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Don't Be Surprised by Crimson Rose

Chapter 1

Most women only dreamed of having the wealth, home, social standing and most of all, husband that Kagome Taisho had. Had any other been in her position, they would have brushed it aside and perhaps spent more of their husband's money to bury their sadness. But unlike those women who were born into this lifestyle, Kagome had married into it. Not for the power or the prestige that came with the title of Mrs. Taisho, but for what she thought was true love and the other half of her soul.

Rolling her last suitcase to the door, Kagome slowly looked around the spotless mansion. Allowing memories to resurface, Kagome couldn't help letting her mind wander. Replacing the cold sterile feel the empty house was giving off. Her mind replaced it with the smiling faces of friends and family that had once used this place as their monthly get together. Kagome couldn't remember the last time when she heard the pitter patter or little feet running across the marble floors. Deciding to walk through the hallways of a place that had once been full of joy and laughter. Fond memories came to mind banishing the bitter sadness that had grasped her heart.

A soft smile on her face as she thought back to what seemed like simpler, brighter times. Kagome kept walking until she reached the West wing, a place she hadn't entered in years after she exiled herself to the opposite end of the mansion, away from her...husband. This wing, was only supposed to be used by the Master and Mistress of the house and, their children. Entering the first room she saw, she let her hand drift lightly across an unused bassinet. This room, let alone this whole house was void of any children. Seven years ago, this place had started out as a home. Now, it was as empty as her husband's heart.

The signs, they had all been there for her to see but she was just too blind or just maybe she had been so used to making excuses for his behavior? Kagome wasn't exactly sure. A cynical smirk appeared upon her doll like face. Cerulean hued eyes, void of any emotion she was feeling. A trait she had learned well, after all she had had the best teacher.

Words were spoken softly, "We used to be so in love."

After catching her husband the first time, in their 2nd year of marriage, the shock, denial, sadness, pain and anger had run its course. Yura Takahashi was beautiful, in a sinful sort of way. Her alluring figure to the deep azure eyes.. Sure she had been depressed and it had royally sucked but like all people who didn't know their worth she forgave and forgot. Or so her husband thought.

Being vindictive wasn't in Kagome's nature, at least it hadn't been when Sesshōmaru had first come to love and know her. At one point and time, her heart had been pure, forgiving and loving. But like all things, time and pain had changed it. Smirking lightly to herself all she could think now was, her husband was in for a hell of a surprise. Yes she had played the loving wife to the T. Sesshōmaru was none the wiser.

When he had started getting into his old habits, Kagome had hired a private investigator. That she paid with cash of course, no one wants a paper trail. Naraku Onigumo was the best of the best. She had anticipated the professional and inconspicuous way he did business. What she didn't anticipate, was slowly falling in love with him. And he with her.

A year ago when Naraku first delivered the pictures to build her case on, she had expected co-workers, business associates, hell even a waitress to fall prey to the sinful looks her husband had. Opening the Manila folder and seeing her best friend and maid of honor of her wedding was a sharper blow to her heart. Sango had been her childhood friend, confidant in everything and anything. Instead of letting it break her down, she had become stronger for it all.

Naraku Onigumo had helped repair her broken heart and made her stronger. Not only did Naraku freelance as a private investigator, he ran Kumo Industries. Highly profitable and enemy of her husband's business; Inu Corporation. He started teaching her the ways of the business world. Showing her how to manipulate and control men and women for the betterment of the company. While he was a dark and dangerous man in the boardroom, he was kind and considerate towards her. Naraku had set her on her own two feet, telling her to come back when she was ready for love. But no matter what she did, in business or in her personal life, she had his support and backing.

Hearing ring of her cellphone that halted her current thoughts, Kagome checked the caller ID and answered, "Is it done....good. No thank you Suikotsu-kun. I wouldn't have known what to do if it hadn't been for you." Laughing lightly to the male voice on the other end of the call. "Yeah thank the Kamis our mothers are sisters, otherwise I would be without all of you and your brothers help. I really do appreciate it, cousin. I love you all. Bye" Hanging up the phone, Kagome took a breath. Seven years of misery just came to an end.

-----Few Hours Later------

Hearing the car pull into their driveway, Kagome arranged the pictures in a neat line on her desk, so that they were facing the door. Right when he walked in, he'd see that it wasn't a joke.

As the door opened, a cold baritone voice met her ears, "Wife."


Watching as he glanced at the pictures on the coffee table, his cold golden eyes crashed with her equally cold cerulean blue.

"I believed, it was a joke from the half breed when Suikotsu delivered the divorce papers to my office. I didn't think my own wife would be stupid enough to assume she could divorce me."

Scoffing, Kagome replied. "Well I believe I'm far from stupid husband. Seeing as you didn't think I would find out about your late nights with Sango which I assume has been going on for a long time. I pictured many times how this particular conversation would play out. I'm sure you assumed that I'd cry, scream, hit you but still take you back. Am I right? After all I'd just be repeating myself from the last time."

Taking the narrowing of his eyes as an indication of his agreement, she continued on. "It seems I'm not the one lacking in intelligence. You forgot the stipulation of our arranged marriage from our parents. Infidelity. Would not be tolerated, or you lose the company you inherited from my father; Sunset Electronics and the 45% stake you have in Inu Corporation, to me."

"You think you can take what I built from me, wife? I built this empire. I'm the reason why you have the clothes on your back, the food on your plate, the money on your cards. Sango told me about your infidelities as well, so do not think to blame this Sesshomaru. Why do you think I stopped touching you 3 years ago? I refuse to accept used goods." With a sneer on his face, Sesshomaru stalked closer to Kagome, thinking to intimidate her into submission.

But, Kagome held her ground and bit out the words she had been dying to say for three years. Although, with a little more sarcasm than she intended. "Used goods? You're being hypocritical Anata*." Pausing as she revealed in slightly shocked look on his face, when she she called him Anata. Knowing that name hadn't come from her lips since their 2nd year of marriage. "Look at yourself before accusing me of things I never did. I have never slept with anyone but you. From when we were children, I loved only you."

Taking a deep breath so she could steel her resolve and not give up now, Kagome continued on, "I don't know and I don't care what lies Sango told you. What's done is done. The divorce papers are back at the office on your desk because clearly it was beneath your attention to bring back to your home. I will take everything that is owed to me. Eventually I'll take you for everything. Not even your soul will escape my grasp." Walking towards the door, Kagome paused before it. "I hope she was worth everything that you have just lost. At least I can say I stayed true to our vows. Don't be surprised Anata*, when you wake up one day with nothing. I will take away everything, starting with Sango." With a sultry smirk, Kagome walked out the door. But not out of his life. 

After all hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned.



Hi! This was an adaption of my older fic I wrote years ago, Same name. But I eleborated more on everything. Cleaned it up a bit. Kinda switched things around just to be a little different. i still have the older one up so feel free to read that old one and compare. I feel like i have grown as a amateur writer since then. Cause the older story makes me cringe lol. Right now I'm not sure if I want to make it into a chapter story to continue onto Kagome's badass-ness. But I will if enough of y'all want me to:) still no beta as of yet so I'm still looking for one. I use my iPad to make stories so sometimes it fixes words it's not meant to. Please excuse any mistakes! Review please. 

PS: no youkai in this fic

*Anata : a term of endearment for a husband 


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