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Empty After Completion by AnimeGirlMiranda

Chapter 1

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Kagome reached out and plucked the Shikon jewel form the filth left over from Naraku’s demise. As she did the jewel transformed. The deep darkness in the jewel had disappeared. Now it shimmered in her hand the purest of pink. She started at it. This the Shikon jewel, was her sole reason for her being here, 500 years in the past.

Kagome looked up at her friends. Miroku was helping up Sango, both smiling in relief, the threat of Miroku's wind tunnel had died with Naraku.

Shippo was hugging and dancing with Kirara as she mewed happily.

Rin and Kohaku appeared from the sky riding the two-headed dragon A-Un, Rin clapping as she saw Sesshomaru.

Inuyasha sitting with Kikyo with a look of relief about him. He had fought hard for this moment.

Even Kaede and several of the villagers had gathered around looking to thank them for their hard work in defeating Naraku.

Kagome looked back down at the jewel and said to herself "Now all that’s left is to deal with you."

"What now Kagome?" Inuyasha asked as he stood and walked up to her followed by Kikyo. Kikyo spoke as she approached. "We must rid ourselves of that cursed thing."

Kagome nodded. "Yes" she said simply. The rest of the group had gathered closer now, waiting for her to make the wish.

Kaede placed her hand on Kagome’s. "You must think of a pure wish, one that will put an end to this Shikon jewel."

"A pure wish, an unselfish wish." Kagome said aloud. As she spoke the jewel glowed waiting for her wish.

She glanced at her friends, her comrades as if asking 'What would your pure wish be?' unknown to Kagome the jewel had sparkled three times taking in several pure wishes, but waiting for her final wish.

None knew what would happen when the jewel was gone, nor what would become of Kagome. Would she be forced into her own era never to see her friends again? Or would she be trapped 500 years in the past, forever lost to her family.

"KEH! Do it already!" Inuyasha snapped impatiently. Kagome looked at him but smiled softly, looking back at the jewel. She knew Inuyasha was just nervous like the rest of them. Whatever was to be her fate she would accept it. She had little choice on the matter anyway.

Kagome took one last look around at her friends, just in case this was the last time she would see them.

Kagome straightened, she was ready, whatever her fate may be she would face it when it came.

"I wish," she said as she tightly shut her eyes and clasping the jewel. "I wish for the Shikon jewel to be no more!"

A blinding light sprang forth momentarily blinding everyone. As the light dimmed the jewel grew warm in Kagome's hands. Then a voice spoke. The voice of the priestess Midoriko. "Finally, a pure wish, pure wishes at last."

Hundreds of screaming demons could be heard, coming from the Shikon jewel. The demons locked inside were dying, fading into nothingness, and then silence.

A series of events started at that moment.

The well that had been silent behind them awoke with a loud crack, followed by creaking and moaning. Suddenly a beacon of blue simmering light shot out of it into the sky fading into the night. Silence. The well had just closed. It had lost most of, if not all its magic. Kagome was now stuck in the past.

Kikyo who had been standing near Inuyasha was now kneeling. Clutching her chest, as her souls she had been collecting withdrew from her.

"Kikyo!" Inuyasha yelled as he held her up.

As the last simmering soul left her, Kikyo paled and went limp in Inuyasha’s arms. Right before the fading light in Kikyo's eyes went out, a pink soul speed towards her sinking into her chest. She now had her complete soul.

Kikyo sat up with Inuyasha but both froze as a new cry of pain was heard.

Kagome was falling, her soul now returned to Kikyo, the rightful owner. As Kagome fell Midoriko's voice rang in her head. "Do not fear Kagome, this new soul is your own, and only yours."

As Midoriko spoke, a purple light rushed into Kagome, strengthening her.

"My own soul?" Kagome said as she stood up straight.

"I am whole again." Kikyo stated looking up meeting Kagome’s eyes. "I have my own soul." Kagome said. Both a little stunned by their new completeness. A genuine smile spread across each miko's face. The negativity between both women lessening considerably.

"The first wish is completed as is the second." Midoriko said. Appearing to them as her soul wavered, waiting to go to the afterlife. "The third is complete, although the effects of such have not been seen, or will be for some time. As for the fourth and final wish you yourself Kagome will see in the near future."

"Midoriko, thank you!" Kagome yelled as Midoriko’s soul ascended to heaven.

"This is good bye for now Shikon Maiden." Midoriko said with a soft smile. "Till another day. We shall meet again."

With Midoriko's last words she disappeared into the afterlife.

Kagome opened her hands, the Shikon Jewel was wished out of existence.


7 months later


Kagome sighed as she watched Miroku and Sango from a distance. She was happy for her friends. Regardless of their suffering in the past, they had moved on and were enjoying life. They had married not long after the defeat of Naraku. Sango now 6 months pregnant. Kagome swore she got pregnant on the very night of their wedding. She giggled to herself. Miroku had been waiting for some time.

But... She felt so out of place. When she wished on the Shikon jewel she had no idea what would follow. Kagome looked in the direction of the well. The well had not let her pass through since that day.

She missed her family. Her mother, grandpa, Souta, heck even her pesky cat Buyo. Not to say she would not have felt the same had she been trapped in her own time 500 years in the future.

She love both her friends and her family, she just wished she could have both.

In this era, everyone knew what was to be done and how to do it. They knew their places here, how to go on living. She had no idea what to do with herself here. In her time, she would have gone to college and worked towards a career, maybe even marry and have kids of her own. Not that it mattered now, the well had chosen for her.

With that last bit, another sigh came from her briefly blowing her hair out of her face only for it to fall back in front of her.

Inuyasha had, as expected, married Kikyo and disappeared for the most part. Only returning ever so often along with Kikyo to visit Kaede and herself.

Kagome suspected that he didn't visit more because of his guilt towards her.

Inuyasha had been her first love and cared for her. Yet he threw her love away the second Kikyo reappeared in his life. Kagome had fought for his affection at first but in the end, she knew it was pointless. Inuyasha's heart had always belonged to Kikyo.

Kagome began to pluck at the grass pulling up one blade at a time.

She would be lying to herself if she said Inuyasha hadn't hurt her or that her feelings had never been. 'But that was a long time ago.' Kagome thought throwing the blades of grass she ripped up aside and looking up into the cloudless blue sky.

Two years had passed and her heart was, for the most part, healed. She was a woman now, and in the last year of her teens. If she was honest with herself what she missed most, was the feeling of being wanted. Needed even. No one needed her. No one wanted her.

Not to say she was ungrateful to Miroku, Sango and Kaede for helping her and letting her live among them. Or that they didn't love her. Building her a hut of her very own (Well Shippo too when he was actually there) said how much they cared.

But they were so busy with their own lives. Miroku and Sango preparing for their child to be born soon. Kaede, still head of the village, was needed often, not only for advice but for medicine as well.

Inuyasha and Kikyo, last she heard anyway, were happily building a home for themselves deep in Inuyasha’s forest.

Shippo was seldom here as well. Sesshomaru had given the little fox instructions on how to get to fox school, and Shippo had eagerly signed up.

Sesshomaru was rebuilding his lands, fixes the damage and destruction Naraku had caused. Alongside Rin, his ward and Jaken. They did visit every once in a while. Sesshomaru simply stating Rin "needs more time with humans". Although Rin usually ended up playing with Shippo and Kirara.

She loved Rin, when Rin wasn't playing she chatted with her about her day to day with Sesshomaru and mention random "fun" and interesting things about the Demon Lord.

Kagome giggled at what Rin had last informed her of. Sesshomaru apparently doesn't mind being 'decorated' by Rin. She briefly imagined the fierce demon fighting with a flower crown on his head. She giggled again.

Everyone had a place and was able to move on, but her. Kagome had no idea where she fit in. She helped Sango with the few things that were difficult for her because of her pregnancy. She also helped gather herbs for Kaede. And she always took care of her kit Shippo when he was home.

But was this it? Was this all her life amounted to? Would she be doing the same thing for the rest of her life? Would she forever be lost in the background?

Kagome didn't know, she really didn't.

Ok enough feeling sorry for yourself Kagome! Mentally shaking herself then she felt a pull on her cheek.

"My dear Kagome, you’re going to get wrinkles like Kaede if your keep frowning like that." Miroku said pinching and pulling at her cheek. He had stopped with the groping (at least of other women) as soon as he and Sango married. Kagome suspected he always pinched her cheek now, because it was at least a cheek even if it wasn't her bum.

"Ah Mir-oku! she said awkwardly through her pinched cheeks. Miroku released said cheeks and waved to Sango as she moved towards to river to do laundry.

"You must cheer up Kagome-san, Shippo will be coming home today remember?" he said smiling kindly at her.

"You don't want our dear Shippo to see you frowning right?" Kagome instantly perked up.

"That’s right! I can't believe I forgot!" Kagome said springing to her feet, knocking Miroku down in the process. " Oh, sorry Miroku!" Kagome laughed as she helped a laughing Miroku up.

 "Now that’s the smile we want to see!"

"Thank you Miroku-sama, for everything." she smiled and bowed slightly.

"Ah Kagome no need for that! Just a humble monk helping a fair maiden!" Miroku winked at her.

"MONK!!" Sango yelled as a now clean sandal hit in the Miroku face. "Don't go turning your lecherous ways on Kagome now! Kagome feel free to smack him when its due, or even if it’s not!" Sango said as she walked over.

"No, its really alright Sango-san he wasn't bothering me!" Kagome said waving her hands back and forth.

"If you say so." Sango said glaring at Miroku.

"Any way, I'm going to go get ready for Shippo! Today should be his last day till the new moon!" Kagome ran excitedly waving to them heading to her hut right on the outskirts of the village.

As they watched her run off Sango whispered. "So, I guess it worked."

"Yes, but did you have to throw the shoe at me?" Miroku said rubbing his head where the shoe hit.

"Plan 'cheer Kagome up' would not have worked had I not hit you. Besides you did wink at her." Sango said crossing her arms,

"But Sango, my love, you are the only woman for me." Miroku said reaching behind her and rubbing her bum.

"Pervert!" Sango yelled and smacked him playfully as she laughed. "Anyway, at least Kagome is happy for now." She said sadly. Kagome had been noticeably less and less happy these past months.

"She needs a man." Miroku said seriously as Sango rolled her eyes.

"She needs a distraction." said Sango

"Or both?" they said together.


Kagome was looking through her old beat up yellow backpack. "I know it’s in here somewhere." she said as she took out her clothes and several books. "Ah! Here it is!" Kagome held a small bag filled with salt. She reaches in and pulled out her last chocolate candy bar. She had to hide it from Shippo and his nose so she had ended up putting it in her salt bag.

Kagome had been saving it for the end of Shippo's first year in fox school. She had wanted to save it till he graduated but that would be several years and chocolate did eventually go bad. She shuddered remembering the one summer as a child she had eaten an old chocolate bar, it was a very unpleasant night, her mother even spoke of taking her to the E.R. Mom, Kagome thought sadly.

"No Kagome!" she said smacking her cheeks. Now was not the time Shippo would be here soon!

She stuffed her books and clothes back in her backpack tossing the salt in on top, no reason to hide it now.

Kagome hurried into her small kitchen and stirred the soup she was making. Carrot, potato, and big chunks of deer meat. Shippo's favorite. She shook of the salt clinging to the chocolate bar over the pot and put it aside. Picking back up her wooden spoon, she stirred the pot and hummed, glad that her little kit was finally coming home after a month and a half.

"There! That should do it!" Kagome said cheerfully. She replaces the lid on the pot and got out several wooden bowls and spoons. She rinsed her hands and face and dried them off with a towel. She didn't want to look like a mess when Shippo saw her. Now she just had to sit back and relax till Shippo got here.


"Sesshomaru-sama may we go see Shippo and Kagome?" Rin asked with her big brown eyes looking up at her presumed father. "We are only a short way from their village if we fly!"

"Hnn" Sesshomaru looked over at his young ward.

"Rin! Do not bother Lord Sesshomaru with such things!" Jaken Squawked

"But Shippo should be done with school now, and I miss him." Rin pouted.

"Rin we are n-" Jaken started

"Very well, Rin come here." Sesshomaru motioned for Rin to stand by him as his demon cloud formed

"Yay!" Rin cheered running to her Lord and hugging his leg.

"Wait for me, my Lord!" Jaken said as he watched them ascend into the sky. He hurried to get on A-Un to follow his Lord.

Sesshomaru, not pausing as Jaken yelled after him, placed his hand on Rin's head and moved his cloud in the direction of the village.

"Jaken, don’t follow." Sesshomaru said to the toad. He did not wish to have to have annoying toads in his presence while in the human village.


Shippo floated along in his pink balloon form towards the village. He was almost home!

"I can't wait to see Kagome, Miroku and Sango too!" He said aloud picking up speed. Maybe even Rin! he thought eagerly. Rin had said she'd visit when he got back.

"Shippo!" Rin shouted.

 Shippo blinked slowly, he did want to see Rin but was he hearing things now?

"Shippo over here!" Rin shouted hanging onto Sesshomaru's leg and waving.

"Rin!" Shippo shouted excitedly momentarily poofing out of his balloon form. "Oops!" Shippo panicking looking for another of his leaves and realizing that he dropped them as he fell towards the ground. Shippo braced for impact but it never came. He looked around and realized he was dangling in the air.

"Careful Kitsune." Sesshomaru said placing him next to Rin.

"Shippo!" Rin said hugging him "You should be careful! You're lucky Sesshomaru-sama was here."

"Yea" Shippo said sheepishly hugging her back. "Sorry Rin! I was so shocked you were really here!" Shippo turned to Sesshomaru and bowed slightly. "Thank you Lord Sesshomaru." Sesshomaru looked down at him.

"Hnn." Sesshomaru nodded towards him and continued. The kitsune may know more tricks now, but he was sorely missing survival skills. Fox magic could only do so much. Mentioning this to Kagome would be appropriate, she was his mother, at least in the same sense Rin was his daughter.

As much as he disliked humans, Kagome was at the very least intelligent. He had few conversations with her, but the few he had, had been interesting. She also had always treated Rin kindly and had little if any racism towards demons, which was rare. For a human, she was tolerable.

"We're here!" Shippo cheered as they landed next to the village. Both children raced forwards to find Kagome.

Sesshomaru walking a steady pace behind them.


Kagome, Miroku and Sango were gathered around Kagome’s small living room waiting for Shippo.

Suddenly, two cheerful giggles were heard. Kagome stood up and raced to the door. "Shippo!" Kagome said with a big smile as she opened her arms for her kit.

"Mama!" I missed you so much!" Shippo said as he jumped into his mother’s arms and snuggled into her.

Kagome stroked his head. "I missed you too Shippo." She kissed the top of his head.

Shippo looked up. "And Rin and Lord Sesshomaru are here too!"

Rin who was standing by Sesshomaru with an unreadable expression, perked up. "Hi Kagome!" She waved walking forwards.

"Well come here silly!" Kagome said holding her arms open wider.

A big grin spread on the young girl’s face as she too ran and hugged Kagome.

"Hn." Sesshomaru watched as his ward happily hugged Kagome. His ward seemed to have a similar bond with the miko as the kitsune had. This human was very much a mother regardless of not having children born from her.

Kagome looked up as Sesshomaru approached. She bowed her head in respect. "Lord Sesshomaru." She said politely

"Miko." Sesshomaru said looking down at her for a moment then towards the door of her hut.

"Oh! Sorry about that! Come in everyone!" Kagome said blushing slightly opening her door and watched as Shippo and Rin skipped and hopped inside.

Sesshomaru regarded the small woman nodding his head to her and stepping inside her living room.

It was a small hut, with bamboo walls and floors and a round cooking pit in the middle.  The room was big enough to fit 5 adults comfortably and had a small attached "kitchen" which held several cupboards and a washing bowl to clean up in. A small screen door separated the kitchen from the bed room.

"Sango! Miroku! Hi!" Shippo said waving and giving them both a hug.

"Whoa the baby moved!" Shippo said as he felt Sango's belly.

"The baby must like you Shippo." Sango said patting her belly and smiling over at Miroku.

Kagome smiled softly and went to get the bowls out of the kitchen. As Rin was feeling Sango's stomach and smiling when the baby kicked.

Sesshomaru sat gracefully watching. He watched as the miko left the happy group to get the bowls. He didn't miss the flicker of sadness that passed by her eyes before she turned.

"Alright who's hungry?" Kagome said scooping some soup into a bowl.

"I am!" Chortled Rin and Shippo as they snickered.

Kagome smiled widely and handed a bowl to Shippo and readied a bowl for Rin.

Sesshomaru noticed Kagome’s smile had no trace of the sadness as before.

Kagome handed a bowl to Miroku and Sango and then readied another bowl. She looked up at him with an obvious question on her face. Sesshomaru waited patiently for the question he knew she'd ask. The miko had always offered him food regardless of how many times he denied her offer.

"Lord Sesshomaru would you like some? If not, I have some tea as well?" Kagome said unsure.

Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow. Tea? She had yet to offer him something he'd actually partake in.

"Tea would be acceptable." Sesshomaru replied.

Kagome beamed at finally finding something she could give him. "Is green tea ok?" She asked as she got the tea ready.

"Hn." He said as he watched Rin and Shippo laugh and slurp up their soup.

"Here you go!" Kagome said carefully handing him the tea. Sesshomaru took the cup from her and took a sip, as Kagome beamed.

"Hn." He said simply.

Kagome knowing that "Hn" was as close to a thank you as she was going to get from the demon lord. She turned then sat down to eat her own soup.

They chatted and ate until the sun set.

Sango stood up and took her and Miroku’s dishes and washed them out quickly before Kagome could tell her not to.

"Sango! I can do that you know." Kagome said about to stand up.

"Nonsense! I'm pregnant not broken! I can wash dishes. Now eat your soup!"

Kagome grumbled a little but continued to eat her soup till the bowl was empty.

Kagome stood up and gathered the children's and her own dishes washing and putting them up. Turning back to the group she watched as Sango suppressed a yawn.

"My dear Sango if you fall asleep now..." Miroku mumbled as Sango half heartily smacked him yawning again.

Sango turned to Kagome and bowed slightly. "Thank you for the dinner Kagome."

"Oh no! It's no problem Sango!" Kagome said smiling at her.

"Thank you all the same lady Kagome." Miroku said smiling and leading his wife out the door.

"Night K'nome." Sango said through another yawn as she waved and let Miroku lead her.

As the door swung shut, Kagome looked around at her other guests. Shippo and Rin had fallen asleep on the floor together. Kagome smiled softly looking at the two snuggled close with toys scattered around them.

Kagome then looked at the only awake guest she had.

Sesshomaru had stood looking from Kagome then to the two soundly sleeping children.

"You and Rin are welcome to stay if you like." Kagome said as she picked up the tops and crayons scattered around the children.

At this, Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow at her. Kagome looking over at him explained.

"I'm sure Shippo and Rin would like to play more in the morning. And I have plenty of umm room?"

She looked around the room and back at the rather large inu demon. He would not be able to stretch comfortably on the floor, and she didn't have a mat big enough for him either. 'Kagome you dummy.' She told herself.

"Umm well I don't really have a mat big enough for you but-" Kagome started to say

"Miko." Sesshomaru said looking down at her. "Your hospitalities are not needed. This Sesshomaru will not be sleeping." He paused watching her face turned pink from behind her bangs.

He raised an eyebrow at her. From her scent she was embarrassed and annoyed by his statement but no matter.

"However this Sesshomaru and Rin will be staying." He finished looking down at Rin. He didn't wish to move her especially if she would be upset come morning if she didn't get to say farewell to the kit and miko.

Kagome had gotten out the mat and laid Shippo down on it. Sesshomaru watched as she carefully placed Rin next to him and covered them both with a blanket.

"I kind of figured you would say that." Kagome said as she tucked the blanket around both children.

Sesshomaru glared at her and scoffed.

"You assume you know me miko?" Sesshomaru said eyeing her.

Kagome looked up at him and smiled kindly. "Nope." She said simply.

Walking over to her bedroom and leaving the children to be watched over by Sesshomaru. She turned to the demon as she opened her door.

"However, you always do what's in the best interest of Rin." She smiled slightly. "Goodnight Lord Sesshomaru." She said closing her door behind her.

Sesshomaru gracefully sat back down next to the door. The miko was an odd creature. He did in fact take Rin's well-being into factor before doing things. However, none had bluntly spoken to him about it before.

Most humans and demons alike feared him, none would dare speak to him so friendly or casually. Not even the monk or demon slayer had taken such liberties. Yet here he was sitting in a miko's home having had dinner and spoken to her, without any threats even.

His life had changed drastically since he took in his ward. He had not threatened any of Rin's human friends, although he did smell fear on them in his presence.

Except the miko, she had never feared him. Even the several times he had tried to kill her, he never scented “fear” when her life was in danger. Anger, determination, sadness, desperation yes but not fear.

Fear only lingered in her sent when one of her comrades was in danger or badly wounded. Strange creature.

Kagome changed into her slightly worn pajama bottoms and a t-shirt to sleep in. She laid down on her mat and pulled the blanket over her.

She rolled to the side and looked out her window at the night sky. She always loved how clearly she could see the stars in this era. She hummed slightly and closed her eyes ready for sleep to overtake her.


After an hour or so Sesshomaru heard a soft noise. Looking over to the miko's door way he could sense her leave the hut out the window. What was she up to? Looking back to the children, he ignored the miko's soft footsteps as she walked from the hut.

Finally giving up, Kagome stood and slipped on her shoes. She had been trying for over an hour to go to sleep and she just couldn't.

Looking towards the living room then back to the window she climbed out. The children would be safe with Sesshomaru.

Kagome walked silently towards the place she had been avoiding. It was time for her to go see the well again.

When the well closed Kagome didn't want to believe it.


Flash back


Kagome raced over to the well. It has to still work! She thought as she ran.

Kagome had left the celebration of the defeat of Naraku to venture of by herself and check the well. Coming to a stop in front of the well, she looked over and without another thought jumped over.

No light, no sound. Just Kagome smashing into the well bottom.

"No." Kagome said in disbelief. She knew deep down that it wasn't going to work but still she had to try.

She dully felt the bruises forming on her legs and arms. A trickle of blood from a cut on her cheek fell to the ground, along with all hope of seeing her family again.

NO! This can't be happening! Kagome wanted to believe it was a dream, but the throbbing in her arms and legs told her otherwise.

Grandpa. Kagome thought of the wise old man that had been her father figure.  She thought about his kind smile and silly stories and tears started silently trickling down her cheeks.

Mama. Mama always knew what to say to her when she needed her.  Her warm arms gently hugging her was a greeting she always got. Her mother always hugged her tighter after she had been gone for some time in the past. Fearing that she had lost her daughter. Would she know that this time Kagome was really gone?

Sniffing and moaning from the pain, Kagome thought of her little brother.

Souta. Her heart wrenched at Souta's natural smile when he saw her. The sneaky tricks he played on her and the big wide grin of getting caught then running from her laughing. She would never see him graduate. She would never see his smile again.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Kagome cried out bawling. She wept as she beat in the ground willing the well to work.

She had wept for hours till no tears would fall and her voice hoarse. She had curled up around herself eyes open but not seeing.

She had heard her friends call for her but after the first hour, she put up a barrier around herself. She didn't want to see them right now. The barrier would even keep Inuyasha's nose from finding her.


Earlier that night


Sesshomaru had watched as the miko left the clearing. He sensed as she walked towards Inuyasha's forest and stopped. He looked away, she was none of his concern.

He turned and watched Rin play with the kit.

After an hour, Sesshomaru watched as the miko's friends realized she was missing. He watched them frantically look and call out for her. He did nothing. Sesshomaru felt as the miko put up a barrier. She did not wish to be disturbed so he would let her be.

Only after several hours of the adults looking in vain did he notice Rin trying to console the kit Shippo. Apparently, the kit had realized why the adults were being frantic.

"Don't cry Shippo, I'm sure Kagome will come back."

The kit had tears streaming down his face and hugged Rin.

"But Rin, Kagome doesn't leave me without telling me!" He cried "I can't lose her too!"

Sesshomaru having seen enough and walking to the two small children he spoke.

"The miko is fine kit." Sesshomaru said looking down as the kit looked up at him. He could still sense the miko near Inuyasha's forest.

"Sh-she is?" Shippo sniffed. "Where is she then? How do you know?" Shippo demanded"

Sesshomaru growled softly. "Do not question me kit." Sesshomaru looking at the young kitsune and decided it was best to bring the miko back. He didn't enjoy seeing weeping children and Rin was close to tears herself.

In a softer tone Sesshomaru continued. "I will bring her back momentarily, now go rest." Sesshomaru watched as the children went and sat next to A-Un snuggling together. He listened as Rin spoke.

"See Shippo! Kagome is fine! Lord Sesshomaru never lies!" The young girl smiled as she hugged her friend and closed her eyes.


After what must of been hours, she felt someone land in the well next to her.

Holding her breath and closing her eyes she willed them away.


"Go away." Kagome rasped not opening her eyes.

"No." Sesshomaru said firmly.

Kagome opened her eyes and looked at the demon lord.

"Fine." She sighed the sniffed a little. "What do you want?"

Sesshomaru eyed this young woman. This miko. She was broken. He saw her minor scrapes and the dried blood on her face that was mostly washed away from her tears. Her eyes hollow and bloodshot. He didn't like seeing her like this. It disturbed him.

He had not sensed anything approach her, and besides some small injuries she was not hurt and yet all life seemed to be sucked from her. He frowned. What had caused this?

"Miko" he said softly not wanting to add to her misery. The look in her eyes needed to change. He continued. "I know you are not so weak as to die from this." He said as her eyes flashed. Good. Anger was better than that defeated dead look she had had.

He continued. "Has the great miko that killed Naraku succumbed to dying from falling a few yards?" He said looking up from the well.

He knew this was not the reason for her troubles but pissing her off would wake her up faster than any kind words. He wasn't much for them anyway. Her friends would help in that area.

At his words Kagome sat up.

"What?! You think I'm like this because I fell?!" Kagome said standing up and glaring at him ignoring the flash of pain from her ankle.

"Is that not so?" Sesshomaru said looking down at her.

"Of course not!" Kagome yelled angrily. "Yes, I fell but that's not why I stayed in here!"

Sesshomaru lifted an eyebrow at her. Good, she still had enough energy in her to stand and yell he thought as he almost twitched at the volume of her voice.

"I stayed because I can never see my family again! This is the closest I will ever be to them again!" She yelled forcefully. Kagome gasped. Realizing what she had said had been the truth, she turned her to face away from him, letting her bangs fall to cover her face.

Sesshomaru had watched as the tears sprang from the miko's eyes and fell from her cheeks at her loud statement.

His eyes widened. She had lost her family? He had known the well to be of importance to the miko.

He even knew she was not from this time but then it clicked, the well was how she went to her time, her home.

 He had felt the magic leave the well when the wish was made on the jewel that explained her hesitation on wishing on it.

This miko having saved many, had now lost her family in the process. Fate was cruel. He thought of when he almost lost Rin. What would he have done had his mother not been able to save her?

Fresh tears continued to stream down her cheeks. The broken look back on the miko face. He found he didn't like her tears yet he understood. He would stop them.

Sesshomaru swiftly turned the miko towards him and he raised her chin. When she refused to look at him he spoke.

"Miko. Look at me" Sesshomaru demanded.

"Why?" She whimpered. "I don't want to hear it! I can't deal with your cruel words right now Sesshomaru!" Kagome said opening her eyes and glaring at him. Only to find his face wasn't hostile nor angry. His eyes seemed soft even.

"This Sesshomaru does not wish to cause you more pain." He stated

Kagome gaped at him.

"Your correct in that my words are cruel. However, this moment they will not be." Sesshomaru said realizing he had her attention now as he released her chin.

"This Sesshomaru knows little of what ails you, other than what you have just informed me of." He paused as he saw her pain etch into her features. He frowned.

"As I might not know your pain, I have felt the loss of family." He mentally cringed at what he was about to tell her but her face shown with a small bit of hope in him. He would not smash it.

"As I'm sure you know, Rin is my ward." He paused as a look of confusion crossed her face, then realization.

"She is your family?" Kagome asked

"Hn." Sesshomaru confirmed grateful he need not explain further.

"On completing my technique with tenseiga, going to the underworld was needed." Said Sesshomaru. He did not like recalling such a memory but it was needed for the miko to recover.

"Rin, being human, could not withstand the underworld as this Sesshomaru could. As such she," he paused clenching his teeth.

Kagome gasped. "She died?" She said covering her mouth and looking at the Inu lord with wide eyes. He nodded.

"The tenseiga having already been used to revive her once, would not bring her back." He looked down at the miko. "Had my mother not been able, Rin would have been lost to me." Sesshomaru said finishing grimly.

"Oh Sesshomaru." Kagome said reaching out and grasping his sleeve. She hated the look on his face.

"I understand your pain miko, I have been fortunate and Rin lives and is with me still." He looked down at her. "Your family is in the future correct?"

Kagome nodded amazed at not only his knowledge of this but at this new side of Sesshomaru she had not known.

"You may not be able to see your family miko, but they are not lost from this world. They are not dead." Sesshomaru finished looking at the miko.

Kagome’s eyes widen. He was right. She may not be able to see them again, but they were alive in her own time! She looked up at him and smiled shakily.

"Thank you Sesshomaru." Kagome said the light shining back into her eyes. Sesshomaru nodded.

Sesshomaru put an arm around her waist and gracefully leapt out of the well. Still hanging on to the miko he leapt again and landing on the edge of the village. Releasing her and stepping a few feet from her.

"Your friends have been searching quite frantically for you miko. Go to them" Sesshomaru said as he walked over to where Rin and Shippo slept, leaving the miko to her friends.


End of flash back


Kagome stopped having reached the well. She sat down and rested her back once on her way home.

She remembered how frantic her friends were and how she had worried Shippo. She made a promise to herself then, never to worry her friends and kit like that again which is why when she felt the familiar pang in her chest, she would sneak away come night fall.

She often would just talk to the well as if it was her family. She would say what she wish she could tell or ask them. It made her feel better, as if they were not so far away.

Kagome sighed and looked up at the moon, remembering what her mother told her after her father died.

'Kagome, your father might not be here with us but that does not mean he's gone.'

'What?' young Kagome had asked ' how can he be here if I can’t see or touch him mama?'

'Well he lives in our hearts.'

'Our hearts?' young Kagome placed her hand over her heart.

'when someone you love dies, they don't disappear they live on in our hearts.'

'Do you remember what your father said when grandma died?'

Young Kagome scrunched her eyebrows together trying to remember, she was very young when her grandma died and hadn't even really known her but she did remember her father being sad but telling her-

"I'm sad grandma is not here with us, but you know what? She watches over us from the moon and stars."

'Daddy is in the stars and moon now?' young Kagome asked her mother.

'Yes my dear Kagome, he lives not only in our hearts but he watches over us from above.'

Kagome smiled softly at her memory. After that night she always loved the stars and the moon. They were her father watching over her. She looked up at the twinkling starts and glowing moon. Even though her family in the future were not dead, she liked to think they still watched over her from the night sky. That they themselves were look at the moon and stars and thinking that she was not so far away.

As she thought this, tears slid down her cheek, it still hurt not to be able to hold them.

I miss you mama, grandpa, Souta. I hope you all are alright in the future.

She hummed the song her mother had taught her on that day so long ago.

Kagome closed her eyes humming then began to sing.


Sesshomaru opened his eyes and stared out the window of the small hut, he had heard the soft humming in the distance. Curious he stood and walked out the door. He put up a barrier around the children in his absence, the miko had yet to return. He followed the soft singing in the same direction as where the miko had gone. Was she the source of this gracefully sung song?

He silently jumped towards the sweet sound, landing a few yards in front of the miko. The lord’s eyes widen. “Beautiful.” he thought. If ever a human was to catch his eye, it surely would be her. She was bathed in the moon light, her eyes shut. The tears staining her cheeks and the droplets on her eyelashes sparkling in the moon’s light. Unconsciously he walked towards her listening to her voice and the words of her sad song.

Although you may be far from me

I won't cry much


I still feel you near me

I miss you still

My heart may ache

my tears may fall

But I feel your warmth

I miss you still

The soft glow of the stars

filling my heart with hope

then the moon shines down

Its light warming my heart

I miss you still

The moon reminds me

of what the stars cannot

You love me

You will never leave my heart

I will always miss you

Kagome smiled to herself as she repeated the last words in a whisper 'I will always miss you' and with that the tears silently fell from her cheeks landed in the grass beside her. She open her eyes looking for the night sky, but finding it partly filled with a demon lord.

Sesshomaru stood tall in front of her, his face and body glowing in the moonlight. His silk hair glistening in the light as the wind blew it slightly into movement. 


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