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You had your chance by Walter205

Now it's my turn

 Kagome glanced around in the woods, her footsteps unsure and unsteady as she tried to find her bearings. What had started earlier in the evening as yet another argument between her and Inuyasha had ended up with him in the ground and her storming off. Yet while she normally stormed off in anger, this time it had been in tears. Normally when she was in one of her moods following his visits with Kikyo, he would try to ascertain whether or not she was calm or just pretending to be calm. As usual she wanted to be left alone, he wouldn't leave her alone, and then the explosion would happen.


 This time things took a bit of a different turn. Perhaps he was tired of getting into these arguments anytime he snuck off with his first love. But instead of taking a clue, he instead took the offensive, protesting her use of the beads as a way to punish him and then saying hurtful things about her in general. This time instead of screaming "sit" repeatedly until he was buried inside of a crater, she'd whispered it only once before running off. Whether the others had stopped him or he'd finally come to his senses, he ended up not coming after her.


 Only now this had left her in something of a predicament. Normally even when she stormed off in anger she ended up getting lost in the woods better than half the time, but with her eyes downcast and filled with tears she ended up being even more lost. What's worse is that night had fallen before she'd pulled herself together and with it being spring the overhead canopy of trees were filled to the brim with leaves, blocking her view of the night sky. From the lack of moonlight she wouldn't be surprised if it was overcast as well.


 Although it wasn't too cold at the moment that could change by the time of early morning. She did have her bow and arrows with her but had left her supplies back at the camp. As she kept muttering to herself how stupid she was, a noise made it known in her left ear. Turning in that direction as she stilled, Kagome detected the sound of running water. It didn't seem to be too far off in the distance, perhaps if it was a river she could either see the sky or at least have a path to follow.


 Decision made, she grabbed her bow and readied her hand near her arrows just in case a threat popped up as she made her way through the thick forest.




 The battle had been quick but fierce. Being the most powerful demon that he knew of was perhaps also his biggest weakness, as he had on occasion underestimated his foes thusly. Normally any wounds inflicted upon his person would've healed ages ago, but this demon had an unusually potent poison with him. Not enough to overcome his own potency, but just enough to prevent his wounds from closing so long as the poison remained in them. A gentle sigh was his only outward sign of vexation with his current situation.


 Fortunately for him a hot spring had been located decently nearby. Leaving his subjects behind with implicit threats against Jaken's well being, Sesshomaru had taken off. Arriving at the hot spring, he quickly and efficiently divested himself of his armor, clothing, and weapons before diving headfirst into the generously deep and warm waters. With the skies still overcast from the clouds produced by their warring demonic auras, he used his superior demon sight to see where he was going.


 A funny tingling sensation at the back of his neck warned him that someone or something was drawing close nearby. Swimming underwater to the edge of the small spring pond, he prepared to burst from the water and confront whatever it was that was foolishly approaching his position.




 The trees and shrubs started to clear ahead as the sound of running water became increasingly more audible. Coming to the edge of a large clearing, Kagome looked around and saw that it was a hot spring, with a small pond formed by several rocks. Water running over the tops of those rocks had been the noise she'd heard as it then flowed as a stream away to her right.


 Glancing upwards, she saw to her dismay that the sky was indeed overcast with clouds. An uneasy feeling began to creep up the back of her spine yet looking around she saw and heard nothing out of the ordinary. Given her current predicament she opted to not take a soak for once, even though she did feel grimy from her forest trekking for most of the night.


 She was just starting to turn and head towards the stream when something burst out of the water of the pond near the bank closest to her. Stopping in her tracks, her eyes widened as she took in who it was, her mental recognition clicking instantly from their many interactions over the past few years.


 A panic quickly spread through her as she stood rooted to the ground, realizing with dismay that for perhaps only the second time she had encountered Sesshomaru without Inuyasha being present, the first being when she was poisoned with both Miroku and Sango. Incapacitated or not though, not even her friends were with her. Then as her mental processing, slowed as it was, continued chugging, it clicked with her what his current state of uhm, undress was.


 Even as embarrassment turned her face fully red, her mental processes finally came to an immediate conclusion about what to do; RUN!!!




 Upon bursting out of the water Sesshomaru quickly found and settled his gaze on his target; at the edge of the clearing stood a visibly shocked human woman, quickly identified as the miko that travels with his half brother. Upon recognizing her he stood for a moment with indecision. He couldn't very well dispose of her as she was an ally, nor could he just allow her to leave after seeing him in this state of undress. He had just made the decision to secure her silence on this matter when he saw her turn and start to run away.


 Sighing softly to himself in frustration, he left his gear at the edge of the pond as he climbed out and gave pursuit.




 She had taken no more than a dozen steps in the opposite direction before the sounds of splashing drew her head backwards. With worry she saw that he had gotten out of the water and was starting to pursue her.


 'Oh no this is it I've seen him naked and now he's going to kill me!!! Inuyasha, please help me!!!' she thought, but instinctively knew that no one was going to rescue her. Knowing that she stood no chance of outrunning him, her only other option was to switch from flight to fight. Stopping in her tracks, she brought her bow up in her right hand as her left drew an arrow from her quiver and notched it.


 She was just preparing to fire it when he disappeared from her view, only to suddenly reappear directly in front of her.




 His pace upon leaving the pond was quick, yet for a demon of his power was decidedly unhurried. He wasn't involved in a battle after all; he only wanted to stop someone before they got too far away without killing them. He saw her glance backwards to see him coming after her and mentally prepared for her to start running faster and perhaps start calling for Inuyasha.


 Instead what she did next was to stop and turned. He saw her notch an arrow on her bow as she dared to raise it against him. Going from a neutral state to a battle state, he quickly shot forward at his maximum speed, surely disappearing from her own vision during that moment. With one clawed hand he swiped at the middle of the bow and the hand holding it. The bow was cleaved in two, with one half of it dropping to the ground, the other still held in her now bleeding hand, the two halves still tethered to one another via the bow string. The arrow that had been notched fell to the ground as well as she used her now free hand to clutch her wounded one.


 She turned again from him as she stumbled away, her pained cry registering in his ears as she started to open the distance between them once more. He took two long strides forward to close the distance once again however and reached out with the same clawed hand to grab her roughly from behind and pull her against his body. With her threat against him neutralized, he once again paused as he considered what to do next.




 No sooner had he reappeared in front of her then she felt a great pain on her right hand. Still clutching the now lighter bow, she turned from him again on instinct as she dropped the arrow with other hand and clutched her bleeding hand. Although she wasn't trying to run away from him again, at least not yet, she still stumbled several steps forward as she tried to instinctively get away from whatever it was that had caused her the pain she was now feeling.


 Hearing the crunching of leaves and sticks behind her; she heard more then saw him coming up behind her again. Closing her eyes as she mentally prepared for whatever fatal blow he was about to deliver, she was instead shocked when he wrapped an arm around her and dragged her back flush against his still wet and still very naked body.


 Opening her eyes, she looked down and saw his clawed hand partially covered in her blood wrapped around and grabbing her left breast as he used it to keep her pinned to him. While looking down she saw something else, this other thing slowly but surely coming to attention in between her legs. With mental morbidity she realized that she was actually feeling it brushing up against her upper right thigh.


 As the embarrassment returned, she craned her neck and head backwards and upwards, trying to look into her eyes and see what exactly he was thinking as she started to breathe very rapidly and even squirmed a little bit.




 He had every right to kill her then and now. She had learned in the past what happened to those who dared to raised their weapons against him; he had nearly killed her a time or two while doing such, although her survival was mitigated with the presence of Inuyasha. Briefly he wondered as to where he and her other companions were and if they would be coming to rescue her and why she was out here wandering all alone.


 But something stayed his hand. The threat she posed to him had ended when he had slashed her bow apart and her escape had been nullified by the hug he had her enfolded in at the moment. She wasn't going anywhere and if he wasn't going to kill her then he would still need to secure her silence about what had transpired here this night, lest it bring up complications with his half brother and potentially others later, not to mention that she had seen him in a potentially vulnerable state, as his mother was the only other being still breathing that had seen him fully naked.


 He also needed to punish her for her daring to raise her weapon against him. Thoughts of beatings and torture ran through his head briefly before he noticed that she started to react again to her current predicament. Somewhat belatedly he noticed that his hand had wrapped itself over one of her breasts, one of her many curves that had filled out over the years. Her now rapid breathing caused her chest to expand and collapse rapidly, pushing her flesh tightly and then loosely against his clasping hand. This caused another reaction from within him, this one taking an unwelcomed turn.


 He could feel himself hardening, his member gradually coming to attention against her right leg. When she began squirming, her soft skin starting rubbing against it and he could barely stifle a moan at how good that had felt. This new reaction building within him quickly decided how best to both punish her and secure her silence, this new sensation dropping a nuke on his rational train of thoughts.


 He saw her face turn upwards towards him, her cheeks flushed red, her eyes wide with small tears having formed in their rims in reaction to the injury she sustained mere moments ago, her mouth opening as she prepared to speak. His blood now fairly boiling, he made the first decisive move.




 As she glanced up and made eye contact with his face, she stilled from her squirming and calmed from her rapid breathing as she saw a swirl of emotions battling for dominance within his eyes. Despite her bleeding hand, her current predicament and the situation that she currently found herself in, Kagome being Kagome still became concerned for him and what appeared to be conflicting thoughts swirling around in his mind. She was preparing to ask if he was okay when those swirling thoughts suddenly resolved themselves. He quickly bent his head forwards and her open mouth opened even wider in shock as his hand moved from around her breast to cup her chin, keeping her head locked upwards as his lips came crashing down upon her mouth.


 For a moment she didn't have any reaction to the kiss but then another side of her awoke to what was going on and she closed her eyes again as her blood sizzled at the imitate contact forcing itself against her. She had read only a very few romance novels back in the modern era but they were all very descriptive about situations such as these so she was a little disappointed when his tongue didn't force itself inside of her mouth.


 Instead after only a moment or two he broke contact. Stooping down slightly, he easily picked her up into a cradle with both of his arms and turned back towards the hot springs. As the effects of the kiss wore off her eyes opened and took in what was happening. Unsure still of what Sesshomaru's exact attentions are, especially with past hints about his disdain for both humans and anything that deterred him from goals of conquest, she looked up at him with questioning eyes.


 Her answer was another mind searing kiss as he started walking with her back to the bank of the pond.




 It had been a long time since he had tried to kiss anybody. Long ago, a few female demons that had sought him out for mating had tried kissing him as part of their seduction. He found the contact itself slightly thrilling, but not only had he not felt any significant emotions from it, but the undesired physical contact had led to the quick and messy demise of the females themselves. More recently he had entertained the possibility of kissing Kagura when the two of them had started to feel affections for one another, but Naraku had killed her before any potential relationship between them could proceed. With his permission, Rin had once kissed his hand in gratitude after he had taken her to a wonderful field of flowers he had discovered earlier.


 Although he felt a slight tinge of excitement from that kiss, she was but a child and the emotions themselves felt more like pride and gratitude in his young ward rather than the stirring of excitement from a potential mate.


 What he found now with this female was decidedly different. The kiss, which had lasted longer than any of the other previous kisses, had left him desiring more physical contact with this human. Cradling her into his arms, he turned and headed back towards the pond. He desired to divest herself of her clothing and run his hands over her softy and curvy form, even as he tasted her mouth over and over again. Any thoughts of what to do to her further beyond that had not even registered in his mind yet. For now, more intimate contact was the only thing that he was thinking about.


 As he was carrying her he saw that she was looking up at him with innocently questioning eyes. For a brief moment he wondered if Inuyasha had never engaged in such activities with her, but any thoughts of his brother at this point would sour his mood, save for the one dark thought that he really would kill his half brother if he dared to intrude at this point in time. His answer to her silent question was taking advantage of the opportune moment to secure another kiss.


 By the time he broke away, he was lowering her gently to the ground at the edge of the pond. Unsure of where to sit at himself, the smallest of grins tugged at the edge of his mouth as he straddled her lower waist and upper thighs. He saw her gulp loudly and audibly and this provoked him into leaning forward on his hands to snatch yet another long and greedy kiss from her lips.




 Once more he had kissed her, this time for the third time, after he had laid her at the shore of the pond where minutes ago he had burst forth from to surprise her. After breaking contact for the third time and paused there for a moment straddling her, his eyes gazing up and down at her panting and clothed form, she finally had some time to collect her thoughts and assess her current situation.


 The first set of thoughts that came to her mind dealt with her current situation. Like it or not, wanting it or not, she was about to be sexually molested by Sesshomaru, crazy as that might sound, at the very least. From what he had done to her so far and the gentleness of his contact, plus the passion that he had ignited within her, made her willing enough to allow him to continue without further protest. In a corner of her mind, she wondered if this was what Inuyasha was doing with Kikyo each time he ran off to see her, but while those thoughts normally led her emotions to an angry and sad but resigned place, this time she felt only glee, for it wasn't then boy was he ever missing out!


 But with the thought of Inuyasha came a flood of thoughts about her other companions and the knowledge that they would both be concerned for both her safety and out looking for her in the cold night air. It was this second set of thoughts that would bring forth a protest about her current situation and a pleading voice to let her go, although that voice was small and soft indeed with the knowledge of both what he had done to her and what he would continue to do to her if she stayed here with him.


 "Sesshomaru, please...." she started to whisper before she found one of his fingers gently pushing against her lips.


 "Sssshhh, you had your chance to stop me earlier with your bow. Now you must be punished for your transgressions against me, as well I must secure your silence about what you've seen here tonight," Sesshomaru spoke in response, his voice harsh and....warm? Not cold and emotionless as it usually was when she had heard him speaking in the past.


 She felt her shirt shift slightly as he ran a hand up in under it, all the way up to her bra. With a flick of his wrist, he cut both of them apart. Two more quick and efficient slashes tore her sleeves apart, allowing the tattered remnants of both garments to fall to the forest floor in tatters.


 He paused for a moment to admire the view before him, but the pause was short lived. Shifting off of her, he laid himself roughly down on his right side, adjacent to her, as he used one hand to grasp the back of her head and pulled it up gently so he could kiss her for a fourth time. While he was doing that, his left hand departed on a mission of exploration of her body. Her breasts were even softer then he had imagined the skin silky smooth and the flesh jiggly to his touch. They were large and generous, filling his hand when he made a cupping motion. He broke from his kiss for a mere moment to allow her to breathe before clasping his lips upon hers once more while his hand continued to play with her chest. This went on for a good while but eventually he wanted more and works his hand down to her flat stomach and belly button.


 Kagome was lost and adrift atop a sea of bliss, enjoying both the repeated kisses and the feel of his hand traveling over and exploring her upper body. For a while she laid where she was like a zombie as she allowed these new feelings and emotions to overtake her. But gradually she started to respond to his affections in kind, starting with her left hand coming up and feeling the tough muscles of his chest and abdomen, while her right hand clasped the back of the hand that was exploring her body. That hand still hurt, but the blood flow had slackened somewhat. She didn't remember when, but at some point she had dropped the remains of her ruined bow, perhaps it had been when he'd picked her up.


 Sesshomaru felt her responding to his intrusions with her own as one of her hands touched his stomach and lower chest, gently feeling and tracing where his considerable muscles bulged against his skin. Her other hand came to rest over his and he felt something warm and wet drip onto that hand. Glancing up for a mere moment, he saw the blood that covered that hand and remembered what had transpired a few short minutes ago. Reversing his hand, he clasped her wounded one and brought it up to his mouth, kissing the wound on it, much like Rin had kissed the back of his hand a few months ago. The taste of her blood did much to further his arousal and excitement but he held the kiss until the blood flow stopped completely. The wound itself was fairly minor and could, probably should have been much worse, perhaps severing fingers or perhaps her entire hand.


 Letting go of her head, he glanced in annoyance at the garments that still hid portions of her lower body. He wanted to see more of her still and so after letting go of her hand he repeated his efficient motions of earlier, divesting her of all clothing save for her socks and shoes. He took in the sight before him, especially focusing on where a certain prize lay glistening with wetness from his earlier attentions.


 The sensation of him kissing the wound on her hand closed didn't feel nearly as sexual as what he'd been doing to her earlier. The loving and nurturing contact left her with more of a general feeling of warmth that left her positively aglow. It effectively helped to remove any further lingering doubts about being here with Sesshomaru in the present moment. If she had a say in the matter she would have at that moment in time agreed to stay here with him, the only thing was she wouldn't be the one to suggest that their time together be spent doing sexual activities.


 She flushed again slightly as he removed most of the rest of her clothing. A brief thought popped into her mind wondering what she would do for clothing after this but reminded her that her survival after this still wasn't guaranteed. For now she would just embrace the moment. He shifted his position then, straddling her once more as he let loose of her wounded hand and gently used one clawed hand to spread her legs further apart. Kagome didn't think that Sesshomaru would possibly do what was about to happen next, until it actually did.


 Lowering his head to her glistening wet curls, Sesshomaru snaked his tongue out to taste her in several flickering motions. Very much liking what he found, he decided to continue tasting her, doing so in even increase motions and depth. As he increased in speed he found the miko increasingly squirmy and fidgety beneath him and heard her moan a couple of times, a sound he found very pleasing to his ears. That surprised him, as he didn't think any sound that could come out of her mouth would ever be pleasing for him to hear. Then something else happened as well, something that not only pleased him again and involved her mouth, but also elicited a light moan from his own lips.


 His tongue felt so electric and hot against her sex that Kagome began bucking up and down, desiring even more. In at least one of those few romantic novels that she remembered reading there was a sexual position that partners would initiate for similar action. Although she doubted Sesshomaru had done it on purpose, she now found his considerable length dangling in front of her face and would take full advantage. A sudden sense of greed overcame her even as he did delicious things to her lower body and she swiftly used her unwounded hand to grab his member, bringing it to her mouth as she opened wide and shoved his uncircumcised head inside.


 Her tongue played with the lower half as she raised and lowered her head, sliding his penis in and out with soft wet plops. Something she thought she would never hear from him reached her ears as he elicited a soft moan, followed soon afterwards from another one. She even started pumping him with her hand, fluid up and down motions that caused him to become even harder then what she had thought possible.


 He was starting to close control of himself and he knew it. As much as he wanted to continue he forced himself to back off, removing his mouth from between her legs and shifted upwards, removing his penis from her mouth. Moving a full one eighty, he shifted backwards slightly to where his cock rested against her waist. Bending forward, he moved his head to where they were face to face with hardly an inch or two between them, but yet he didn't move to kiss her.


 She looked up into his molten golden eyes and became lost in them. She noted his serious expression and knew that was about to come next, yet she found that she not only didn't care, but even wanted what was to come to happen. She smiled warmly up at him, beckoning in silence for him to proceed.


 He gazed down at her warm and loving blue eyes, knowing that he was welcome to proceed even as he prepared to do so regardless of what she wanted. That she was letting him anyways though added extra emotion for him, for not only was he doing something that he wanted to do, but it also felt right to be doing it as well. He often ignored that voice of reason of his that told him whether something he was doing was in the right or the wrong and he strayed between the two sides constantly.


 But everything about what was happening here tonight just felt so right that it was amazing. Shifting his hips upwards slightly, he used his right hand to guide his shaft to her wet opening, and then glanced up at her face as he gingerly started to penetrate her. To his surprise he encountered her virginal barrier and stopped for merely a moment before pushing on through. Her pain reflected the increasing pain that she was feeling from both his size and her first time, but for him to stop now would risk him losing his concentration to his wanton and carnal desires.


 In the end he encountered her upper walls before he could fully immerse himself inside of her. Stilling, he waited for her to adjust to him before proceeding. To pass the time without losing control, he entertained himself by playing with her breasts once more. His time he used one and two fingers to slightly pinch and flick her nipples, causing them to harden, before bringing his tongue out and across one and then the other. These attentions elicited another moan from her as she finally started fidgeting again.


 As the blistering and blinding pain gradually faded away and was replaced again with pleasure she started fidgeting a little bit to let him know. Although she was immensely enjoying what he was doing to her chest she was greedy for more and anxious about what would happen next and how it would feel for her first time, especially with someone of his size and power. She always thought that if she even had a first time that it would be either with Inuyasha or perhaps someone who was human, never with a full on demon. The only demons they traveled with on a consistent basis were Shippou and Kirara, with one being a female cat and other a young fox she saw more of as an adopted child.


 Sesshomaru pulled out fully before re-inserting himself as much as possible, a little more quickly then what he had started out with. When her response was a moan instead of a slight whine of pain, he took it as a good sign to proceed. He began fucking her with increasing speed, driving her slightly into the sandy ground as he became more aggressive. Although the sensations he was feeling were fucking fantastic, he still managed to main his control, letting out moans and even soft howls as needed. She added her own moans and soft whimpers.


 She was starting to tighten up from within; she could feel something building up deep within her. However, it was tempered from the current position she found herself in. Sesshomaru was straddling her but it wasn't quite a mission position as he never bent forward again after carefully positioning himself. Wanting and needing that close and intimate contact, she used her hands and arms to push herself upwards, surprising him as she settled onto his lap. Her weight now pushing down upon his length felt even more fucking awesome then just laying on her back and letting him push into and pull back out of her motionless form. Hugging him with both hands and being the one to initiate a kiss for the first time, she stuck her tongue in his mouth and tasted his insides greedily.


 He was surprised when she pushed herself up and into his lap, wrapping her legs around his waist. Her reasoning soon became apparent as she hugged and kissed him greedily and mentally he kicked himself for not rejoining in close contact after penetrating her for the first time. Shifting slightly, he moved his legs from a kneeling position to a sitting position to help secure her in place. Grinning from ear to ear for the first time in a long time, he wrapped both of his hands around her waist and buttocks, grasping her cheeks firmly as he lifted her up a few inches before dropping her back down upon his member. This new position felt even better and he used his considerable strength and stamina to full advantage, making it to where she could only hold on for dear life as he fucked her senseless.


 The coil building and tightening within her reached unbearable levels and she let out a loud yell of pleasure as it burst forth, radiating up and down her body as she achieved her first ever orgasm with another partner. Her vaginal walls clamped down on his shaft and head over and over as they both rode through her climax. When it was finally over she let go of her hugging embrace and fell backwards, landing in the sand with a soft slap.


 For his part he had stilled while he rode through her orgasm, concentrating on maintaining his control while feeling the intense waves of pleasure roll through him. As she collapsed backwards and then lay there breathing heavily in her afterglow, he gradually calmed down and starting breathing normally again himself. Sweat now covered the both of them, but he was left feeling unsatisfied with this encounter. In the back of his mind he knew he would need to find somewhere nearby to finish himself off, perhaps in the bushes or in the pond. He started to rise when her voice stopped him.


 The blinding light gradually faded away and her breathing came slowly back under her own control. Kagome started up into the night sky, seeing stars starting to come out as the overcast skies gradually cleared away. Reliving the final few moments in her mind, she realized belatedly that he had never cummed. Glancing up, she saw him looking around in annoyance, looking for something. Instinctively knowing what he planned to do, she couldn't have him doing that. Even after that blistering orgasm, she wanted him cumming while buried inside of her, she just didn't feel complete without that happening, not even thinking about what might come of it later.


 "Sesshomaru, please go ahead and finish inside of me, it's fine, I can keep going," she said softly and stutteringly. That last part was perhaps a half truth on her part; while she could keep going for a while more, she didn't have the stamina to last another full session. Even if she climaxed like that again, she had a feeling that she wouldn't be awake at the very least after coming down from it.


 "Kagome....if I lose control, I might not be able to stop until I'm finished," Sesshomaru responded in a gruff and odd voice. Her request elated him immensely but now he was worried for her safety. He strongly suspected that he was going to have an identity crisis of the highest magnitude after all of his was over and he returned to his normal self, notwithstanding that he not only immensely cared for someone like her, but that he had strung together so many words that didn't end in him demeaning a lesser opponent that he was obligated to fight against.


 "Its miko powers should instinctively protect me if I'm in any real danger," Kagome replied. That technically wasn't true, as nothing happened earlier when he had slashed her bow. But then, when had she actually suffered any life threatening injuries? Perhaps her powers wouldn't come to her aid in a direct manner but rather in a more ethereal form in calming or otherwise influencing the actions of her endangering opponent.


 Whatever the case, it was enough for him. He wanted her in a position though that felt the most right for him. Flipping her over onto her stomach, he reached one arm around her waist and pulled up her backside, into the beloved doggy position. Although he could feel that she was, for the moment, able to maintain this position for him, he kept his left arm where it, knew that she could collapse mid-journey to his climactic destination. Using his right arm, he guided himself back inside of her and started his thrusting motions anew with earnest vigor.


 As he increased in speed he felt his control slipping, then it was gone and his eyes bleed red as his markings, claws, and fangs became more pronounced. With his demonic blood seizing full control over his actions he became far more aggressive, but even in mating with a human he still had some restraint, after all this wasn't quite like engaging in a battle to the death. Before he knew it the blood was receding and he found himself cumming inside of her, his penis enlarging as he knotted up within her.


 He found both of his hands clutching and holding her waist and buttocks, with soft and shallow red marks left by his claws. She collapsed to the ground, lifeless as he left go and slowly eased himself down next to her. Although she wasn't awake, he still detected her breathing and felt a steady pulse. To top off this morning of firsts for him he whispered a "Thank You" into her ear.


 A few minutes later he was able to extricate himself from her and had finished ejaculating his semen into her. She was out cold and he estimated that she would sleep for a while yet. In short order he determined her immediate needs and set about doing right by her, first by carrying her into the springs and washing her off. Next, he gathered up his gear and dressed himself before looking at her own tattered clothing. A long time ago he had learned to repair his own clothing and armor using his demonic aura and more recently had learned to use it repair other people's clothing, as he had been experimenting in repairing Rin's often torn kimonos.


 When that thought crossed his mind he realized that he needed to get back to his companions. Fortunately his cuts of her clothing had been precisely made, making it much easier to quickly repair her tattered clothes before he gingerly redressed her. It made him slightly regretful to see her luscious body again hidden from sight but he was determined that this wouldn't be their last encounter. After all, if his stupid half-brother snuck away from this sexy woman to play with the dead, why couldn't he slip away from his wards to occasionally visit her in turn?


 Speaking of Inuyasha though, he could sense his half brother approaching, lured perhaps by his aura usage to repair her clothing. Knowing that she would be reunited with her companions again soon enough, he considered it well enough to go ahead and leave her there sleeping on the pond shore. He didn't want to fight with his half brother for once and as previously stated should be getting back to Rin and Jaken. Taking one last glance at her sleeping form he realized belatedly that he had never told her to keep silent about what had transpired overnight, even as dawn broke over the landscape.


 But, he found he no longer particularly cared as well. Throwing out a third grin to complete this night of strangeness, he was gone in a rustling of leaves that briefly awoke Kagome. Blinking a couple of times, she sat up. Still feeling immensely tired, she yawned loudly, bringing up her wounded hand to cover her mouth. She blinked several more times as she stared at the scabbed over wound on her wrist, the events of the previous evening catching up to her memory. Despite the wound, her shattered bow, and the fact that she was laying on the shore of the small pond, she decided that this night had never happened, especially as she caught sight of Inuyasha and her other companions cresting over the trees to land near her.








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