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Unexpected Love by Rlmpcc110511


Attention! This is a sequel to Unwanted Love. You do not have to read that story first, but I recommend it. If you do not wish to read it and have questions about something that I may mention in this story, just ask away and I will answer. Other than that, have fun reading and I hope you enjoy.

There is also alot of smut in this story. It was a way for me to work on my lemons.

Chapter 1



                I looked around our bedroom and sighed. It was already two in the morning and he still wasn’t home. It’s been like this for a month now. Sesshomaru has become so busy with work that I hardly ever see him. And considering that we not only live together, but work together as well, that’s saying something.

                I understand that they are working on something big, and even Daddy is working a lot, but I miss my husband, my mate. It’s gotten to the point where we even take separate cars to work. I go home at our normal time and take care of Shippo and Rin, and then he comes home in the middle of the night.

                I sighed again, thinking back to our wedding day. So far, we have been married for three months. I was beginning to get aggravated because I still wasn’t pregnant. Not that I was mad at Sesshomaru, but he had made this big deal about wanting to have pups, and now he won’t come home from work long enough to make them. Whenever we finally did get some alone time, I wasn’t fertile.

                I wasn’t going to let this slide. I wanted to be a mother. Father and Mom had moved out, just as Kouga and Ayame had. InuYasha and Kikyou still lived here. Every day, I watched Sakura grow, and I can’t deny that I was envious. Sure, I had Shippo and Rin, and I loved them as if they were my blood children, but I wanted to experience pregnancy, and strangely enough, birth.

                I wanted to feel my child growing within me. I wanted to have that moment that every mother has the minute they lay eyes on their child for the first time. I was determined to make it happen, and I had a plan that wouldn’t fail.

                I know Sesshomaru still wants children because he brings it up quite often. He even tracks my fertility cycle, even though he’s hardly home. What he doesn’t realize is that he isn’t the only one to track it, and right now, I was at the height of my fertility.

                Sesshomaru doesn’t even know that. I’ve hidden my scent but left enough out so that he could still smell my normal scent. In other words, he can’t smell that I’m in heat. I planned on bringing his beast out tonight in an attempt to get him to knot with me, just to make sure that I did get pregnant. The question was, did I ask him to knot with me, or do I force his beast out?

                While Sesshomaru himself may not realize that I was in heat, his instincts would. As long as he let his beast go, his body would do what was needed. The only problem was he still wasn’t home. I groaned in annoyance and pushed myself out of bed. I was literally downing coffee just to try and stay awake.

                I was glad everyone else was asleep because I was becoming so annoyed, I probably would have snapped at anyone who attempted to even talk to me. I made my way downstairs, thinking on why I was even bothering with this entire plan.

                While I know Sesshomaru is yokai, I wanted the human experience of announcing a pregnancy. Sesshomaru would be able to scent if I was pregnant within a day, but with me hiding my scent, I could be the one to tell him. I just hoped that he wasn’t going to be too mad at me for keeping it a secret.

                I poured myself a cup of coffee and just about jumped out of my skin when arms suddenly wrapped around my waist. I placed my hand over my heart and growled when soft lips met my neck. Silver hair fell over my shoulder, and I looked up to see golden eyes looking down at me.

                “Are you trying to kill me?” I whined, glaring at him. His eyes filled with amusement as his lips pulled away from my neck.

                “Why would I kill my own mate?” He asked, a smirk on his lips.

                “I don’t know. You’re the one who just gave her a heart attack.” I replied, still glaring at him.

                “Why are you awake? You should be asleep, Love.” He stated, ignoring my comment. I smirked evilly before pushing my ass into his hips.

                “Maybe you should punish me so I learn my lesson.” I teased, noticing how his hands tightened on my stomach.

                “Woman, I will take you right here if you do not stop.” He growled. I looked back at him and noticed the red tint in his eyes. It was going to be easier to get his beast out than I originally thought. It must have something to do with how long it’s been. I pushed my ass against him again, and I could feel his growing erection.

                “That doesn’t sound like such a bad idea, but…” I teased, pulling away from him. I turned around and gave him a look that spoke of my arousal. He pulled his lips back slightly, showing his elongated fangs. His claws grew to their normal length and his eyes bled fully red. His beast was out. Now, if I teased him, I would get what I wanted.

                I threw up a barrier around him and just about busted out laughing as his eyes narrowed at me. I very slowly, and sensually, pulled my shirt over my head, and I could hear his growling as he tried to push out of my barrier. I turned my back to him and pushed down my shorts, making sure to bend low so that he got a good view of my womanhood.

                After a small wiggle of my ass, I stood back up, completely bare to him. His eyes had gone so red, his irises were now blue. I blew him a small kiss before running upstairs. If I wanted this to work, I needed a head start. When I reached our room, I released my barrier at the same time that I jumped onto the bed. I crawled to the middle and rested on my elbows and knees. Any second now, he was going to run in, and there was no way he would be able to resist this.

                Just as I predicted, he barged into the room, only stopping to look at the position I was in. He licked his lips and just about tore his clothing from himself. He crawled onto the bed behind me and ran his hands over my back before cupping my ass. I let out a squeak as he suddenly smacked it.

                “You thought to run from this one?” He asked, his voice deep and raspy.

                “You should be punished for coming home so late.” I stated, trying to make his beast angry. The angrier he became, the more he would give in to his instincts. Two fingers suddenly slammed into my core, making me cry out.

                “You are the bitch! I punish you!” He growled, his voice very near feral. I didn’t say anything as his fingers pumped in and out of me. I simply couldn’t. I was filled with so much pleasure that my voice itself was choked off.

                His mouth was suddenly on my pearl, sucking on it. I let out a mix between a gasp and a moan as he tortured me with his movements. I couldn’t help but lean my head on the sheets while he growled against me. I looked beneath me and I could see his free hand holding on to himself.

                Even after all this time, the sight of him touching himself turned me on. It didn’t matter how high my arousal already was; if I saw it, my arousal would spike. But this time, I wanted to make sure he was in me. I wanted to make sure he knotted with me, getting me pregnant.

                I was worried, though, because there are two different kinds of knots. The one that we have done twice is a claiming knot. He just swells inside of me and has one large release. A knot attempting to impregnate a female starts out the same, but instead of one large orgasm, the male has multiple, not releasing the female until he either scented she was pregnant or he grew tired of trying.

                In this, I felt bad for Sesshomaru because he wouldn’t be able to smell that his seed took, which meant that he would not stop until his body could no longer handle it. With him being a daiyokai, he could very well last for a long time. That is if I could get him to do the right kind of knot.

                He pulled his mouth away from me just as I was about to cum, and I knew that he was punishing me. I had teased him, ran from him, and then had the gall to say he needed to be punished. I let out a small whimper, begging him to forgive me.

                “Do you understand why you are being punished?” He asked, pulling his fingers from inside of me. He pushed himself against me, rubbing the tip of his cock against my clit. I moaned out my frustration as he brought me up to the edge but pulled away once again.

                “Answer me, Bitch!” He growled out, his free hand smacking my ass hard before he pushed himself against my pearl again.

                “Y-yes.” I cried, wishing he would give me what I wanted.

                “You teased me, then you ran. You will be punished this night. I will leave you wanting for what you have done.” He said, making my eyes go wide. If he went through with that punishment, everything would be ruined. Before he had a chance to pull away, I maneuvered my hips, forcing him into my core. He let out a hiss and tightened his hands on my hips. I knew he would never be able to stop now.

                “Bitch! Who do you think you are?” He growled, grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling it tightly. As much as I should be appalled by his actions, it was only turning me on even more. He pulled me up so that I was standing on my knees just as he was. My back was pressed against his chest as his hand released my hair and grasped a breast.

                I moaned as he pulled from me slightly just to slam back in. His beast was in complete control now, and I knew no matter what, we would be knotted tonight. His claws teased my nipple while his other hand reached around my hip and found my pearl.

                “You have been naughty tonight, my little mate.” He growled, pushing his hips into me again. “I now have to find a new punishment for you.”

                I didn’t say anything. Instead, I showed him my neck, submitting to his will. He brought his fangs down onto my mating mark and broke the skin. Instantly, I was filled with ecstasy as my orgasm crashed through my body, and I felt my walls clenching around his cock. He growled against my skin while pumping into me with his demonic speed.

                Not even having a chance to register what was happening, I was pushed forward onto the bed. His fangs never left my neck as his hands held my hips to him while he pounded into me. I grasped the sheets in my fists while I felt him bringing me to a second release.

                His grunting told me just how close he was to his own orgasm. I could feel him growing within me, and I knew he was done for. Just as I fell off of the cliff once again, he just about roared with his own release. I could feel him as he shot his seed deep within me. His hands gripped so tightly on to my hips that I was worried he would break the skin. His fangs bit down harder on my mark and I couldn’t help but gasp.

                It took a couple minutes before we were able to get our breathing under control. He removed his fangs from my flesh and gave it a few licks, healing it completely. He tried to move from me but whimpered when he realized we were knotted.

                “That damn beast.” He growled, turning us onto our sides. I snickered as he groaned in frustration.

                “Why are you so angry?” I asked, pleased, though still worried. I still didn’t know if he did the right knot, and it would take a few minutes to find out.

                “I needed to go back to work. I only came home to get a few hours of sleep.” He answered, making me sigh. It seems that all he does is work anymore. Maybe getting myself pregnant wasn’t the best idea.

                “Oh, I see.” I replied. His hands suddenly tightened around me as he let out a gasp. I could feel his seed pumping into me once again. I just about laughed, but I didn’t know how to feel, knowing that I had gotten what I wanted. I would have normally been happy, but now…I was second guessing myself.

                “Damn it! Of all the knots to do.” He groaned. “You’re not even fertile.”

                “Would it even matter? All you do is work anyway.” I snapped, wishing I could get away from him.

                “Kagome, you know I don’t have a choice.” He stated, placing his hand on my shoulder. I pulled away from him as much as I could without hurting him. The last thing I wanted was for him to touch me.

                “I’m tired.” I whispered, hoping he would leave me alone.

                “Please don’t pull away from me.” He begged, making my heart break. Ever since Naraku killed me, he has been overprotective, but he has also been very affectionate. I normally didn’t mind, but right now, I just wanted to be left alone.

                “Why? As soon as you can, you’re just going to go back to work. You can say you don’t have a choice, but you do. Even Mom says Daddy comes home at a decent time.” I retorted, trying not to cry. Once again, Sesshomaru tensed as he shot more of himself into my waiting womb. Feeling that just made my tears fall down my face. “Before we were married, you were basically begging me to let you get me pregnant. Here we are, three months later, and I’m still not pregnant. I’m starting to think you don’t even want kids anymore.”

                “Don’t think that. I want to have pups with you. There’s just something big going on at work right now.” He argued, pulling me as close to him as he could get me. I tried to pull away again, but he held on to me tightly. “Kagome, don’t pull away from me.”

                “Do you know what Rin told me today? She said she doesn’t think you want to spend time with us anymore. You get home so late that she’s already in bed. It’s been a week since you have even seen her or Shippo. Even though we work together, I hardly see you. Why can’t I pull away if you’re pulling away?” I snapped, wiping the tears from my face.

                “She said that?” He asked, his voice sounding hurt. My heart broke again. I hadn’t planned on telling him that, but it just slipped out in my anger.

                “Yes, she did. We all miss you.” I whispered, somehow able to calm my tears.

                “I miss my family, too, Kagome. It’s just–” He started, but stopped when he had another orgasm. It wasn’t until he had calmed down that he finished his sentence. “There is so much to do at work right now that I can’t catch a break. InuYasha still hasn’t returned to work so I had to take over his department.”

                “Can’t you hire someone to take over his department?” I asked, hoping that I could convince him to stay home more.      

                “I can, but it will take time. Just be patient with me.” He said softly before rubbing his cheek against mine.

                “I guess we’ve been without you this long, we can do it longer.” I whispered, making him flinch.

                “You should be fertile in a few days. I’m surprised you’re not already. When you are, I will come home every day to make sure I get you pregnant.” He informed, making me sigh.

                “There’s no point–” I started, but stopped when I realized I was about to give away my plan. He leaned above me as much as he could and placed a hand on my chin, forcing me to look at him.

                “Are you saying you don’t want pups?” He asked. I looked into his golden eyes and could see the hurt in them.

                “No, that’s not what I’m saying. I want pups with you.” I replied, trying to think of an excuse so I didn’t ruin everything I had worked on.

                “Then why is there no point?” He asked, making me sigh. It was either I tell him or I upset him. Upsetting him upsets me, but in the long run, he would be so surprised, he would completely forget about this night.

                “I just think we should wait until you find someone to take care of InuYasha’s department. I don’t want to have to do this on my own.” I answered, closing my eyes so I didn’t have to see his reaction.

                “Go to sleep, Kagome.” He whispered before leaning back on the bed. I turned my head away from him and couldn’t fight the tears that ran down my face. This night hadn’t gone like I had planned at all. I had hoped that this would be a pleasant memory to look back on, but it wasn’t. This entire night had been ruined.

                The next morning, I surprisingly woke up before Sesshomaru. I could still feel him inside of me, but I knew the knotting was over. I wasn’t sure how long it had lasted, but it must have been a while for him to be sleeping this late. I sighed before pulling myself from him and standing. I sent Mom a text, telling her I wanted to spend the day with her, before jumping in the shower.

                When I was finished cleaning myself and getting dressed, I walked back into the room to see Sesshomaru sitting up in the bed. He had his elbows on his knees and was looking at the floor, deep in thought. When he heard me, he turned his head and looked at me. I had never seen his eyes holding so much pain, and I literally ran out of the room to keep from seeing it.

                Our relationship had never been this bad, and it was honestly killing me. I ran into the kitchen and asked InuYasha to watch the kids for me while I was gone. I could tell he knew I was trying not to cry so I didn’t give him the chance to ask me about it. Once he agreed to watch Shippo and Rin, I ran to the garage and jumped into my car.

                I didn’t waste any time before I was driving to Mom’s. I just wanted to get away. I heard my phone go off and I dug through my purse, keeping my eyes on the road. When I grabbed it, I quickly unlocked it and noticed a text from Sesshomaru.

                Please come back?

                After reading the text, I broke down and began crying. I wanted to go so badly, but it wouldn’t do any good. I wouldn’t be able to change his mind on the work issue. I threw my phone back into my purse, not even bothering with replying to him.

                I just continued to cry as I drove to Mom’s. I hadn’t told her what was going on, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to get out of telling her. I just hoped she wouldn’t tell Daddy. If she did, he would go straight to Sesshomaru.

                I pulled into the driveway and looked at the house in front of me. I quickly fixed my makeup as much as I could before running towards the house. The only sound was my heels clicking on the ground as I made my way to the front door. Before I even got there, Mom had opened the door for me. She took one look at me and opened her arms.

                I lost it all over again. I let her hug me as I cried into her shoulder. She pulled me in, fixed me some tea, and forced me to talk about it. I told her everything. The way Sesshomaru had been working, how the kids felt about it, and the fact that I was most likely pregnant. She didn’t say a word until I had finished talking. She just let me explain what I needed to, letting me get it all off my chest.

                “I can’t tell you what to do about Sesshomaru, but I do believe if you are pregnant, he will find someone to take over InuYasha’s spot a lot quicker. But until then, we should find out if you’re actually pregnant. I’ll call the doctor who delivered InuYasha. She is a neko yokai and did really well.” Mom said, hugging me again. I gave a nod, already feeling much better.

                It took a few minutes before Mom got off the phone, but somehow she was able to get us an appointment right away. I fixed my makeup once again and we got into my car, heading to the doctor’s office. I felt myself growing excited as we made our way there.

                No matter what was going on between Sesshomaru and me, I wouldn’t let that ruin my happiness at possibly being pregnant. It didn’t take long before we reached the doctor’s office. As soon as we entered, we were ushered into a room and seen to.

                I realized that because my name was now Taisho, I was now considered very important. The doctor even thanked me for choosing her to deliver my baby. Just as I suspected, I was pregnant. It was too soon for an ultrasound but she could smell it on me once I released my scent.

                I couldn’t deny that I was ecstatic. I was going to have a baby. Now I just had to think of a way to tell Sesshomaru. I needed to do it soon because he would start getting suspicious if he didn’t smell me becoming fertile.

When I explained this to Mom, she said she would talk to Daddy, without letting him know the news. I knew that meant we needed to go to the office, and I hoped that Sesshomaru would be there because I really wanted to make up with him. I wanted this day to be happy, not tainted by us fighting.


                “What the hell did you do to Kagome?” InuYasha asked as I walked down to the kitchen.

                “What do you mean?” I replied before kissing Rin on her forehead. She turned around and gave me a tight hug as if she was scared to let go. My heart broke as I thought about what my daughter had told my mate. I needed to find a way to fix this.

                “She left here in tears.” Kikyou interrupted, looking towards me. I sighed before sitting down at the table. I put my head in my hands, trying to keep calm. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I looked up at InuYasha.

                “You may be a bastard, but you’re still my brother. I’m here for you, Man.” He said.

                “I’ve had to take over your department at work. Because of that, I’ve been having to stay late. It’s putting a strain on Kagome and I.” I admitted, leaning back in my chair.

                “Wait, you can take care of the department without moving cities? The other building is a day’s drive away.” InuYasha asked, confused.

                “There is a manager there that takes care of most things, but the important stuff gets passed to me.” I answered, looking up at him.

                “The only reason I didn’t go back was because I didn’t want to move away. If I can stay here, I will gladly take over my department again.” He replied, making my mouth drop.

                “I will never call you a half-breed again if you come back to work.” I said, just about begging.

                “Okay, I’ll start tomorrow. That will give me one last full day with Sakura.” InuYasha stated. I pulled out my phone and texted Kagome, asking her to come back to me. I waited a few minutes before I realized she wasn’t going to text me back. I sighed before standing up. I thanked InuYasha once more before going to my Bugatti.

                I guess I will have to wait until I see Kagome tonight before I can tell her the good news. Everything could go back to the way it was. I just wish I could fix it now. I missed my wife and family, but today was the last day. After this, I won’t let anything come between us again.

                As I drove towards work, Kagome’s words echoed through my head again. Everything she said last night had cut through me like a knife. Rin’s words, and the fact that Kagome wanted to wait to have pups again, hurt.

                But I couldn’t blame her because she was right. This entire time, I had a choice. I always could have come home whenever I wanted to, but I had stayed at the office. Now I was paying the price for such a decision.

                Not only was my relationship strained, I was confused by my beast. Sure, Kagome and I had knotted before, but I didn’t know why my beast had chosen to do that kind of knot. Kagome wasn’t even fertile so it’s not like it could get her pregnant, even though I wish it could.

                I pulled into the parking garage and was surprised to see Kagome’s car here. I wasn’t complaining because that meant I would be able to talk to her sooner. I just about jumped out of my car and ran up the stairs, following her lovely scent.

                I barged into Father’s office, noticing how Kagome jumped at the sudden movement. Ignoring Father and Izayoi, I walked up to my mate. Her pink eyes studied mine as I closed the distance between us. Without giving her a chance to protest, I crashed my lips onto hers and wrapped my arms around her waist. After a few moments, I pulled away from her and received a confused look.

                “I’m sorry, Kagome. You’re right. I have been spending too much time at work. Starting tomorrow, that will change.” I said, moving one of my hands to her cheek. She pressed her face into my hand and closed her eyes for a second before looking back at me.

                “How?” She asked, placing her small hands on my chest.

                “I talked to InuYasha. He has agreed to return to work tomorrow. Everything will go back to the way it was. I promise.” I replied, rubbing my thumb on her cheek.

                “Not tomorrow.” Father interrupted, causing me to look at him. “Tonight, we’re going to the West for a week. I’ve already had Ayame reschedule our appointments. I think this whole family could use a break. Besides, it’s been a while since we were all together.”

                “I like the sound of that.” I said, looking back down at Kagome, who was now hugging my waist. I was glad to know that everything was fixed. My mate was happy. I was happy. Maybe now I could pup her, and we could be even happier.

                “In a way, this could be a birthday present.” Kagome said, making me groan.

                “You know I don’t celebrate my birthday.” I replied, looking down into her pink eyes.

                “I know, but this is your first birthday married. You know I’m going to get you a present.” She giggled.

                “I really wish you wouldn’t.” I stated, a tad bit annoyed.

                “Too late. I know you’ll like it.” She said before pulling away from me. “Mom and I have a few last minute places we have to go to. Then we’re going to head home to pack.”

                “Give me another kiss.” I ordered, making her smile. She stood on her tippy toes and quickly gave me a kiss. I watched as she and Izayoi made their way out of the office.

                “When are you going to pup her? You know I want grandpups.” Father asked, making me look at him.

                “The moment she becomes fertile.” I answered before walking to my own office. I was determined to pup her, if it’s the last thing I do.

                It didn’t take long before we were pulling into the driveway to the West. Kagome fell asleep in the car again, and I couldn’t help but smile at her. I got out of the car quietly and made my way to her side. I opened the door and picked her up gently.

                “What’s wrong?” Izayoi asked, her face suddenly full of worry as she walked up to us.

                “Nothing, she just fell asleep.” I answered, carrying her into our cabin. I placed her down on the bed before pulling the blankets over her. I ran my hand lightly over her cheek and smiled. This woman will never know just how much I loved her.

                When I had her situated, I made my way back to the car to grab our bags. I couldn’t help but wonder why Izayoi had seemed so worried. The last time we came here, Kagome had done the same thing, but Izayoi had acted as if something terrible was wrong.

                It was almost as if she thought Kagome was fragile. Sure, we are all a little scarred with what had happened with that spider hanyou, but everyone survived, except for him, so I don’t understand her reaction to Kagome sleeping.

                I shrugged it off as I made my way back into the cabin. Kagome was still asleep so I used this time to quietly unpack our stuff. It didn’t take long until all of our stuff was put away, but I was surprised to find a wrapped box with my name on it. I sat down on the bed and shook it a little, hoping to hear what was inside. When I heard no sound, I set it in my lap, actually contemplating on taking a peak.

                Just as I was about to unwrap it, a small hand was suddenly on top of it. I turned my head slowly to see my angry mate glaring at me. I gave a guilty grin, hoping that maybe I wouldn’t get yelled at too badly for snooping.

                “What are you doing?” She asked, snatching the gift from my hands.

                “I do believe that has my name on it.” I retorted, not willing to admit that I had given in to my curiosity like a five-year-old.

                “Is today your birthday?” She replied, narrowing her eyes.

                “My birthday is tomorrow. It is close enough to be considered my birthday, is it not?” I argued, reaching out for the present, just to have it pulled away again.

                “Fine. I’ll give it to you today…after dinner.” She agreed. I narrowed my eyes before giving a curt nod. I normally wouldn’t act like this over a present, but everything in my body was screaming to open it.

                “I can agree with those terms.” I stated, noticing the smile she gave me. I leaned over and kissed her gently, happy to have everything back to normal.

                “Well then, come on.” She said as I pulled away. “I’m sure Daddy is already cooking dinner.”

                “You are correct, my little miko.” I replied, standing up. I held out a hand to her so I could help her to her feet.

                “Sesshomaru?” She started as we began walking to the others. “I’m sorry for the way I acted last night.”

                “Do not apologize, Love. You were right about my working habits. I am just glad that we can put that behind us.” I answered, wrapping my arm around her waist as we walked.

                “There’s something else. I didn’t mean it when I said we should wait to have pups. I want some now.” She whispered, making me stop to look at her.

                “Kagome, you don’t know how that makes me feel to hear you say that.” I said softly before pushing my lips to hers once again.

                “Eww! Daddy! Mommy! That’s gross!” Rin squealed, making me chuckle.

                “I guess I’ll just have to give you kisses instead.” I growled, making Rin run. I left Kagome so I could chase after my laughing daughter. She ran behind Izayoi, peaking through her grandma’s legs.

                “Izayoi, I am looking for Rin. Have you seen her?” I asked, looking around the clearing at everything other than my daughter.

                “I’m afraid not, Sesshomaru. We may have left her at home.” Izayoi replied with a little chuckle.

                “Dad, Rin’s behind Grandma’s legs.” Shippo said, jumping onto my shoulder. I looked behind Izayoi, making Rin squeal before she ran back to her mother. Kagome just laughed before picking Rin up and giving her a big, slobbery kiss.

                “Mommy! You were supposed to save me!” Rin squealed, wiping the kiss off of her face.

                “Now why would I save you when I can kiss you?” Kagome asked, setting down a pouting Rin.

                “Kagome, you shouldn’t pick Rin up. She’s getting to be too big.” Izayoi scolded. I looked at Kagome, confused. Izayoi had never had a problem with Kagome picking up Rin before.

                “I’m fine, Mom.” Kagome replied through clenched teeth. She gave Izayoi a look that just about screamed ‘shut up’ and I found myself very curious about what was going on. I could tell that the two were hiding something, and I was determined to find out what.

                “It’s time to eat.” Father called, taking the burgers off the grill. Everybody filed over and sat down, waiting on their plates to be handed to them. Kagome sat beside me while Rin and Shippo sat on the ground in front of our feet. Kikyou and InuYasha were across from us while Sakura was on a blanket on the ground. Kouga sat beside Kagome with Ayame on his other side. Once Father and Izayoi had passed out our food, we all sat around eating and laughing.

                Miroku ended up getting smacked for his lecherous ways while Ayame and Kouga were lost in their own conversation. I could tell those two were close to getting mated and married. They were inseparable, much like Kagome and myself.

                “Hey, Bastard. How does it feel to be getting old?” InuYasha asked with a scoff.

                “I am not old yet, Mutt. If you wish to see old, look at Father.” I retorted.

                “Hey, Boy. Don’t bring me into this. I haven’t done anything to you.” Father cut in with a growl. I smirked as InuYasha lost interest with me and started cutting into our father. I looked over to see Kagome putting her plate on the ground and noticed that her burger was only half-eaten.

                “Are you not eating?” I asked, looking at her with concern. She was tiny and hardly ate anything, but she could normally finish at least a small burger.

                “I’m not hungry.” She replied, standing up. “Don’t worry, I’m fine. I’ll be right back.”

                I watched as she ran off to our cabin, a little worried for her. When I turned around, I noticed everyone looking at me. “What?”

                “You worry too much.” Kouga said, making me frown.

                “I have every right to worry about my mate. Did she not just die less than four months ago?” I replied, growling at the thought.

                “I guess if anyone has a reason to be overprotective, it would be you.” InuYasha stated, placing down his empty plate.

                “I wouldn’t worry. She’s probably just excited.” Izayoi said before snapping her mouth shut and looking away from everyone.

                “What are you hiding?” I asked, very suspicious of her behavior.

                “Nothing.” She replied quickly.

                “I can smell your lie.” Father stated, looking down at his mate.

                “Fine. I’m hiding something. But I refuse to tell. You’ll just have to ask Kagome.” Izayoi snapped, crossing her arms.

                “Mom! You can never keep a secret.” Kagome whined, stepping back into the group. I noticed she had my present in her hand, and I knew that whatever they were hiding had to do with that box.

                “I didn’t tell!” Izayoi defended.

                “But you would have. You’re lucky I already decided to give him his present now.” Kagome replied, glaring at her mother before handing the box to me. I snatched it out of her hand, my curiosity getting the best of me.

                I quickly unwrapped it and opened the box. When my eyes fell on what was inside, I froze. I couldn’t help but stare at it for a moment before I slammed the lid back down. I looked at Kagome, who was smiling nervously while her hands fidgeted together in front of her.

                “Kagome, is this what I think it is?” I asked, confused. How had she gotten this past me?

                “Yes.” Came the small reply.

                “You’re sure?” I asked again, still not able to take it in.

                “I’m positive.”


                “I hid my scent. Then…last night.” She whispered so low that only I could hear. I looked at her a moment longer, then back at the box. I was stunned. I didn’t even know how to react. I had never expected her to be the one to tell me. I always thought I would be the one to tell her. I looked back up to her, my eyes wide and mouth dropped.

                “You promise?” I asked, needing just a little more reassurance that this was real.

                “I promise.” She replied, a tear falling down her face as her smile grew wider.

Not caring about the other people surrounding us, I placed the box on the ground and stood up. I slowly made my way to her, hesitant in my shock. When I reached her, I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and pulled her into me.

“Do you realize how happy I am?” I asked, holding her as close to me as possible. She nodded and laughed as she cried into my chest. She had tricked me, but I didn’t even care. I could never be angry for this.

“Are you serious?” Ayame squealed, making Kagome pull from me slightly. She held the box in her hands and was looking inside.

“Apparently so. You can show the others.” I answered, not able to contain my smile. She grabbed the yellow onesie that said ‘World’s Greatest Father’ and held it up for all to see.

“Kagome, you’re pregnant?!” Father asked, just about jumping out of his chair.

“Yes, Daddy.” She replied, smiling just as much as me. He ran over to her, tore her out of my arms, and wrapped her in his own.

“Congratulations!” He exclaimed, holding her tightly.

“You’re squishing me.” She said, making him let go of her.

“What does pregnant mean?” Shippo asked, standing beside Rin. Kagome knelt down in front of the children and grabbed their hands in hers.

“Remember a while back when we had that talk about babies?” She asked, waiting for both of them to nod. “That’s what pregnant means. I’m going to have a baby.”

“Really? I hope it’s a girl!” Rin squealed.

“No, it needs to be a boy!” Shippo yelled, making me chuckle. Kagome laughed before standing back up again. I wrapped one of my arms around her waist while everyone gave their congratulations. When everything finally settled down, I turned to Kagome, very worried about my next question.

“Can I smell you? Will you release your scent?” I asked, knowing that she may say no. I would completely understand if she did, but I really wanted to smell our pup.

“Hold up, Kagome. You do realize that inu yokai become very protective of their mates when they are pupped. You think he is bad now? He’s going to be even worse once he gets a whiff of you.” InuYasha warned. “The only reason I didn’t go apeshit was because I am a hanyou. He’ll never let you out of his sight. He’ll be overbearing and clingy, and he’ll kill anything that may bring you harm.”

“If you decide to do this, stay the fuck away from me.” Kouga growled. “When Izayoi was pregnant with Dog Breath, Kenta almost killed me because I accidentally bumped into her.”

“That’s not much different than it is now. Besides, inu also rely on their smell for just about everything. I wouldn’t deny him that. And Kouga, shut up.” She answered, making me sigh in relief. She looked up at me and smiled. I kneeled down in front of her and gently lifted her shirt to show her flat stomach. I put my hands over her skin, rubbing just over my pup.

At first, I didn’t smell anything, but the moment she released her scent, my nose was flooded with the smell of our unborn pup. I closed my eyes and pressed my cheek against her, taking in deep breaths as I memorized the new aroma.

It smelled of Kagome and myself, but at the same time, didn’t. While it carried traces of us, it was also its own scent. It was our pup, our growing pup. I opened my eyes and knew that they had bled red; so red that my irises would now be blue.

“There he goes. He’s beasting out.” InuYasha scoffed before getting smacked by Father, who also had red eyes, although not as red as mine. He was pack alpha, and not only was his daughter pregnant, a member of his pack was. The moment he smelled her, his instincts took over as well. He would be just as protective as I would.

“I love it.” I whispered before looking up at Kagome. She placed a hand on the side of my face and I stood up. I let her shirt fall back down to its rightful place but kept my hand on her stomach.

“You’re happy?” She asked, even though she already knew I was. I pushed my lips to hers in a passionate kiss. I showed her right then and there just how happy I was. She was pupped. She had somehow surprised me, and now our family was growing. I could not have been happier.


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