're lacking in good looks in which case I don’t blame you. It’s better you hide your gross face in the shadows.” 

She glared up at him recognizing him as Sesshomaru’s half-brother InuYasha. She wasn’t sure what attracted her to him. Was it his rugged good looks? Maybe it just was the resemblance to his half brother. It certainly wasn’t his brains or charm. She couldn’t believe she even dated him for a brief time. Until she discovered that he had a girlfriend.

She was her cousin no less. Since they looked so much alike. She often wondered if he was only dating her because of their similarities. Kikyo wasn’t committed to any boy in high school. She dated many guys, and when she felt the one was getting too serious, she’d take a break from them.

 Kagome imaged he started dating her during one of their breaks from each other. Kikyo had been point blank blunt when she wanted InuYasha back. Kikyo even thanked her for keeping InuYasha off the real dating market for her. Then Kikyo told her to back off and to find her own man. If not she’d just have to crush her and make her look like a pathetic loser.

 Kagome walked away from the relationship. She had decided no guy was worth the headache or heartache. Not that the choice had been an easy one to make. 

Deciding he wasn’t worth her time she ignored him and waited for him to leave in a huff. He was grumbling, something about ugly wench’s not needing to be rude. 

She wondered yet again what she ever saw in him. She got up and went back towards the dance floor deciding that she had taken a long enough break to get her second wind.

Besides, she’d never bump into Sesshomaru sitting in the corner. She decided to see if she could draw the demon lord out onto the dance floor. She went to the DJ and asked him “Could you play some music from the Feudal Era. I’d enjoy some more traditional dancing.” 

He smiled and nodded going through his music selection, and when the song ended. He started the new selection of older more traditional music.


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