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Love and Betrayal by LibraCourt

Chapter 2

Betrayal and Love 2

"Mommy can we go for ice cream?” The young girl asked.

Kagome smiled and nodded “for getting all A’s on your report I think you deserve a special treat”.

Watching her daughter jump up and down as she hollered in joy, Kagome smiled. It had been almost 8 years since she learned of the betrayal, her daughter had just turned 7 and the child looked completely human. Kagome had found a picture of herself when she was same age and her daughter looked exactly like her, except for the eyes. Her daughter’s eyes were a very light brown. The child didn't even have claws or fangs, but on the night of the full moon she became a white pup about the size of a typical 1yr old German Shepard.

"Mommy I want chocolate flavour and vanilla!” She exclaimed.

"Alright Rin, you can have both, but that's it” the woman giggled as they entered the ice cream store.

Making their order they took a seat near the window. Kagome listened as Rin talked about her day at school. Working as a single mother had its difficulties, but having Sango by her side had helped immensely. In the beginning she had cried plenty at the thought that Sesshoumaru was missing everything. Missing Rin’s first time rolling over, crawl, steps, and words. By the time Rin was 2, Kagome had stopped feeling upset and started to accept it. He had made it clear he hated humans and would never sire a hanyou and as a result he was missing out on a wonderful, bright little girl that was rarely ever sad. If she cried the girl cried for a reason and always had from the time she was born.

Kagome was snapped from her thoughts when she heard screeching tires, a horn honking, and people in the shop were starting to scream. Turning her head her eyes widened as she saw a car heading in their direction. Suddenly it seemed like slow motion. She could see panic in the driver’s face and could guess he had lost control of his vehicle, the car coming straight for them, could hear people starting to scream as they attempted to run to get out of the way. She knew they would be lucky to escape a full hit since they were near the window, but she had to protect her child. Standing up quickly she grabbed her daughter's hand, pulling her from her seat, and tucking her close to her body while trying to move to get them out of the way as fast as her body to go. The window started shattering as the car began to break through and in an effort to protect her child, Kagome used all her energy to throw her child towards some people she could tell were safe and wouldn’t get hit. As her daughter flew through the air, Kagome felt the solid impact hit her side. A wave of pain shoot through her, she could feel her mind going blank as the edges of her vision became blurry. She could she a stranger had caught her daughter and she smiled. Her child was safe and that was all that mattered to her. What had seemed to take minutes to happen had actually been seconds and as she hit the floor her vision and mind went dark.

Sesshoumaru entered his building and made his way to his office on the top floor of the 30story building. After his mother’s body was picked up to go to the morgue his father had decided to step down as lord so he could spend some time to reevaluate his life. Together they had gone after everyone who she had been plotting with that they knew of. Their hope that it would send the message to any others they would lose their lives should they try to go against either of them. So far there were no word of any other attempts.

Leaving the elevator he watched as everyone stopped their work to stand and bow to him. He could care less what they did. Walking past his secretary he entered his office. Moving to sit at his desk he glanced at the silver picture frame, but it was really the picture in the frame that held his stare. A picture of him and Kagome when they had first attended a social event together. He had dressed in a black tuxedo while she had wore a simple, yet beautiful, white dress. It wasn't long, but not short either hanging just past the knees. It had a black sash that hung around her waist while her hair was done up with a black ponytail with a white Sakura flower attached to it. She was beautiful and he would always regret that he never let her know that, that she would spend the rest of her life thinking he cared very little for her.

The phone ringing brought him from his thoughts before they could turn dark and without looking at the caller id he picked up the phone “what is it?”

His secretary answered “I'm sorry to disturb you sir, but I have a woman on hold who is insisting on speaking with you. She is not a client, but she said if I told you her name you would know her”.

“Then tell me the name or don't waste my time” he growled.

“Forgive me sir” she apologized nervously “her name is Sango Taijiya”

His eyes widened “put her through” he demanded and hung up. When his line rang again he picked up “Sesshoumaru speaking”.

“Hello Sesshoumaru, not sure if you remember me” she spoke. Her voice was quiet and sounded strained.

“You were Kagome’s secretary” he responded, coldly “why do you contact me now after all these years?”

She sighed “I was instructed to contact you if anything happened”.

He raised an eyebrow and growled into the receiver “stop skirting around the subject woman and tell me what is going on, what has happened?”

“It's hard to explain it all over the phone” she replied with a sniffle “I need you to meet me at Shikon hospital. I can't give any details except that if you cared in the slightest for Kagome you'll come here”.

Sesshoumaru felt his voice catch in his throat. Kagome was in the city. She was only a few blocks from his office, but at the hospital? What had happen? Was she alright? What if he was heading there only to see her body, how would he cope?

Unknowing of his thoughts, she continued "I will let the front desk know that you may come and they'll have to let you in. I left my number with your secretary should there be any problems you’ll be able to contact me. Just so you know I don't accept Kagome's choice in any of this after what you've done to her, but I will honour her wishes. If you don't come it would be all the better. Good bye Sesshoumaru-sama”.

Hearing the click indicating the woman hung up the youkai didn't hesitate to hang up his end and leave his office. Getting the phone number from his secretary he then told the female to cancel all his meetings for the day and left. Making his way outside the building where a limo was waiting and after getting in he directed the driver where to go and spent the drive there wondering what was happening. Why was he being called if Kagome didn't think he cared for her?

Upon arriving at the hospital he saw there were many cops walking around and talking to patients. Finding it unusual he proceeded with caution as he entered and walked up to the front desk. Telling them who he was and who he was looking for he was guided by a nurse to the second floor and into the icu wing. The nurse stopped at a room and he entered. It took all his strength to hide his shock, but laying on a bed hooked up with tubes to machines was the female that haunted his dreams and turned them into nightmares. Slowly he entered the room and approached the bed. He started analyzing her condition starting with her legs, one was in a cast while the other he could see stitches. Hips he could see nothing, but there was no cast, from her stomach to her neck was all cast and she had cuts on her face. Lastly her arms. One was in a cast while the other was bandaged. Tubes were in her nose and down her throat while there were wires that he wasn't even sure where they were hooked to.

“You came”.

Sesshoumaru turned to see Sango standing in the door was holding a coffee and a juice cup “it seemed the only way I was going to get answers. What happened to her?”

“She was in an ice cream shop yesterday” she started as she walked in and set her coffee on a table next to the woman “a man suddenly lost control of his vehicle and drove right through the shop. It was after school so it was full. 10 people, including Kagome, are in critical condition. About 5 are being treated for non life threatening injuries and the rest got away with minor cuts and scrapes and have already been sent home. Cops believe there were roughly 20 people in the little shop maybe more, they were still getting numbers last time I spoke with them” she wiped the tears away from her eyes “Kagome was sitting by the window direct centre and suffered the full impact of the car. Doctors tell me it's a miracle she even survived the hit and that every moment she lives is a miracle. She's got a broken leg and arm, 6 of her ribs are broken, she had internal bleeding which they managed to stop, but they say there's still a risk there could still be some so they are constantly checking for any signs.. I was told she also has swelling on the brain and if she manages to live she would most likely be a vegetable. They said it's also a shock that her spinal cord has suffered nearly no damage just bruised”.

He said nothing, but his mind was going a mile a minute. She took on a full hit from a car and was now hanging on by a thread to life “I have not heard anything from her since she disappeared from my life and she made it perfectly clear we were done, so why was I called now?”

Sango sighed and walked around Kagome's bed “because she wasn't alone”.

Sesshoumaru followed her with his eyes as she approached a chair that had a coat and blanket it on it. She was silent as she waved him over and placed the juice cup on the floor next to the chair. He approached as she slowly lifted the coat which smelled of Kagome and it was then he noticed the black hair. Getting closer he saw it was a child, a girl, and she had scratches on her cheek.

"This is Rin" she spoke softly “she's Kagome's daughter…and yours” she saw his eyes go wider as he looked to her for answers “that day when Kagome heard you talking with your parents…she found out she was pregnant. Having over heard you tell your parents how you would never sire a hanyou she felt it in the best interest of the child not to tell you and Kaede set everything up for her to live out side this city. However Kagome decided that should anything happen to her, Rin would be better off with her father, but if you don't want her I will look after her”.

His daughter? Kagome had been pregnant with his pup and it had been the real reason she had fled rather than just break up with him. She had wanted to protect their child from him because she thought he hated humans and hanyous. He had missed out on seeing his blood grow in the womb of the woman he loved, missed seeing his pup take its first breath, missed seeing the first smile, wave, first step, and first word. It was entirely his fault that she had taken off and not even told him of their child. She had been afraid and thinking he hadn't wanted her had caused her to run, to protect their child…from him. A pain grew in his chest as his thoughts twirled in his mind.

“I will take her” He answered “tell me, has Kagome woken at all?”

“No” she replied “the doctors felt it best to put her into a medically induced coma since she would be in tremendous pain” kneeling down she began touch the child’s cheek “there is one thing you should know if you are going to care for Rin” glancing to see him staring at her she continued “the event has traumatized her and she has lost the ability to speak. Seeing her mother nearly killed in front of her I can't say I blame her. It was recommended that she see a psychologist to help her process what happened” seeing the youkai nod she gently shook the child “Rin…Rin sweetheart, I need you to wake up. I brought you juice”.

Slowly the child opened her eyes before blinking. Looking up at Sango with a morose face. She then looked past her to the bed where her mother laid still looking the same. Feeling another presence nearby she turned her head to see a tall man with white hair and gold eyes. She'd seen enough photos to know who this was, but why was he there? Her mother said that she would most likely never meet him because none of his family liked her mother.

“Rin, this man is your dad” Sango introduced “you are going to go stay with him while we wait for your mother to get better” seeing the girl’s eyes widen, she already knew what she was thinking and smiled “you are not being taken away from your mom, but a hospital chair is not a good place to sleep and let's face it the food here is gross” she chuckled “it's going to take your mom a long time to get better and she wanted to make sure if anything happened to her you'd be safe and you would be comfortable. Do you understand?”

Sesshoumaru could tell the child was nervous, if not frightened. He too was unsure how to proceed with the child or where to place her in his home. Thinking about having a child in his home he realized he had nothing for a child to do and now that he knew she existed there was a high chance that she was going to be in his life from now on. An idea struck him as a way to hopefully start building a relationship with his offspring “I have a spare room that needs a child's touch, perhaps you would care to join me in picking up some items you will need. Afterwards we can return here to see you mother before we go to my place for the night, is that alright with you?”

When the child gave a small nod, Sango smiled and passed her the juice “I'll stay here with your mother. I'll have uncle Miroku go pick up some clothes and anything you might need. Is there anything you absolutely need or want Rin?” Seeing the little girl touch her neck the woman noticed a necklace she always wore wasn't on “okay I'll make sure we grab that first, it's on your night stand?”

Rin nodded as she grabbed her coat. She looked over to her father to see him looking over at her mother. The look in his eyes did not say hate, but longing and regret. Would one that dislikes someone look with such eyes? She didn't understand adults or why they acted certain ways, but perhaps she would gain more insight into her father’s story while she stayed with him. Taking a moment she walked over to her mother and placed her hand on her arm. Her mother was alive for the moment, but what would happen to her should the woman die? Would she live with her father from now on? Would she have to be surrounded by people who wouldn't accept her because she was hanyou?

“Let us go” Sesshoumaru spoke “the sooner we leave the sooner we can return” he watched his child take one last look at her mother before turning to follow him.

It was late at night and Sesshoumaru sat in his living room. At the hospital Miroku had shown up and passed Sango clothes for Rin as well as a stuffed animal. The stuffed toy was a white dog and drawn on to the fur were his markings. He knew right away that it was supposed to be him and it was Miroku who confirmed it when he saw him looking at it. According to the woman, Kagome had found the stuffed canine at a department store and put the designed on it so that when their daughter got older she would know what her daddy looked like in his true form. He brought is daughter home then had helped Rin set up her bed. She had chosen a black and pink bed spread. All together it looked more like a teenage room than a little girls room. She had fallen asleep clutching the dog like a life line.

He sighed and picked up his phone and dialled a number he hadn't in years and waited for the familiar voice to answer. After four rings he hung up and sat for a few minutes before deciding to go upstairs and get some sleep. As he was standing his phone rang, he glanced at it and then picked it up “hello”.

“Been a long time, son”.

“Father” he spoke.

“Why the call?” Taisho asked.

Sesshoumaru was silent a moment and then answered “I felt it was my duty to inform you that I have recently learned I am a father and that would make you a grandparent”.

It was a minute before his father spoke. Their relationship tense and strained since the incident so long ago “it's Kagome's child, isn't it? She was pregnant when she left, wasn't she?”

“It is and she was” he confirmed “did you know or are you assuming?”

“Making an educated guess” the old man stated “I know how much you loved Kagome so I doubt you would do something as reckless as conceiving with a random woman…so how did you find out?”

“Kagome is currently in the hospital after an accident occurred” he explained “there is a chance she may not make it and it was her wish should anything happen to her that our daughter get the chance to know me. Although the child does not speak as she was witness to her mothers accident and it has left her traumatized”.

On the other end Taisho closed his eyes to hold back his tears as the guilt washed over him. If he had just let his son tell the woman he loved what was going on and how he had to act then she most likely wouldn't have taken off. His son would have had the chance to be there for the birth of his child and be there as the child grew. If Kagome hadn't felt betrayed she wouldn't have run to a different town and now be in the hospital hanging on to life. His granddaughter would never have had to witness a horrifying sight that has left her speechless. So many unhappy things wouldn't have happened if he had just put his foot down and dealt with his backstabbing wife instead of playing stupid and making his son play along.

“I will put the best doctors to her case” he finally spoke “just send me the info”.


Knowing that was the sound of his son basically telling him to do whatever, he sighed “ I'll never be able to say sorry enough. You have no idea how much I wish I could turn back time and do things differently. I realize my actions have made you lose out on so many wonderful memories. I can only hope that one day you will find it in your heart to forgive me” he received no response except the click of the other line.

It was a month later and there were still no changes to Kagome besides her bones and cuts were healing. She still remained in a coma and Sesshoumaru and Rin made sure to visit her everyday. Rin was now seeing a psychiatrist, but had yet to say a word still. Sesshoumaru found that while she didn't speak she was starting to smile and he hoped that meant something. He had seen about putting her in school so she could continue her education, however on her first day she had refused to let go of his hand. When he did pry himself loose and walked away he had ended up needing to return when she had begun to hyperventilate. Since then he had been having her home schooled, taking her to work when it became clear she didn't want to leave his side. The child's therapist figured the child was afraid she may lose another parent especially one she had just met, so at work he had had a small desk brought in for her to do her school work.

It was middle of the night when Sesshoumaru was woken to the sounds of whimpering. Opening his eyes he glanced around, but could not find the source. Focusing on the sound he realized it was coming from his daughter's room. It was the first noise she had made since meeting him. He quickly got out of bed, put on black pj bottoms and went to her room. More whimpering came from the room and he grew more concerned as he entered. Calling her name he noticed her bed was empty and became alarmed. He hadn’t sensed an intruder so had she fallen out of bed and hurt herself? Calling out to her one more time he heard her whimper from under the bed. Perhaps she had a nightmare that had scared her, reliving the accident most likely. Bending down to look under the bed he was shocked to see a white dog. The canine let out a whimper, ears back, and looked in his direction.

“Rin?” as he reached out to grab the dog he was surprised when it growled and backed away from him and then whimpered. This time it spoke in the canine tongue.


Sesshoumaru closed his eyes and took a deep breath. A long time ago he had asked his parents about hanyous and what made them so different from youkai. It was his father who answered his question by telling him that besides being half human and half demon they had a day of weakness. There was a day every month a hanyou feared both humans and youkai because they lost all ability to fight back. He had become more curious and did research on it only to learn that what his father told him wasn't exactly correct. Hanyou would lose their youkai powers becoming entirely human and be vulnerable to an attack, however there were rare cases where the hanyou could take on a look of a more pure youkai, but they would still lack any demonic power. The day this happened usually coincided with when they were born. If they were born during the day then it would happen during the day same with at night. To even pinpoint it to a more specific time it also went on where the moon was in the sky. So if they were born during the day when that night would be a full moon that was the time they would change every month. It seemed his daughter was born in the evening on the night of a full moon.

“Everything is fine Rin” he spoke softly “I will not harm you”.

“I miss her” she whined.

“Come out child” he coaxed “if you would like we can see her in the morning” he was nearly startled when his phone went off. Who would be calling in the evening so late? He glanced at the frightened child before leaving to get the phone. He would give her some space for the moment and see if that helped. Reaching the phone that was in his room he picked it up “Sesshoumaru speaking”.

“Son, sorry to call this late” came Taisho’s voice “but I was in a meeting with an old friend and he mentioned something that sparked my memory”

“What is it?”

“You can use your blood to heal Kagome”.

Sesshoumaru grew confused. He had never heard such a thing about it “what are you talking about?” Out of the corner of his eye he saw Rin enter the room slowly and with her tail between her legs.

“A youkai has the ability to heal at a faster rate than a human” he explained “damage like what Kagome suffered would take months to heal where as a youkai would heal in a few days. If you give her a few drops of your blood then your youki will enter her system for a short time. Should be enough to heal her or at least enough that she could leave the hospital”.

“Is that a safe thing to do?” He questioned “one would think my youki would cause her more harm than help”.

“Usually that would be correct, that's why this isn't common knowledge” Taisho said “but what makes this possible is the fact that you and Kagome had a child together. According to the books when a human female bares a child that is half youkai they retain the male youkai’s youki for up to 12yrs”.

If all this information was true then his blood would heal Kagome. She would wake up and perhaps he would have the chance to repair the damage that had been caused “I will think on what you have told me, good night” and he hung up the phone.

“You can heal mother?”

He turned to look down at his daughter as she stood beside him “possibly, I will look more into it tomorrow to learn all the details” he placed a hand on her head as she whimpered “come, you may stay with me tonight”.

The next day when Sesshoumaru went to the office with Rin, having turned to human form again, he had his secretary bring him all the info she could about giving blood to a human. After reading what he was given and making phone calls to some youkai who had done such deeds, he was confident that he could give her his blood with no chance of making the situation worse. He told Rin that he would give his blood to her mother and she thanked him repeatedly. It seemed that catching her in her weakest state and offering her protection for the night had helped her open up to him, though she was still silent around others. It was a start and he was happy to get the chance to hear her sweet voice.

The work day ended and they headed to the hospital. Sango and Miroku were in the room waiting when they walked in. A few doctors walked in behind Sesshoumaru and without saying a word began to evaluate where she was at in her healing. The medicine that had put her in a medically induced coma had been stopped so that they could attempt to see if she would wake up. Rin sat on Sango’s knee in a chair while everything went on while Miroku stood beside them. Sesshoumaru stood near the doctors to observe everything they did and to make sure nothing was missed.

“My lord” a nurse spoke after the check up “everything with miss Kagome is healing at a wonderful pace, there is still much swelling on the brain and while we know your blood will heal her bones and scars, we are unsure how it will affect her brain”

“I'm aware of all risks” he stated as he moved to Kagome’s side as a doctor pulled out a needle. Lifting up his sleeve he allowed the doctor to stick the needle in his arm and take about 2 ounces of his blood. His eyes never left the needle as it was brought to her arm and punctured the skin. Slowly he watched as the blood entered her system and her skin started to regain a healthy glow.

Everyone waiting with baited breath to see what would happen and after about 10minutes when nothing else seemed to be happening doctors set about giving her another check up to see how the blood had affected her. To their pleasure her bones were healed anything that would have been a scar had disappeared. There was still some swelling on the brain, but it was showing shrinkage at an increase pace. All that was left to do was wait and see what happened when she woke up.

Kagome could hear mumbling, but couldn't make out a sound. Her muscles hurt and felt stiff when she tried to move her hand. Slowly she attempted to open her eyes, but she found it difficult. Her eyes didn't want to open. What was going on? What had happened? Wait…a car, a car had been headed straight for her and not just her, but her daughter too. Rin…was Rin alright? Yes she had pushed Rin in time. So where was her daughter now? How long had she been out? Maybe she hadn't been hit as hard as she thought she was going to be. Maybe the car had just clipped her and she just broke a couple bones. She attempted once again to open her eyes and was greeted with a bright light which made her groan and close them again. Now the mumbling was getting louder. She was actually starting to be able to make out voices and words. Worked? What had worked? Rin! She could hear Rin and her daughter was right beside her calling for her to open her eyes. She made a few more attempts. Each time it got easier to open her eyes and she started being able to focus on the shapes around her as they started looking like people.

“R-Rin?” Her voice was scratchy and hoarse like she hadn't used her voice in months.


Kagome slowly turned her head to make out her daughter looking at her with the biggest smile she had ever seen. Then she noticed hands on her daughter, hands with claws for nails. She followed the arm up to the face and if she hadn't been in pain her eyes probably would have become as big as saucers. Sesshoumaru. Why was he there? She looked around and saw Sango crying while Miroku had his arms around the woman while smiling at her. The only way her friend would have sought the demon out was if she had been laying on deaths door. Just how badly had she been hurt. Even as she thought that she had started looking down to inspect herself, but saw nothing. No casts, no cuts or bruises. Fear started to creep into her. If she was practically healed…how long had she been unconscious?

“W-water p-p-please” she asked.

A nurse was by her side with a cup of water and a straw “we are going to start things slow. I don't want you trying to move around a whole bunch and end up tearing your muscles. They aren't used to a whole lot of movement since you've been out for so long” she stated as she place the straw to her lips so she could drink.

A doctor entered the room and stood at the end of her bed starting at a clipboard in his hands “brain waves are normal, swelling is pretty much gone, so since everything else is good tomorrow we are going to start working on getting your muscles into shape” he then looked up at her with a smile “no doubt you are a little confused with everything that is going on, so allow me to fill you in. You were in an accident and you, dear woman, are very lucky to be alive”.

“A c-car” she stated.

“Yes a car drove straight through the ice cream shop. You took the most impact when the car entered the building.There were others hit, but they have since been released. You were in the worst shape with broken arm, leg, 6 ribs, had swelling on the brain and many bruises and cuts, some which required stitching. For awhile there we were wondering if you were going to make it and we were sure if you did there would be a high chance of your brain not being able to function properly” he gave a big smile “it was Sesshoumaru-sama that learned his blood could heal you and I must say it did a miraculous job”.

Kagome glanced at the demon she had laid with before back at the doctor “h-how long have I been unconscious?”

“One month” he replied before he looked at the visitors “I'll give you a few minutes to speak with her, but then I'll have to ask you all to leave as visiting hours did end awhile ago”.

“Mommy, I'm happy you are alright”.

Kagome gave her daughter a smile “and I'm happy to see you weren't hurt”.

Rin frowned “I was scared when I saw the car hit you. I thought I wasn't going to see you again”.

“Well don't think anymore about that because you are seeing me now and you'll see me again tomorrow”.

“Glad you made it through Kagome” Sango spoke “I'm not sure what I would have done if I'd lost my best friend”.

Kagome chuckled “quit talking like you expected me to die, I'm alright now”.

Miroku gave her a warm smile “and that's all that matters” he had noticed how she had looked at the demon and decided to give them a quick chance to talk “well we will come stop by tomorrow and see how you are doing after a real night of sleep. Rin come wait outside with us and give your parents a moment”.

Sesshoumaru took his hand off his daughters shoulder so she could go. After they had left the room he turned his attention to the woman on the bed. She was avoiding eye contact and rubbing her arm, a sign she was nervous. He couldn't blame her though and he wouldn't. The fault lie solely with himself and his actions 8 years ago. He wasn't even sure what to say to her after all this time or how to begin letting her know what she meant to him. Chances were even if he told her, she wouldn't believe him.

“Thank you” she spoke softly, unsure of herself “for helping me heal and taking care of Rin while I am in here. Sorry to put you through so much trouble…I'm sure this has been an inconvenience for you”.

He nearly winced. She sounded so submissive and nothing at all like her old self. True youkai, especially ones with his linage were consider above most, but she had never spoken as if she was below him. She spoke to him as if her place was right next to him, but not now. Her voice was quiet and she spoke of someone that knew her position under him. He didn't like it, but it was him that made her this way.

“It was fine” he replied “Rin is a very caring and respectful child. She has been raised well”.

“Did Sango tell you anything?” She asked, nervous.

He gave a slight nod and placed his hand on top of hers “I was told Rin is my daughter”.

She quickly pulled her hand away from his “I'm sorry” she began to cry “I know you never wanted to sire a hanyou, but when I learned I was pregnant I didn’t know what to do. I'm sorry I ran away without mentioning her, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please…please just let us go and we won't come near you again. I don't want anything from you, I swear”.

He held back a snarl. She was upset and speaking from hurt he caused her. He was only suppose to know of Rin if she died, but she had been caught between life and death. The circumstances had led them to where they were now. Now she had to deal with him while thinking he had used her and hated hanyous. However it would still be time before she got out of the hospital and his blood was still running its course. He would wait until the truth was slowly revealed.

“We will discuss everything after you are released from the hospital” he said as he moved to leave he paused “rest for now, I will continue to care for our daughter until you have fully recovered. Have no fear, she is safe with me” and without waiting for a response he left the room.

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