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Hatred... or Something Else? by Rlmpcc110511


Warning: This fanfic starts out very dark although it will not stay like that. This chapter does contain rape and death. If you are fond of InuYasha, you will not like the way I portray him in this story. He is the antagonist of this story. You have been warned. This is also my first time writing in third person so I hope it is not too horrible.

Chapter 1


                “Bitch! Bitch! Heat! Heat!” A large white inu growled. His rumble echoed through the trees as his feet tore at the earth beneath him.

                The scent of a heated female had claimed his beast, forcing him into a cage. He roared in protest as his beast closed in on the unsuspecting female. He wanted nothing to do with the bitch. He fought using all of his control but was once again pushed back into his cage, ignored.

                Why? Of all the heats he has been a part of, why was he losing control now? He has always had unbreakable control. Now all of a sudden, after a thousand years, he was pushed aside so his beast could take a female he had never even met.

                This was all that bitch’s fault. How stupid could the female be? She was walking around at the prime of her heat, and in inu form, no less. He had to stop this, but he did not know how. His legendary control had been shattered at one sniff of a fertile female.

                Normally, during these spring months, he was able to hide away and lock himself in a cave. This time, however, he had been held up by his retainer, and now he was paying the price. The moment he gained control again, he would kill that green toad, for this was his fault. None of this could be blamed on him.

                He inwardly groaned as the scent of the female grew intensely. He was nearing her now, and she had yet to notice his upcoming presence. This realization made his beast harden at the thought. He would not have to make the bitch submit. He could just take her and force himself on her.

                While the Lord of the West did not care for others, he was honorable. Rape was not something he would ever do. His beast, on the other hand, was just an animal. It ran on pure instinct, and right now, its instinct was screaming to breed.

                Just as the female came into sight, she lifted her head and sniffed the air. Before she even had a chance to react, his large fangs bit down onto the scruff of her neck, forcing her head down. He wrapped his paws around the hips of the female, even while she struggled to break free.

                Letting out a ferocious growl, he plunged his unsheathed cock deep within her, not caring about her whimpers of pain.  He was quick and hard, only thinking about one thing. Her will or want did not matter. Siring a pup was much more important.

                Within a few moments, and three more very hard thrusts, he lifted his head and howled out his release. The noise of his howl drowned out the whimpers of the broken female beneath him. He could smell her blood as she trembled, trying to hold herself up.

                His knot was buried deep inside of her, ensuring that he impregnated the bitch. Sesshomaru let out a growl, informing his beast of how displeased he was. This was beneath him. He would not impregnate a female he just raped.

                Without a second thought to the bitch trapped around him, he tore himself from her, ignoring the pain that surged through his swollen cock. The female let out a yelp as he tore her insides on his way out. Without another sound, she fell to the ground and laid motionless, her breathing shallow and slow.

                The lord looked down at the female with disgust clearly written in his eyes. Now that his beast was pleased, he had retreated back to his cage, leaving Sesshomaru in his inu form to look at the mess he just caused. This was all the bitch’s fault. He will never be blamed for what just happened. Without another look, he turned from the dying female, changed into his humanoid form, and left.

                Unknown to him, a small woman watched as he left, anger and disgust clear on her face. As she watched him destroy the dying female, it had taken everything she had not to vomit her disgust. When she was sure the bastard was gone, she cautiously made her way to the female inu whose sides heaved from the pain.

                While Kagome would heal all that she could, she knew there was no hope for this yokai. The only thing she could do was ease her pain as she passed into the afterlife. She let soothing words escape her lips as she approached the female slowly. Her hands were outstretched in front of her so the demoness would know she brought her no harm.

                With a brilliant flash of blue light, the large inu transformed into a beautiful woman. She coughed slightly as she looked up at the small, dark-haired woman in front of her. The demoness knew that this woman meant no harm, and she needed to ask her a favor. A dying wish.

                “Miko.” She rasped, as the woman grabbed her shaking hand.

                “My name is Kagome.” The tiny, kind woman replied.

                “Sakura, Lady Kagome.” Sakura replied through her pain. “I-I need you to do something for me. One last request.”

                “What would you like me to do?” Kagome asked, her eyes beginning to tear up at the sight before her. The demon that did this did not deserve to live.

                “The pup. Take it from me, and birth it yourself.” Sakura whispered, her eyelids growing heavy.

                “What, why?” Kagome gawked, surprised by the request.

                “The pup…does not deserve…death. His sire’s actions…should not…be punished…by his pup. Please, take him…and raise him. You are strong…I know you can.” Sakura explained, trying to fight the unconsciousness that was claiming her.

                The only thing Kagome could think was how she wanted to kill the demon who did this to such a sweet creature. Sakura had just been raped and left to die. Now she was asking a random miko to take the pup forced upon her and raise it as her own. This demoness did not deserve what she received.

                Kagome couldn’t fight the tears as they slid down her face. Holding her hand above the yokai’s abdomen, she allowed her reiki to pool in the palm of her hand before pushing it into the demoness beside her. Very gently, she searched for the tiny embryo fighting for its life.

                When she found the tiny thing, she caressed it, soothing its cries of pain as she softly pulled it from its mother. Without another thought, she pushed the embryo deep within her womb, making sure the pup was settled before pulling her reiki back into her hand.

                “Thank you…Lady…Kagome.” Sakura whispered, giving the miko one last smile.

                “Rest now, Sakura. Your pup will be loved and taken care of. May you find peace and happiness in your next life.” Kagome whispered, holding onto the woman’s hand as Sakura closed her eyes for the last time.

                Kagome just watched as Sakura’s chest fell with one last breath before never moving again. With one last surge, she pushed her reiki into the woman, turning her into dust. She placed a hand over her stomach and absentmindedly ran her fingers over her pregnant womb.

                She had always been a caring person, but this was the furthest she had gone. She now carried someone else’s pup, just so the woman could die with happiness. Kagome’s heart knew no bounds, and she knew that she would love this pup as if it carried her own blood.

                Kagome stood up as a light breeze fluttered past the miko, carrying away the ashes of the deceased demoness who should never have been treated as she was. Turning from the large clearing, the miko made her way back to the kitsune village that had taken her in many years ago.

                It had been years since she had returned to the village. The memories of her past were too painful for her to acknowledge. Under her new circumstances, she would need to be surrounded by people she trusted, so without another thought, she pushed back her past and went back to the only family she had.

-Six months later-

                “You’re doing well, Lady Kagome. Just a few more pushes.” Aiko soothed as another rush of pain flew through Kagome’s entire body.

                Kagome couldn’t help but throw her head back at the pain shooting through her. She had delievered many babies in her long lifetime, but she had never experienced it. The sobs that wracked through her body left her trembling and praying to the Kami that all of this would be over soon.

                “Lean against me. It will help with the pain.” Akemi whispered. The twin kitsune of Aiko was leaning against the wall as Kagome pushed her back against her chest. Aiko was in between the miko’s legs, waiting on the new arrival of the pup.

                With one last scream, and a push that took all of Kagome’s strength, Aiko caught the small newborn in her arms. The tiny woman panted and watched as the female kitsune walked off with her pup to check over the bundle. Akemi continued to wipe the forehead of the ebony-haired woman with a damp cloth.

                “My pup, is he healthy?” Kagome gasped, looking for the being she just gave birth to.

                “He is perfectly healthy, Lady Kagome.” Aiko cooed, looking down at the pup as she made her way over to its mother.

                Kagome held out her arms and gladly accepted the bundle before pulling him to her chest. Golden eyes looked up into her blue ones and Kagome melted. A dark blue crescent moon adorned the forehead of the pup and a light purple stripe rested on each cheek.

                Kagome brought her soft, tear-soaked lips to the crescent moon and kissed her son lightly. She never knew she could feel so much love for someone she just met. This was her son. She birthed him. She grew him. He may not carry her blood, but he was hers.

                “My pup.” She whispered, as she looked down at the golden eyes that still searched hers.

                A soft cry left the pup as he nudged his face against Kagome’s swollen breast. Akemi reached around the new mother and freed a milk-filled mound before helping the pup latch on to a nipple. Kagome gasped at the feeling of her son suckling for the first time but smiled as his small hand gripped onto her breast.

                “His name will be Youta because he is my sunlight.” Kagome whispered as Akemi moved from behind the exhausted woman and helped her to lay down. Kagome drifted into a deep sleep, holding her son in her arms.

-Seventeen years later-

                “Ma!” Youta yelled, searching for his mother. With one sniff of the air, he found her pleasing scent mixed with that of dirt and fresh vegetables.

                Following the scent he has known all his life, he quickly found his mother digging in the ground with the other kitsunes. With a sharp tug, she pulled out a carrot and set it in a basket. When she looked up and noticed her son approaching, she greeted him with a warm smile.

                “Youta, what are you doing here in the gardens? You should be training.” She asked, standing to her feet and wiping the dirt from her knees.

                “Sensei gave me a break. I wanted to talk to you about something.” Youta answered, holding out his arm for his mother to take. She gave him a worried look before placing her small dainty fingers in the crook of his elbow.

                “Of course, Dear.” Kagome replied, letting her large son lead her to their normal spot.

                Soon after his birth, Kagome had found a small clearing that she took him to whenever she wished to be alone with her son. For seventeen years, that had been their spot, and they frequented it quite often. It was where she had told him the truth of his conception. He took it hard, realizing that she was not his blood mother, but soon admitted to himself that it didn’t matter. She raised him and gave birth to him, so in every other way, she was his mother.

                After a few minutes of comfortable silence, mother and son made their way into the clearing. Youta gently settled his mother to the ground before leaning against the tree behind him. He looked up towards the white clouds as they floated across the blue sky. He was nervous about asking his mother what he desired, but he knew that it had to be done.

                “What is it, Son?” Kagome asked, bringing his attention back to the tiny woman beside him. He smiled warmly at her as his golden eyes met her dark blue ones.

                “I wish to meet my father.” He informed her, wincing as his mother visibly tensed. The need to soothe her worries burst in his heart, and he wasted no time in doing so. “I understand you may not understand what he did-”

                “You’re mistaken. I have lived for hundreds of years. I understand the ways of yokai much more than a human should. Your father raping that woman could not be helped. He lost all control to his beast. But that man threw away his honor the moment he tore her and left her to die. The least he could have done was admit that what he did was horrible, but instead, it seemed as if he did not care.” Kagome interrupted with a sigh.

                “I’m glad you understand, but I am coming of age, Mother. Within two years, I will be full-grown. I do not wish for my beast to gain control, and I need an inu daiyokai to teach me.” Youta explained as his mother’s shoulders began to slouch.

                “I know. I have searched, but the inu yokai are being taken out. They have always been powerful demons, and because of that, feared. I do not know if your sire even still lives, but I will bless your travels and accept that you must go.” Kagome whispered, turning her head away from her son in an attempt to hide her tears. It didn’t matter if he could smell them. She did not want them to be seen.

                “You are mistaken, Mother. As if I would leave you behind. Besides, I do not know what my father looks like. You are the only one who has ever set eyes on him, and I will need you.” Youta countered before grabbing Kagome’s chin and forcing her to look at him.

                “I would gladly go with you, my son. It has been quite some time since I have roamed these lands, and an adventure may do these old bones of mine some good.” Kagome teased, giving the large male a smile.

                “You are old, I won’t deny that.” Youta smirked before flinching away from his mother’s playful smack.

                “Come. We will tell the elder of our plans, then return to our home to pack our things.” Kagome said, before pushing herself off of the ground. Youta quickly followed his tiny mother, neither one expecting just how this adventure would unfold.


I know this is a short chapter, but I just wanted to test this idea out to see if I could make it flow. I believe it will come easily as I progress with this story. Please leave your reviews, and thank-you for reading. 

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