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Spicy Temptations by InuLuna of The Moon

Ch. 1 Chickened Out

Summary: It seemed that Kagome won the bet against Sesshoumaru. Now what will happen since they are dating? More yummy foods to add to the desires! A peeved brother trying to figure out what had happened. Then the parents come into the mix! (This is #2 of “The Ten Spices” and it still has Miss Stella’s “Spicy Challenge”)

AN: Ever wondered what happed after the previous steamy chapter? A #2 for my dear readers The mini saga of The Ten Spices. I am unsure when I will be able to update as I rarely have internet.

Ch. 1 Chickened Out

“I am so sorry.” Kagome kneeled by the youkai on the floor. She hadn’t meant to have knocked him out. It was just that as soon as they had somehow moved into the bedroom something just clicked into her mind. She hadn’t just up and done that before. She knew him but, not as much as she had wanted. But, she did know that she would have wanted him not to be under the influence of a spice. God forbid she loved his food and friendship. Yet, she chickened out.

And then… her powers reacted.

Circling around her form in one single instant. Where… 

Next thing she knew, Sesshoumaru had been thrown across the room, and landed onto the floor. Completely knocked out. After her initial shock wore off. It was then, that she got up, and checked his pulse. Sighing in relief that he would be fine. When there was nothing to do, she had started pacing. ‘What was she supposed to do?’ 

She looked down at herself. First thing, she needed to get dressed. Quickly leaving the room to do just that as she flushed at the vivid image he had left in her mind. Shaking her head. There was no time for that. Running back into his room she looked towards him on the floor. Sighing again. She needed to get him onto the bed.


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