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The Little Priestess by Clio

Prologue - In The Beginning

A/N: The best place to start is generally at the beginning.

Series: Fairytale Retellings #1

Prompt: N/A

Disclaimer: All canon characters found within belong to one, Rumiko Takahashi. I make no money from this fanfic.

Original Pub Date: May 5, 2018

Word Count: 502

In The Beginning…

It was dark. Not very dark, for some reason. Just dark. But the darkness was not alone. A being was there, older than old. Older than the darkness, even, and it was ancient. This was a being of Matter and of Magic and of even bigger things. It was a being of Possibility.

And the being, as it looked into the darkness, imagined.

From its mind, which was larger than the universe, spun thought after thought. These thoughts were unknowable to the darkness, which filled the void of itself in silence.

The thoughts, too, were silent. But that was not important. What mattered was that they were. Not what they were…but that they were.

It was these thoughts which the being gathered together in the silence of the dark void and from them created…everything.


The world spun slowly, as it always had. Its' beginning was not yet quite a forgotten memory, although the fading into myth had already begun. The beings of the world walked and flew and swam, there in the place born of thoughts. But those who flew never flew too far from shore, and those who swam never traveled into the deep places beneath the waves.

But Life, the tiny goddess created when those thoughts first began to swirl through the darkness, saw how quiet the waters were. Not the rivers and the lakes and the bays, but the big waters. They were empty of beings like the youkai and the humans…and so she did something she had wanted to do, but had never been brave enough to try.

Standing before her golden mirror, huge and shimmering, she thought. She thought of fish-like tails, and human-like arms, and youkai-like magic. She thought of all that made the beings of the world alive, and imagined a race like them, but different. The beings she saw were a pair, and they were lithe and sleek and powerful. As these thoughts swirled around her mind, they began to slip out and skate along the surface of her mirror. And then, they entered it, as easily as a child slips into the arms of its mother.

For a moment, two pairs of eyes, one the dark of pure sapphires and the other the liquid blue of a sun-touched lagoon, regarded her. And then, they were gone, and the thoughts stopped, and Life stood still. She smiled, but it wasn't a kind smile. It was a fierce smile, the smile of a child who has achieved something important, even if they know they might be punished for the achievement. But what did that matter?

She had never felt such need before. Never felt such a push to think with more than just her mind. And now, it was done, and the sea would be filled with a new kind of life. She would call them mer, for they were of the watery places which filled the world. And they would be divine, just as they would be mortal.


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