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To Fight In Love And War. by Rlmpcc110511

Memories of a Forgotten Miko.

Chapter 1

Memories of a Forgotten Miko

Kagome walked slowly through InuYasha’s Forest, the trees gripping at her miko robes, a small, silent child following behind her. She knew this place like the back of her hand. It has, after all, been almost one-hundred years since she returned to this era.

                She could remember the day clearly still, looking up from the bottom of the well and seeing a large, clawed hand reaching for her. She had been ecstatic to know that InuYasha had been waiting for her. He was, after all, the reason she returned.

                With a deep sigh, she continued on her journey, a particular destination in mind. When she had come through the well for the last time, she had expected many things. She had seen a marriage to the hanyou she loved, InuYasha. A future filled with children and eventually growing old and dying with a happy and loved-filled heart.

                However, life took an unexpected turn.

                They tried, her and InuYasha. The moment he got her to himself after her return, he had taken her aside and asked her for her hand. He wanted to court her without the battles of Naraku and undead ex-girlfriends in the way. She had happily agreed.

                Of course, she hadn’t realized just how much damage was done between them, or that it could never be fixed. She tried, she really did. And while she could forgive InuYasha for all of his mistakes, she couldn’t forget them. They were two different things after all.

                For a year, they had walked around as a courting couple, but Kagome could never completely put herself into their relationship. And her partner knew. One day, he took her aside and explained that he understood.

                He realized himself that he had messed up and that there was no way of fixing it. So, he let her go. He told her that he held no hard feelings and just wanted to see her happy, even if someone else did it. They had hugged and said their goodbyes.

                InuYasha left the village and never returned. She knew he was okay and alive somewhere, and occasionally, her thoughts would return to the male that would always hold a piece of her heart, especially on today, the anniversary of her final return.

                Every year, she made the same trip, walking through the forest slowly, taking her time since she had all the time in the world. Kaguya had warned her that she was immune to the effects of time, but Kagome had waved it off, thinking nothing of it.

                It wasn’t until ten years had passed that she realized she wasn’t aging. Sango and Miroku, who were only a few years older than her, had already started showing signs of their age, and within another twenty, both had left Kagome behind with their children and grandchildren.

                Even now, the little child walking silently behind her was a descendent of the friends she missed terribly. How many times has she birthed a babe, and then, within a few years, she was saying a prayer over their grave. It was tiring.

                She had expected to see Kaede go, but watching as the others left, Sango, Miroku, and even little Rin, each time, a piece of Kagome died with them. After Rin’s death, and noticing how hard it was on not only the Lord of the West but herself as well, she had decided that getting close to others wasn’t the smartest of moves.

                She was basically immortal, much like Sesshomaru, and at her realization, she suddenly understood the daiyokai so much better. Letting anyone into your heart when you were sure to outlive them was dangerous.

                With a sigh, Kagome stopped her silent musings and looked down as the child gripped her hand in silent comfort. How this girl reminded her of Miroku. Sure, she wasn’t perverted, at least not yet, but she had a wise air about her. She always seemed to know when Kagome was upset, and she offered silent comfort.

                As much as Kagome tried to push people away, it just wasn’t in her nature. She couldn’t survive without the presence of others so, most of the time, Kagome gave in to her heart’s desires. She made friends.

                But that was as far as she was willing to go. She wouldn’t take a husband or create a family, just so she could watch them die. She knew her heart couldn’t handle that. She knew she could take a yokai as a mate but not many out there were willing to take a human, even if she would live just as long as they.

                Destined to be alone for eternity, she became the village miko and has been for almost ninety years. It was ironic when she thought about it. She was one-hundred-and-eighteen years old and still very much a virgin. That thought caused her to let out a little chuckle, and when the little hand squeezed hers again, she looked down into violet eyes.

                She may not have the family she had always wanted, but she wasn’t alone. That was the only thought that kept her going when she felt like giving up. She had an entire village that depended on her and her two apprentices, the one at her side the youngest.

                Any time she sensed a child with spiritual powers, she took them and their parents aside to explain the situation. She could remember exactly how she felt being an untrained miko in this strange and new world, and she didn’t wish that on anybody.

                Of course, she never forced them in any way. She simply told them she wanted them to learn control. If they still wished to marry and create a family, she would bless it with happiness. She loved doing weddings, especially when the couple was actually in love and not getting married for political reasons.

                Stopping before an old building, Kagome looked it over, noting that the roof needed slight repairs. Once a year on this day, Kagome made this trip. To see the thing that had changed her life so much, she could never go back.

                The well.

                She had asked a few villagers to build a well house around it to keep the old wood safe and protected from the elements. If the thing got destroyed before her time, there would be no way for her future self to return. How funny time was.

                She tried not to dwell on it too much. It tended to give her a headache. She only thought of the things necessary for her to do so she could ensure her future self could return to the past and do what was needed.

                The well house itself didn’t quite look how she remembered it, but it wasn’t far off. She assumed that, over the years, as repairs were made and different type of materials created, eventually the building would mold into what she remembered.

                Silently, she walked to the small hut and pulled back the mat, holding it open for the child. Once she entered herself, she released the mat and looked around. Inside, everything was still secure, just how it should be.

                She walked up to the well and let her hand rest on the ledge. The thoughts flooding her were all of the many memories of the years she had spent chasing Naraku, till the moment the last of those memories died with the passing of Rin.

                Thoughts of the little child forced Kagome to think on the male she didn’t wish to think of. Sesshomaru. Before Rin’s death, and after InuYasha’s departure, Sesshomaru was the only one she could really talk to about certain things, like immortality.

                Once you got past his ice, he surprised you with how well of a conversationalist he was. Every visit he made to Rin, he was sure to stop by Kagome’s hut for a few cups of tea so they could catch up on the weeks passed.

                It surprised Kagome just how quickly she had fallen in love with the large daiyokai, and of course, she slapped herself for it. He could never love a human woman like her, even with her abnormally strong reiki and immortality.

                He proved it when rumors of his mating had flown across the lands. After all, InuYasha’s Forest was a part of the West which meant that he was the lord to the village of Edo. Learning of such news hurt…but she had accepted it and hoped he was happy.

                His mating occurred about a year before Rin’s death and his visits completely stopped after that. Rumor was that the Lady of the West was pupped which meant the lord couldn’t leave her side. Rin had been devastated, and when the child, who was no longer a child, was on her deathbed, she had sent a messenger informing Sesshomaru.

                Within two days, he had arrived, just in time to say his goodbyes. Kagome had sat in the back of the hut, making a tea that would help Rin slip away peacefully, all the while never taking her eyes off of the male she loved.

                He never even noticed her scrutiny as he took Rin’s hand and held it, not letting go as Kagome had Rin sip the prepared tea, or as the girl had fallen into her final rest.

                Kagome had been surprised to see just how hard the stoic male had taken his adopted daughter’s death. She knew that he had always hoped the girl would mate with a yokai, preferably Shippo, but it never came to pass. Shippo had gone off to train to become a better kitsune, and while he was gone, Rin had met another, a human.

                At Rin’s announcement to both Kagome and Sesshomaru, who shared worried glances at the time, neither adult was happy but they had accepted it as long as Rin was happy. Of course, Sesshomaru had very nearly refused to allow the marriage and only after calming words from Kagome had he agreed.

                After Rin’s burial, Sesshomaru had left, never returning again. Little did he know that he had walked away with the miko’s heart. Kagome couldn’t help but smile as she thought about the large daiyokai walking around with an animated heart glued to his back, him none the wiser.

                She knew she would never have him the way she wanted, but she was okay with that. He had his mate and child, and as long as he was happy, she could accept the way her life turned out. She only hoped InuYasha was as happy as his brother. They both deserved it, more than anything else.

                “Lady Kagome?” The child’s voice rang out, pulling Kagome from her thoughts.

                “Yes, Yumi?” She asked, looking down at the girl who was still gripping her hand.

                “Why is this well so important?”

                “This well…it is the start of many great things, Child. Without it, the world you know today would not exist.” Kagome answered, running her fingers along the aged wood.

                “I heard a rumor that it was once a time portal and that a beautiful girl came through to save the world.” The girl replied, her other hand reaching out and resting beside Kagome’s.

                “Yes, I have heard that rumor, too.” Kagome chuckled, her eyes traveling back to the well. “Of course, rumors tend to start from truths so maybe this rumor isn’t really a rumor.”

                Yumi looked up at her teacher and noticed the way her eyes flashed with awareness. In that moment, she understood what the lady miko was saying, and she couldn’t wait to get back to her friends and tell them that the stories they heard were true.

                Although she had a sneaking suspicion that Lady Kagome was the beautiful girl, she would be surprised if she knew just how right that suspicion was. However, they would all be surprised if they knew just what the future had in store for them.


Starting a new story. This will be a lot like my Hatred…or Something Else story with the way it is written. It will also be just as long. Yes, this is a Sess/Kag pairing, and yes, Sesshomaru has a mate and child. She is not going to be the jealous killing type, and will actually play a big part in this story. But don't worry Kagome and Sesshomaru will end up together, and his current mate will no longer be the lady of the west. We will find out more the mating in the next chapter, and then later on, InuYasha.  Miroku, Sango, and Rin will all find their way back into the story, but you will have to wait to find out how. I hope you all enjoy.

Attention: I need someone who is good at making riddles and doesn’t mind learning about the story before it is written. I love solving riddles but writing them is an entirely different thing. So, if you are interested in helping me, send me a message and we can discuss this problem. If multiple people send me messages, I will use the ones I like best. Credit will also be given where credit is due. Thank you.

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