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The Gunshot That Changed The World by kb

The beginning of the end

The year was 2013, and Inuyasha had just found his older brother during one of his visits to Kagome’s time. While she was at school taking an exam, Inuyasha had been working with Kagome’s grandfather in the shrine and found an old sacred scroll depicting a war between humans and youkai. Inuyasha began wandering around the city while deep in thought about the scroll when he had caught the familiar scent of his brother, Sesshomaru. He followed the scent up to the highest floor of the building and met Sesshomaru and Taro who had been disguised as humans.

Inuyasha's brother and his future nephew had just dropped a bomb on him when they told him of Kagome mating Sesshomaru and bearing his children. Finally, when they had spoken enough on Kagome’s rough pregnancy with Taro, Inuyasha asked about their disguises. Sesshomaru gave Taro a look that told him to say nothing on the matter. 

“Inuyasha,” His older brother’s face was hard as he guarded the sadness he felt inside, “There will be a war between humans and youkai many years after Kagome and I have mated. Although they never intended for it to work on us, the humans will invent a weapon that can kill youkai and hanyou. After the first time they killed one of us, we immediately took action to stop the production of these weapons. Soon, an all out war broke out and hundreds of our kind were slaughtered. We had to adopt disguises or risk the death of every single youkai.”

“How many of you are left?” Inuyasha asked with wide eyes.

“There are quite a few, but not enough to overpower the humans who still wield the newest models of the guns that killed so many of us. My company is very powerful and has offices throughout the globe. We serve as a safe haven for every youkai and hanyou throughout the world. We no longer hold a grudge, but not a single human works for my company. Many of the employees feel safest that way and I cannot say I blame them.” Sesshomaru explained.

Inuyasha was quiet as he thought about the scroll and what Sesshomaru had said about an upcoming war. Sesshomaru pulled him out of his thoughts, “Inuyasha, shouldn’t you be picking Kagome up from school soon?” 

He looked at the clock on the wall, “Oh yea… I guess I’ll see you later then.” Sesshomaru did something that surprised Inuyasha and left him in shock. As Inuyasha stood to leave his older brother quickly closed the distance between them and hugged his younger brother. His arms were so tight around the hanyou that he felt a couple ribs pop. Inuyasha looked at his brother like he was crazy when Sesshomaru finally released him. “Uh, that was… unexpected.” Sesshomaru shrugged and stepped out of the way so Inuyasha could return to his duties of protecting Kagome and picking her up from school. 

Just before stepping through the office door Inuyasha turned and asked, "Hey, how is she?"

Taro smiled and Inuyasha couldn't believe the likeness of his eyes to Kagome's. They glittered the same way hers do when she smiles, "Mom's awesome. She tells us stories of your travels all the time. She's at home with my youngest siblings right now."

Inuyasha looked down, the corners of his mouth turned into a smile, but his eyes held a gloom to them. "Good. I'm glad she's happy." He then stepped out of the office and began his short walk to Kagome's school.

The door closed and Taro looked at his father with confusion in his blue eyes. “Why didn’t you tell him?”

Sesshomaru returned to the chair behind his desk,  “Would you want to live life knowing exactly when and how you die?”

Taro shook his head, “No, I suppose not.”

“Let him live happily. He does not need to know of his fate. It will just be a lingering cloud above his head that taints every precious moment.” Taro nodded and looked towards the door his uncle had just exited through. His right hand rose to his shoulder where a small circular scar laid underneath his suit and his mind flooded with a long ago memory. Centuries had passed since that memory was formed, but he never forgot what his uncle had done for him. 

Inuyasha walked towards Kagome’s school with his hands tucked into his sleeves. His brows were drawn together as he thought over what the scroll had read. “The war began with the death of the Western Lord’s hanyou brother as he protected the heir from assassination.”


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