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Unwanted love by Rlmpcc110511


Chapter 1: Introductions


                “Ugh, I don’t know what to wear, Sango!!” I whined as I looked at myself in the mirror. I had on a thigh-length dress that seemed to hug all of my curves in just the right way. The shoulders were just two semi-thick straps, and even though I would wear a jacket over them to cover myself from the chilly autumn breeze, I felt that the dress may have been for what I was doing. At least it wasn’t black. Instead, it was a deep red and seemed to contrast very well against my dark black hair that fell to the middle of my back.

                “I think that one looks fine. Just as the other ten you tried on did.” Sango said, looking at her phone. She was laying on her stomach on my bed while she wiggled her feet in the air, as if she were dancing to music.

                “That doesn’t help.” I muttered before slipping the dress off and beginning to dig through my closet again. I had met Sango three years ago when I had moved into a new city. A few weeks back, her husband, Miroku, got a new job back in Tokyo, and since I was living with them, I decided to also move to their new place. Sango was my very best friend and actually wanted me to come along. Miroku himself didn’t mind because that meant he had another pretty woman to look at, without getting the wrath of Sango.

                “You know I’m not good at this kind of stuff. You need Jakotsu for this.” Sango replied, rolling onto her back and staring at the ceiling. She gave me a look of annoyance as I dug through my humongous closet. I actually enjoyed dressing up, but I have a problem picking out something to wear when I am nervous. My closet was overflowing with outfits and shoes.

                Jakotsu was a friend that Sango and I had met soon after I had first moved in with her. He loved fashion, much more than I did, and could make anyone look good. When I was stuck in a situation like this, he was the one I always called. While I supported Sango’s opinion, to her, everything looked good. She had no idea how an outfit may not be appropriate for certain things.

                “Well, he’s not here, you are.” I stated, pulling out of my closet when I couldn’t find anything I deemed good enough.

                “Seriously, Kagome, if I was gay and wasn’t married, I would rape you. You could literally go in nude and get the job. Wear the red dress. It looked the best on you.” She said, sitting up on the edge of the bed. I gave her a thankful smile before picking up the dress and slipping it back over my head. Once it was secure, I walked over to my vanity and began to apply some light makeup.

                “So, where is this job interview at?” Sango asked, picking up a pair of stilettos and looking at them as if they were a death trap.

                “I don’t remember. I had so many people call to set up an interview, they have all gotten mixed together. I do remember that this was one of the biggest corporations in Japan though.” I said, putting on just a tiny bit of eyeshadow. I always preferred a natural look, and the only reason I used makeup was to enhance my natural beauty. Not that I thought I was all that pretty, but I felt I looked better natural, rather than fake.

                “Well, I’m sure you’ll get it. After all, you’re highly sought after, even though you’re only twenty-three.” Sango said, dropping the shoes to the floor and picking up a dress that I had discarded earlier. I had graduated high school when I was seventeen. I went straight to college and pored myself into my studies. In a matter of three years, I was able to complete eight years of college. I literally spent all day and night studying and working. I have won many awards for my essays in business and even came up with a business plan that I sold to a bank. Getting a job was easy, but I wasn’t willing to be unhappy. I would make sure I picked a job that I enjoyed.

                “I hope so. While I’m grateful you’re letting me live here with you and Miroku, I think I’m old enough to have my own place.” I said, checking over my now-finished makeup.

                “You’re welcome to stay here as long as you like.” Sango said, standing up. I picked up the stilettos she had dropped earlier and slipped them on my feet before strapping them in.

                “Thank-you. Okay, I’m ready to go. I’ll call you once I get out.” I said, grabbing my purse. I gave Miroku a quick hug before grabbing my keys from the wall and running to my crappy old Volkswagen bug. It was an older model, like the one in Herby, but instead, it was an awful bright yellow color mixed with rust.

                I sat in the front seat and rubbed my chilled hands together before putting the key in the ignition and turning. I gave a quick prayer to the Kami, asking my car to start. During the colder months, I was frequently left stranded, and I was hoping that wouldn’t happen today. I gave a little cheer when the old thing started up on the first try. I quickly set my GPS to the correct address and made my way there.

                After a forty-minute-drive, I pulled into the parking garage and quickly found a spot. I threw my phone into my purse and began running through the garage. When I reached the door, I stopped to stare at a gorgeous Bugatti that was parked in one of the two CEO parking spots. I was tempted to touch it, but quickly decided not to. Knowing my luck, I would probably scratch it.

                I turned from the car and began running again. Traffic had been worse than I expected, and I now only had ten minutes to spare before I was late. The only sound heard around me was the clicking of my heels as I ran. I flew through the front doors and didn’t stop until I stood in front of two guards.

                “My name is Kagome Tsukino. I’m here for a job interview.” I panted, and watched as one of the guards gave me a look as if I was pathetic before looking at a piece of paper.

                “Take the elevator to the top floor. The secretary there will direct you the rest of the way.” He said, nodding at me. I felt my anger spike but decided his rudeness would have to wait. When I ran off, I heard all of the guards bust out laughing.

                I understand that I am a human, but just because almost everyone that was employed here was a demon, didn’t mean I didn’t have a chance. While demons were in hiding to keep peace between humans and themselves, I myself knew of demons because I am a priestess. I hide it well, so most don’t know about it, and I have no desire to change that. Mikos and demons are mortal enemies. I was one of the only mikos to actually like demons. Partly because I grew up with them, and partly because I felt that nobody should be judged based on the circumstance of their birth.

                I turned a corner and gasped at what I saw. There were about thirty people waiting in line for the elevators. I knew instantly that I would never make it in time for my interview if I waited. I looked at the stairwell and sighed. I quickly slipped off my heels, picked them up, and began running up twenty flights of stairs. For once, all of those dance lessons were paying off. It took me a matter of six minutes to run up the stairs, and I burst through the door, startling the poor secretary. The moment I entered the new room, I put my black shoes back on and straightened my posture before walking up to the woman.

                “My name is Kagome Tsukino. I’m here for a job interview.” I panted out.

                “Did you just run from the first floor?” She asked, looking at me with shock on her face.

                “Yes. I didn’t want to be late. I still have a good minute to spare.” I said, giving her a kind smile as I slowed my breathing.

                “Use that minute to calm yourself. Otherwise they will tear you to shreds.” She said, handing me a small compact mirror.

                “They?” I asked, taking it from her and looking over myself.

                “Yes, father and son. They own this place together. It’s the son you will be answering to, so he is the one you need to worry about.” She said, looking at me as if she felt sorry for me. I handed back her mirror with a small thanks.

                “Just go down this hall. Keep walking straight until you reach the double doors. I’ll let them know you are coming.” She said. I nodded my thanks and began walking down the hallway she had pointed to. I walked slowly, watching as the giant double doors got closer and closer. It was time. I was about to have my first job interview since I moved here, and a feeling of nervousness fell over me. I slowly raised my arm and hesitated for a second before I placed a small knock on the wooden doors.


                The moment the shrill of the alarm hit my ears, I smashed it into a million pieces. I rolled over from my stomach with a groan and looked at the white roof above me. I normally didn’t mind going to work, but Father had officially ruined that for me. He insisted that I hire someone to work under me. I wanted nothing to do with it, but had no choice in the matter.

                I forced myself to sit up in my very large poster bed, and looked around my even larger room. I pushed my feet over the side of the mattress and stood up to walk to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and almost smirked at the mess my silver hair was in. I walked into the shower and quickly cleaned myself, paying particular attention to the mess on my head. When I was finished, I dried myself off and made my way to my large walk-in closet.

                My closet could hold about five of my larger-than-a-California-King beds. I looked at the clothes hanging there and picked a light grey Armani suit paired with a light blue tie. It didn’t take long before I was fully dressed and looking myself over in the mirror. I growled when I noticed my magenta stripes and blue crescent moon. I loved my markings. They were a part of who I was, but living in this world, the humans couldn’t know we existed. I used my youki to hide my markings and growled again. My stripes, and even my elven ears, were gone, leaving me to look human. The one thing I refused to get rid of was my hair, which I could pull off as human anyway.

                “Daddy!” A small girl said, running into my closet as I readjusted my tie.

                “Rin, what did I tell you about running into my room without knocking?” I asked the small four-year-old child. She held her arms out to me and I complied, bending down to pick her up. Her legs straddled my waist and her arms went around my neck in a tight hug.

                “I know, but I wanted to see you before you went to work.” She said, releasing her hold on me a bit. I gave her a quick smile before making my way out of the room.

                She was the only one to ever see any emotion from me. I found that giving away too much of yourself only ended in disaster, but Rin was still a child and needed that kind of encouragement. With her being my daughter, I had no problem giving her what she needed.

                “Jaken.” I called as I made my way into the kitchen.

                “Yes, sire?” The toad asked, running in and skidding to a halt as I placed Rin in her booster seat.

                “Take care of Rin until Kaede shows up. I must go into work early.” I said, giving Rin a kiss on the top of her head. “Also, replace my alarm clock.”

                “Will do, sire.” The green imp said, beginning to make breakfast for Rin. I made my way to the garage and looked over my cars, trying to decide which one to drive. I had about ten cars parked in a row, all in pristine condition. I grabbed a set of keys and walked to my black Bugatti before getting in.

                It didn’t take long before I was pulling into my assigned parking spot. I noticed Father’s Ferrari wasn’t in his parking spot so that either meant that he had not yet arrived or Izayoi had taken it again. I don’t understand how he could ever let his mate drive his car like that. I never wanted to get married or mated, and even if I did, I would never let her drive any of my cars.

                I got out of my car and locked it before making my way into the building. I quickly went to the elevator and up to the top floor. When it opened, Ayame was quick to say hello, and I gave a quick nod of acknowledgement. I made my way to Father’s office and heard him inside. I pushed open the doors and he gave me a look, motioning for me to enter. I did so and sat down on a chair while he talked on the phone.

                “You cover the company on your end. That means you may sometimes have to come up here for a meeting.” Father said into the phone.

                “I’m not dealing with that bastard brother of mine. I’m also not leaving my mate behind.” I could hear the half-breed saying. While I did not truly hate him because he was a hanyou, we never got along.

                “One day, you and your brother will have to get along. As for your mate, bring her with you. You have been married and mated for two years, and I have yet to meet her. Your mother wants to see you as well.”

                “I’m not coming. Not with Sesshomaru calling the shots.”

                “I expect you here in a few weeks InuYasha. If you’re not here by the end of two weeks, I will send your brother down there to bring you back. You know how ruthless he can be.”

                “Keh! Fine, I’ll be there.”

                A loud click on the other end of the phone was heard, signifying that InuYasha had hung up. Father let out a frustrated sigh before placing his phone back on his desk. He turned to look at me, and I held back a groan, knowing I was next.

                “How is my son doing today?” He asked, almost making me roll my eyes.

                “Do not small talk me. You know I have no desire or need for a secretary.” I said, glaring at him.

                “They won’t be a secretary. They will help you with much more than planning. You see, the Christmas parade and ball is coming up, and this year, it is up to you to plan it. It seems I never do a very good job.” He said, sighing again. “Anyways, the interviews I have for today are people who are business-savvy. They will help you along the way.”

                “I still do not need anyone’s help.” I said, not taking my glare from him.

                “Wrong. If you take on the planning for the upcoming holiday events, you will never have time for that lovely granddaughter of mine.” He said, making me growl. He was low enough to use Rin against me. “The first woman coming in is quite impressive. She’s only twenty three but already has her master’s. I’ve even had other companies calling and asking me to send her their way.”

                “I do not care.” I said, finally looking away.

                “You should. At her last job, she raised their profits by twenty percent. You know just as well as I do, that’s a lot.” He said, leaning back in his chair. I had to give him that. Twenty percent was a decent profit, especially for a company as successful as ours.

                “I do believe she is here.” He said, before Ayame came over the intercom to confirm his suspicions. A small knock was heard at the door, and I inwardly groaned at the thought of going through these interviews.

                “Come in.” Father said, loud enough for her to hear. The door opened, revealing a petite woman. She had on a red dress that seemed to hug her curves very nicely, yet it wasn’t overly tight. Her black stilettos made her legs look longer than they were. I could see the muscles under her skin and knew that she was really athletic and healthy. I had to admit, she was a very lovely-looking woman. But I was surprised when I realized she was human. Not many humans worked here, and they had to know about demons to do so.

                “Hello, my name is-” She started, before she was interrupted.

                “Kagome?” Father asked, his voice full of recognition. The woman’s eyes snapped up, and she gave a little gasp.

                “Kenta?” She asked, shocking me. She knew my father, and this spiked my curiosity. How did she know him? How much did she know? Why did she even look familiar to me? He quickly moved from behind his desk and pulled the small woman into his arms. He hugged her so tight that her heeled shoes came up off of the ground a good foot.

                “You’re squishing me.” She squeaked out, causing him to set her down.

                “You’ve grown so much!” He stated, looking her over and making her spin around. “Your resume says Tsukino. The last time I saw you, your last name was Higurashi. Did you run off and get married?”

                “No. I don’t have time to date, nor do I want to. As far as the last name goes, can we keep that between us? It’s a long story that I would rather not get into.” She answered, spiking my curiosity again. Even Father was wondering what was going on.

                “Sesshomaru, do you remember little Kagome. She used to live with us as a child.” Father asked, turning to me.

                “No.” I stated, causing him to flinch. I truly didn’t. While she looked familiar to me, I couldn’t place her face in any of the memories I had as a child.

                 “That’s no surprise. You were off at boarding school for the majority of her years at our house. She spent most of her time with InuYasha.” He said, trying to cover for my rudeness. He let go of the woman and walked back to his desk.

                “If it’s any consolation, I don’t remember you either.” She whispered, thinking that I felt bad for not remembering her.

                “I do not care.” I said, quickly making it known that her feelings meant nothing to me.

                “Well, excuse me for trying to be nice!” She retorted, anger flashing through her dark brown eyes. She crossed her arms and turned her back towards me, causing my own anger to rise. I would not let her get this job.

                “You haven’t changed at all, Kagome. Still as feisty as ever.” Father chuckled, before pressing the button on the intercom. “Ayame, cancel all other job interviews. We found the one.”

                “Yes, sir.” Ayame answered, her voice muffled by the sound of the speaker. I inwardly groaned at the idea of having to work with this woman.

                “Really?” Said woman asked, her anger completely gone.

                “Of Course! I’d never let someone who is like a daughter to me go without a job.” He stated, before patting her on the back. She gave him another hug, and he let out one of his booming laughs. I stood and walked from the room. The only thought going through my mind was: This was going to be hell.


                I hope you all enjoy!

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