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Bad Luck by Crimson Rose


When she had managed to burn her breakfast, misplaced her essay she had written, spilled juice all over uniform, she had thought it was just one one of those rough mornings. Instead of being a typically sane person and deciding to stay home, and not fight with the bad luck she was having, Kagome just had persevere through it. Which in all honesty was a mistake.

Kagome Higurashi, junior and high level reiki user  at Takahashi High School for youkai, humans and reiki users alike, had one shit hole of a day. Not only had she been hounded from the moment she walked onto the school grounds incessantly by a inu hanyou known as Inuyasha and an equally annoying wolf youkai known as Kouga. Naraku, a kumo hanyou had also deemed her worthy of his affections. 

Somehow those three idiots thought that they could play a game of "grab the miko and runaway from each other" throughout the whole damn day. Apparently the winner at the end of the day, could walk her home. Kagome, a typically sweet and compassionate girl had just about enough of everyone's shit to last her a lifetime. All she wanted was to go home, eat, shower and sleep. And forget all about this stupid day.

Quickly rising from her seat as Totosai-sensei dismissed the class in his usual senile manner, Kagome all but sprinted from the classroom to her locker. Swiftly depositing books she didn't need for homework and taking what she needed. Kagome warily and suspiciously surveyed her surroundings. It was quiet...too quiet.

She had managed to freak out Inuyasha by crying in the class before Totosai's, causing him to turn tail and run. Kouga, she had to get creative and pretend like she was PMSing crazily and started shrieking like a banshee throwing books everywhere during lunch. Kouga nearly pissed himself, before running just as fast as he did for the Track & Field team. Naraku was the one that she knew wouldn't have been deterred in normal ways. Having that deer caught in headlights look, when Naraku cornered her after Kouga had left. Kagome became desperate. She ended up walking real close to Naraku, giving the most sultry look she could just so he would lean in close. Only for Kagome to shove her finger up her nose to dig out some gold and chase him with her finger covered in snot. Giggling madly, remembering how horrified the kumo had looked at her before a girlish scream ripped itself from his throat as he ran away from her as if she were the devil himself. Who would've known Naraku Onigumo was a germaphobe? She sure as hell didn't.

Shutting her locker with a relieved sigh, knowing she got rid of those three amorous idiots she could finally have some peace. Resting her head on her locker briefly appreciating the cool feel the iron was giving off. Kagome swung her backpack on and started steadily walking towards her salvation, the school doors. Definitely ready for a long, peaceful and quiet walk home.

Just as she was about to cross the threshold to her version of heaven, Kagome felt her world turn upside down as she came face to ass with a perky male youkai butt. Normally, being an ass admirer herself, Kagome probably would've loved the up close and personal view of one of her favorite body parts of the opposite gender. But, today was not that day.

Seeing a bit of silver hair come into her eyesight, Kagome only saw red. With quick hands, she did the only thing she could think of at the moment. Swiftly shoving her hand in those black uniform pants (forgetting that Inuyasha was wearing khakis) Kagome grabbed the underwear and pulled till the elastic in the waistband gave out. Giving her arm muscles more strength by flooding it with her reiki, just so she'd know it hurt Inu just a little. A victorious smirk found its way to her face, when the person who was carrying her dropped her with a surprised Yelp as if she were on fire.

Expecting the abrupt descent, Kagome's hand caught herself as she flipped into a standing position. Turning and getting ready to snap at the idiot Inuyasha.

"What the fuck Inuya--" Righteous anger died as mortification flushed her face red.

Standing right in front of her, was none other than Inuyasha's gorgeous older brother. More heat travelled to her face, which she was sure by now resembled a tomatoe. Sesshomaru Taisho, with his back still face toward her. With his now huge stretched out underwear hanging out from his pants.

Quickly saying her prayers and asking the Kami to bless her family. Kagome took one last look at the full youkai that was slowly turning to face her. She couldn't help but start panicking. A nervous Kagome always lead to an unfiltered mouth. She couldn't have stopped herself even if she tried.

"You wear tightey whiteys?! Does it help hold that stick up your ass?"

In a span of 5 minutes, she had given the Western Lord's heir a wedgie AND insulted him. Just great. All Kagome could do now was flee, begging her legs to move faster and she heard the roar of a seriously pissed off inuyoukai. Today was just not her day.


AN: thanks for reading! Hope this made you laugh like it did with me. Short and funny, the plunnies needed to be released on this one. Once again excuse my errors. I do try to catch them all. Please review and if you do, check your wall! I usually write back :) I'm a sucker for reviews. 


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