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Advisor by Alon



“You’re joking, right?” Incredulous blue eyes widened.

The old man tapped his foot under the table impatiently, “Does it look like it?”

She slouched in her chair, childish emotions taking over her facial features, “Geezus, seriously?!”

His bulbous eye twitched, “Listen, you asked me for any job. What the hell do you think an anthropology degree can get you? You’re lucky I found something.” He sighed, “And this isn’t even just any job.”

“But Totosai, why.” She whined.

“Kagome.” His wrinkly face stared into hers—

“Just shut up and do it.”

The petite woman grumbled under her breath. “Hate demons.”




He stood in his pristine suit, facing an older male who sat comfortably in a leather chair.  “You’re not allowed to say no.” Quipped the seated male.

Golden eyes thinned in disgust, “I refuse to listen to some human about anything.”

“But it is your job to listen to me.” The tone was threatening but he didn’t back down.

“I do not need a human advisor.” The thought repulsed him.

His father’s lip twitched in annoyance, “And that’s exactly why you need one, Sesshomaru.”

It was the last comment he could make before yielding to his father—

“Damned humans.”




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