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My Past My Future by Sakuria

Old Friends New Places

I do not own Inuyasha and I do not own the song “Love me like you do”

The sun shined on the Higurashi family shrine, the Sacred Tree was blooming and underneath it stood a beautiful young woman. Her long black hair pulled back into a braid that reached to the middle of her back. She had on a ruffled lavender blouse that was tucked neatly into a black pencil skirt. She held in her arms a black briefcase and a black jacket. Her skin was slightly tan and her body was toned. As she turned to walk toward the entrance to the Higurashi shrine a female voice called out.

“Kagome, wait dear!”

Kagome turned around and saw that her mother was running toward her with a thermos in her hands. When Mama Higurashi reached Kagome she hugged her and handed her the thermos.

“Your brother forgot his lunch again could you run it to him on your way back dear?”

Kagome smiled at her mother, “Sure mom no problem.”

“Thank you dear and good luck with your interview today. I know that you’ll do just fine.”

“I hope so, I’m still in shock that the most prestigious company in all of Japan wanted to hire me. A girl fresh out of college with no real work experience. I mean I spent most of my youth in the feudal era, it’s amazing that I was able to pull my GPA up in time to graduate. What if they look at my attendance records and see all those days that I missed mama? Why would they want to hire me mama? What can they possibly see in me?”

Mama Higurashi put a finger to Kagome’s mouth, “They see a bright intelligent young woman who graduated at the top of her class at one of the best college’s for business finance in Japan and went on to better herself even more by entrepreneurship degree as well. They’d be fools not to hire you.”

Kagome sighed and turned once more toward the Sacred Tree. Mama Higurashi grabbed Kagome’s hand and turned toward the tree herself. “Have you been thinking about them again?”

“I can’t deny it mama. Inuyasha, Sango, Shippo, and Miroku occupy a lot of my thoughts recently. I can’t help but wonder how they are doing, did they ever find happiness? It’s been ten years mama and while I’m no longer pinning for Inuyasha I can’t help but think of my friends from that era.”

Mama Higurashi looked at Kagome and smiled. “Nobody can ever make you forget your friends or the adventures that you’ve had there. But don’t let your memories consume your future Kagome, it’s called the past for a reason.”

Kagome sighed and hugged her mother tightly, “I know mama, and I will move forward. I better go though. I don’t want to be late for an interview.”

Kagome let go of her mother and quickly descended the stairs to get to the car that she had parked on the street. Kagome jumped in and placed her belongings in the seat next to her. As she started the engine and pulled out into the morning traffic. Kagome couldn’t help but feel like that something was going to happen today and she didn’t know if she needed to be scared or excited. Deciding to get the butterflies out of her stomach Kagome flipped on the radio after flipping through stations she found a song that she generally loved. It always brought back memories of her and Inuyasha.

‘Even though you couldn’t choose between me and Kikyo until the very end you loved me the best way you knew how. Oh Inuyasha how I’ve missed you, Shippo, Sango, and Miroku these past ten years.’

I’ll let you set the pace

Cause I’m not thinking straight

My head’s spinning around

I can’t see clear no more

What are you waiting for

Love me like you do

Love me like you do

Kagome sang these lyrics as loud as she could in the car and tried to hold back her tears. When the song finally end Kagome had reached Moon towers. Moon towers was a set of skyscrapers that paralleled each other in many ways except for one was taller than the other. It was said that this company was ran by a pair of brothers that governed with iron fists. The eldest met with all of the business partners, made all the decisions for the company, and handled all of the department heads. While the younger brother handled all the potential business partners and the individual employees. The email stated that Kagome would be meeting with both brothers and that made Kagome even more nervous. As Kagome entered the building she could feel eyes on her from every direction. Kagome walked up to the receptionist as quickly as she could.

“Hello my name is Kagome Higurashi I’m here for an interview at 10.”

The receptionist didn’t even bother to look up at Kagome she just sat there clicking away at the computer. At first Kagome was a little peeved by that seeing as how a receptionist is supposed to be kind so she decided that she would try again.

“Hello I’m…”

“I know who you are just take a seat I’ve already messaged them and told them that you were here.” The receptionist said as she turned to face Kagome.

Kagome took in a sharp breath of air as she finally got a good look at the woman’s face. The receptionist sounded like and looked exactly like Princess Abi.

‘It can’t be her she was killed by Naraku. And plus demons aren’t even here in this time, it’s nothing more than a coincidence.’ Kagome thought to herself.

Kagome nodded at the lady and went over to sit in the waiting area. While she attempted to gather her thoughts she could help but remember how that woman made Kagome shudder. Kagome pulled her brief case toward her and pulled out her resume. She began thinking through some questions that they might ask her.

“Miss Higurashi?”

Kagome looked up and almost fell out of her chair. “Sh… Sh…Shiori?”

Kagome could barely remember how to breath, the last time Kagome saw Shiori was when they left her with her mother to protect the village. And the women in front of Kagome right now looked exactly like Shiori except she was grown up and had black hair instead of the white Kagome knew.

“I’m sorry are you Miss Higurashi?” the young lady asked again.

“I’m so sorry yes I am. Do you mind me asking what your name is? You look like a dear friend of mine that I once knew.”

The young woman smiled at her, “Not at all my name is Shina. Now Mr. Tashio and Mr. Tashio-sama are waiting for you in conference room alpha. If you would please follow me I’ll gladly lead you there myself.”

Kagome packed her resumes back into her briefcase adjusted her outfit to perfection and followed Shina to a pair of elevators. Once inside the elevator Shina pressed the thirteenth floor button and the door shut promptly behind them.

“So Shina how long have you been working for Mr. Tashio and Tashio-sama?”

“Well according to Mr. Tashio our families have been connected for over 510 years. But honestly I’ve known Mr. Tashio since we were young. I didn’t Tashio-sama until recently.”

Kagome smiled and then looked at Shina. “What’s the difference Mr. Tashio and Tashio-sama?”

“They are half-brothers. Tashio-sama hated Mr. Tashio for a while because their father cheated with his mother to be with Mr. Tashio’s mother.”

Kagome’s heart felt like it had been frozen. ‘That sounds an awful lot like Inuyasha’s story with Sesshomaru. But it can’t be them they are dead by now and if they weren’t Inuyasha would have come and found me.’

Kagome was brought out of her musings when the elevator suddenly jerked to a stop. The doors opened and Shina led Kagome down the hall to a metal door. “They are though here good luck Miss Higurashi I hope to see you very soon.”

With that Shina opened the door and Kagome walked through. As soon as she entered there where two men in the room with their backs faced toward her. From the looks of them both of them had long black hair. The eldest must have been sitting and the youngest was standing facing the windows. Kagome walked toward the table and placed her briefcase down.

“Good morning Mr. Tashio and Tashio-sama I am Kagome…”

“Sit down.” Commanded a really familiar deep voice.

‘I know that voice… but where from?’ Kagome thought

“It’s been 510 years since I last saw you Kagome.”

Kagome gasped at that voice. ‘It can’t be. It can’t be him.’

Kagome suddenly felt a sudden surge of demonic presence in that room. Her miko powers flared in defense but just as they flared they receded again. Both of the men’s hair suddenly went from black to a very familiar white. When they both turned around Kagome felt all the air that she had left in her body leave. Those golden eyes that always managed to make her weak in the knees suddenly peered into hers. Dog ears also showed themselves from his hair and that arrogant smirk that Kagome used to love appeared on his face.

“It’s been 510 years Kagome, you don’t know how long I’ve waited for you.” said the youngest of the two.

“Inu… Inuyasha!”

The next thing Kagome knew was the room was suddenly black and all she could hear was Inuyasha’s voice screaming out her name.


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