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Issues with Intimacy by Chie

Issues with Intimacy

Chie: I wrote this back in January for a reader request prompt "Someone getting hurt" but the response on Tumblr was so miniscule I never got around to adding it to my oneshot collection Miscellany over here. After re-reading it didn't seem so terrible after all, so here goes nothing.


Their amiable conversation faltered until finally it faded away completely, leaving them in silence. The nervous flutter in Kagome’s stomach grew stronger, and she was starting to feel hyper-aware of the tall lean body next to her. It wasn’t the quiet that rendered her so agitated, but the palpable tension hanging over them; like the whole world was waiting with a bated breath for the inevitable.

Unable to sit still in such a loaded atmosphere, Kagome squirmed, her shoulder brushing against his arm in passing. Startled by sudden the contact, she turned to look at Sesshoumaru.

Their gazes locked, and a shiver ran down Kagome’s spine. His golden eyes were boring into her with such magnetic intensity that she couldn’t turn away. The hungry look in his eyes stole her breath away and her jaw slackened, her lips parted… and before her brain could even register what was happening, she found herself pinned against him as his eager lips pressed onto hers.

The kiss was deep and heated; the kind that made Kagome feel that all her previous kisses – mostly with Inuyasha – had been nothing but innocent little pecks. Here and now, with Sesshoumaru’s tongue exploring her mouth and her fingers getting lost in his long silver-white hair, she really felt like she was being kissed for the first time.

A moan bubbled in her throat and her stomach plummeted in a searing blaze. But as blissfully toe-curling a kisser Sesshoumaru was, Kagome couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable.

When they finally came back for air, Kagome sat back at her heels and stared at him, hoping she didn’t look as dazed as she felt.

“The armour,” she said breathlessly, untangling her fingers from his silky locks, “it has got to go.”

His eyes flashed, and the corner of his lips quirked upwards in a smirk.

The wicked smile on his lips made Kagome’s mouth dry and it took her a moment to gather her wits.

“Don’t get any ideas, mister,” she warned him, struggling to keep her voice stern. “It’s just not to most comfortable thing to be pushed against, and I’m a bit concerned about all those spikes. I think it’d kill the mood if I were to accidentally impale myself.”

“Hn,” Sesshoumaru hummed in agreement. “That is a fair point.”

His hands travelled to the ties and knots that held his armour in place and started to deftly undo them, while Kagome silently admired him, trying not to freak out too much.

They had been growing closer and she had been half-expecting this to happen; as of late, whenever they were alone the air around them had seemed electrified, begging for that one spark to fly.

And now it had, and Kagome was simultaneously unnerved and excited about the fact.

The ties undone, Kagome helped to pull the heavy plates of armour off Sesshoumaru, and was then quickly snatched into his strong arms. His lips immediately returned to ravage hers, and she helplessly clung to his shoulders and surrendered to him. Had they been standing, her knees would have gone weak.

His hand travelled down to the small of her back as he ran his fang over her lower lip in a slow, teasing manner. A strangled mewl escaped from Kagome’s throat and he rewarded her with a quick nibble before kissing her fully again.

Time lost its meaning as the two of them sat locked in their embrace. Occasionally his lips would leave hers to explore the side of her neck, while she was partial to wander to pepper his jaw with kisses. Judging by the low growl, he seemed to enjoy that as well.

Kagome’s hands were fisted in the back of Sesshoumaru’s kimono. He, in turn, had one hand firmly holding on to her hair, while the other had travelled even lower and was currently cupping her behind.

It was strange, Kagome mused idly as Sesshoumaru licked the shell of ear, how she could feel so giddy and grounded at the same time.

Kagome turned her head and caught Sesshoumaru’s lips, wresting the control to herself. Feeling adventurous, she laid soft butterfly kisses along the side of his jaw, before trailing up to his ear. She kissed the spot right behind it, earning a small hiss from him. Then, feeling mischievous, she caught his earlobe between her teeth and gave it a firm tug.

Kagome’s playful and whimsical little bite sent a jolt through Sesshoumaru’s body, but the response she received was not quite what she had expected.

In the next few seconds, three things happened at the same time.

First was the forceful growl tearing from Sesshoumaru’s throat. To Kagome, this was the least surprising reaction and she revelled at the sound, feeling rather self-satisfied. Perhaps, had she thought things through, she might have even predicted the second occurrence – the significant spike of his youki, flaring in response to the unexpected show of boldness on Kagome’s part.

But nothing had prepared her for the third reaction; a reflexive twitch that travelled down his arm to his hand, inciting him to squeeze her tight.

Kagome yelped as all five of Sesshoumaru’s claws sunk into the soft flesh of her backside.

The sudden pain flooding her body, combined with the youki massing in the air around her, lit the spark deep within and the burning cold of purity rushed forth, pouring out of her fingertips.

Sesshoumaru jerked away from her and his youki dissipated as quickly as it had appeared.

Kagome’s hands balled into fists as she struggled to rein her powers back in, trying to ignore the literal pain in her butt that was stinging like hell.

“Shit,” she hissed, her face white. “Are you okay?”

“While highly unpleasant, it will take a stronger blast of reiki than that to harm this Sesshoumaru.” His nose twitched, and his lips twisted downward. “You are bleeding.”

“Oh. Right. Um, I’m fine,” Kagome said, plastering a brave smile onto her lips.

“Do not lie to me, miko.” Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes. “I can tell you are in pain. I am sorry, I did not mean to injure you.”

“It’s fine. I think we’re even.”

Sesshoumaru stood.

 “We should go. The old miko can tend to you.”

He helped her to her feet and Kagome intertwined her fingers with his, leaning against his taller frame.

“I hope Kaede will be discreet. I really don’t want to explain to everyone how I ended up with five puncture wounds in my buttocks.”

She felt his shoulders shake with a suppressed chuckle and that was enough for the absurdity of the situation to finally hit her in full force, and she surrendered to the hysterical laughter that had been coiling in her chest since the incident.

“I think we need to take things slow until we can figure this out,” she murmured after the fit of giggles had finally died down.

“Agreed,” Sesshoumaru replied, shaking his head.


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