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Love and Betrayal by LibraCourt

Chapter 1

Author note: I'm back. Was working on my story that I want to post called Second Chance Child when my computer decided to die. It's taken some time, but I finally got a new computer so hopefully I will find time to continue working on it. For now here's a short, 3 chapter, story I worked on writing on my iPad. Hope you all enjoy.     

                            Chapter 1        

Kagome sat on a couch in her boyfriend’s parents place while he had gone to have a private meeting with his parents. She was bored and couldn't wait for him to be finished. She hated coming to his parents because she never felt truly welcomed. His father seemed kind and never said anything mean, but he did seem to try and be around her as little as possible. His mother…well his mother definitely did not hide her dislike. She knew it was because she was human and her boyfriend was a purebred youkai and as far as his mother was concerned they should not be together.  

She had met him her first year in college and it was not love at first sight. They were both taking a business class and had been paired up to do an assignment. He had been a little hostile towards her and made it known he did not care for her humanity. She had thought him to be emotionless prick due to an icicle lodged up his ass. They had worked had and fast so they could be finished the project sooner and not have to spend anymore time together. Happy when the project was over and were given the best marks they went on to ignore each other, that is, until they were paired up again for another assignment. He had been forced to acknowledge the fact for a human she was efficient enough to be able to keep up with his work pace. She had been forced to acknowledge that he was quite knowledgeable in business in general. Of course then he told her he was 800 years old and he and his father owned a company together. Turned out he went to college every 20yrs to see what they were teaching the future generation so they new what to expect from future employees. They had ended up being paired on many more projects and by the end of the first year they found, while still not liking each other, they could work peacefully and efficiently together.

    Second year of college, Kagome had made a few friends, both human and youkai. However, middle of the year one of her friends, a wolf youkai, had decided he liked her and began making advances. She had turned him down many times, but he didn't seem to be understanding that she had no desire to be with him romantically. One day while working on an assignment with the icicle youkai when she had been approached by the wolf. He had begun to hit on her and not listening when she was rejecting him. Growing increasingly frustrated she was taken off guard when her partner asked the wolf if he was deaf and not hearing when she said she wasn't interested. Some words were exchanged when the wolf challenged him, he caught the wolf by the throat and introduced himself as an inu youkai and future lord of the western lands. Well after that the wolf had left and Kagome had found a new found respect for the youkai. The two that once did not like each other began to form a simple friendship. He began to recognize her for her work ethics and enjoyed the fact she didn't fawn over him like so many females did. Because of that reason he began to ask her to join him when he had to attend events that required a date while not hiding the fact it looked good to see him with a human and helped with any negotiations he had to do. 

  Kagome had met his parents during these events. His father had been kind and made conversations with her. His mother…his mother had preferred to glare at her and make rude and mocking comments to spit her. There was no mistaking she did not like humans and felt better than them. Kagome had made the most of the situation and basically went out of her way to avoid the woman. However, there were times where that simply wasn't possible and in those times she spoke very little to the woman and even from time to time managed to get one up on the vile woman and her comments, making her shut up and give the human girl a break.

    It was during one of these social events the inu youkai and been in a negotiation in his parents place with a sake youkai who loved to drink and made youkai strength sake that would affect youkai the same way normal sake would affect humans. To not offend the youkai the prince had been made to drink as well and had ended up getting drunk. Kagome had been spared having to drink the sake since youkai strength sake would kill her, but she was made to have human made sake. Playing smart she had taken her time drinking so as not to have enough to get her super drunk. Afterwards they had figured it was best they leave the event, but neither wanted their families to see them in such a state so they went to a hotel to sleep off the drunken liquid.

   It was at the hotel that things went the way it does when you put a drunk female and male together. A male having a hazy mind and sees a female with great curves, becoming aroused he had descended upon the woman with a lustful mind. Kagome didn't remember much of that night except that she was fully dominated and satisfied. The next morning left them stuck with aftermath of dealing with each other. He had been a youkai that had made it clear since they met he would never mate a human or even touch one for that matter. This turn of events left Kagome unsure how to act around him. She was a fool to not find him attractive, but knowing his dislike for humans left her nervous of how he would react to their endeavour. Instead of looking at her with disgust he had approached her and let her know he did not think of her as a ugly human. She was Kagome and she was now his.

    It had been 2 years since that night. They had graduated college with honours and the inu had gone back to work with his sire while she had gotten a job in a smaller business. His father had a look of disapproval when he saw they were together and his mother had thrown a fit, yelling for days on how her son had been tainted by a human. Now she sat on the couch while she could hear muffled voices down the hall. Giving a sigh she looked at the time. If they didn't finish their meeting soon she was going to be late for work. She was in the process of getting her license and he had offered to drive her to work since he had the day off.

    After a few more minutes of waiting she stood from the couch and proceeded to the room they were in. She had no choice, but to interrupt or be late for work. Reaching the room she raised her hand to knock until she heard her name, which made her freeze her actions. Oh so they were having an argument about her again. She had never actually heard what was said, but her boyfriend would tell her about it. She was not one for eavesdropping, but she was curious was he said to defend their relationship. Frankly he was always on the cold side and not one for having personal conversations. Talk about business he could go on for hours. Talk about personal things and he clammed up. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath she placed her ear to the door. 

  “Honestly Sesshoumaru” his mother growled “why haven't you left that human yet?”

  Taisho’s voice was then heard “yes college is done and you are over 800 years old. It is time you settled down and started producing an heir”  

“I'm not even a lord of the western lands yet and you want me to produce an heir” he growled.

    “A full blooded youkai heir” his mother added. 

  “Yes I thought you would have ended this relation long ago with that woman” Taisho commented “did you not tell me you were merely using her for convenience?”

  Sesshoumaru’s voice was emotionless “I have used her to keep away those whorish females that wish to mate with me for my wealth and I will continue to do so until I have found the right female youkai to mate with”.

    “If you ask me you seem a little too cozy with her” his mother sneered “with how you let her touch you. It's a disgusting sight”.

  “I dislike it as well, however by allowing I'm reassuring her I want her” he growled “it is what humans in relationships do. They are a…touchy species. They seek out each other's touch to confirm they are accepted by the other”.

    Taisho huffed at the idea “they are an insecure species, but enough of that, how much longer do we have to put up with this human in our presence?”

  “I believe I may have found a suitable mate” he commented “we have met on several occasions and so far seems to have the necessity of being able to be the future lady of the west”.

  “Well that's some good news” the female cheered “and that woman has no idea you are seeing this female?”

 “I have excused the meetings as being business related” he explained.

  She chuckled “if she had any youkai blood in her she would have been able to smell the female on you. Either way that doesn't matter just as long as the relationship to this human is coming to an end”

    “On some level I feel sorry for the girl” Taisho spoke as his chair creaked to indicate him sitting back “she's probably become very fond of you, maybe even have that human feeling they call love, probably is starting to think that you two will be settling down soon and having some children together”.

  Sesshoumaru growled at the idea “as if I would sire a hanyou. The very notion is laughable”.

   "Still she probably is thinking that” his father continued “doesn't even know she was tricked by you that night you got her drunk at that negotiations just to have her as your little toy to keep the whores away”.

 Kagome knocked and didn't wait to be told she could go in. Her mind was in a fog as she tried to process everything she had just heard, but she told herself she wouldn't let on that she knew. She gave a small bow “I apologize for interrupting your meeting, but Sesshoumaru offered to give me a ride to work and if we do not leave now I will be late”.

   Sesshoumaru gave a nod “go to the car I will be there in a moment” he watched her not and leave before turning to his parents “I will keep you informed if anything changes” and left to drive the woman to work.

    The ride was silent, which was nothing new and for once Kagome was grateful for that. She used to try and make conversation with him, but when learning he wasn't much of a talker she had stopped. Now she had time to think. So he planned it all. Their first night together was not the drunken accident she had thought it was and he was using her for his own gain. What was she going to do? Taisho had been right when he said she may have been falling in love. She did love the male sitting next to her and it hurt to know he didn't feel the same. Not even a little. She knew she couldn't keep pretending she never heard what was said and she really had no desire to go to work anymore. She just wanted to go home, cry, and figure out what to do from there.

  Arriving at work, Kagome gave him a kiss on the cheek knowing he didn't like the lips unless they were having sex. Agreeing he would still pick her up from work she watched him leave and then went to her office. Sitting in her seat she turned her computer on, opened a drawer and pulled out some of the folders she needed to go through.

    “You look like someone shot your dog”.

  Kagome forced a smile as she saw her secretary and friend enter the office “looks that bad huh”.

  Sango nodded and placed a piece of mail on the desk “this came in this morning specifically with your name on it, so you going to tell me what's going on?”

  “Not yet, I just need a little time to figure everything out my self” grabbing the envelope, Kagome paled when she saw it was from the medical clinic. A couple of weeks ago she had been feeling unwell and noticed her period was late. She had bought a pregnancy test, but the results had come out unclear. It was suppose to be two lines pregnant, but she had had one very clear line and one barely visible. Not understanding what that meant she had gone to the doctors who decided on taking a blood and urine sample from her for a more precise answer. Here it was. What was she going to do?

    “Kagome are you okay?” Sango asked, worried “you don't look so good, what is wrong?”

  Quietly Kagome asked Sango to stay in the room, but to shut her door. When the woman did that Kagome passed the envelope to her “you read it, I can't”

  Frowning the woman took the mail and looked at the sender. A clinic? Was her friend possibly expecting bad news like having cancer? Sending a worried glance at the pale, morose woman she opened the letter and read it “Kagome it says you are pregnant” she was shocked when the woman immediately started to cry hysterically “Kagome! Talk to me, what's wrong? Aren't you happy? I’m sure Sesshoumaru will be happy when he learns you are carrying his pup”.

  It just made the woman cry harder “no he won't” she managed to choke out “our whole relationship has been a lie. He planned for us to be together. He is using me until he finds a proper youkai female to mate with. I heard it all before coming here. His parents knew everything too. I was just something to use!” She wailed.

    Shocked, Sango immediately picked up the phone and dialled the number for their boss. Hearing the secretary she quickly spoke “it's Sango, I need to speak with Kaede now”.

  “Well you can't because she is with a client” the woman huffed, annoyed.

     “Interrupt them, this is an emergency and I need Kaede now! And if you don't I will come up and interrupt them myself!” She shouted. Satisfied when she heard the woman put her on hold to out her through. Usually bosses were hard and mean to their employees, but Kaede was a kind old woman who treated all of her employees like they were her children. She let them know that she valued them and to never hesitate to contact her for anything even if it was something little.

  “Kaede speaking, what is the trouble Sango?” Came the old woman's voice “whose crying in the back there? What's happening?”

  “I'm terribly sorry to interrupt your meeting Kaede, but Kagome…well she's learned some bad news today and…”

  “Send her to my office immediately” Kaede ordered “you come too”.

  Sango glanced at sobbing woman “I don't think she will want to leave her office with how distraught she is, would it be too much to ask you come here?”

    "Get her some tea to calm her down and I will be right there” and she hung up.

  True to her word the old woman was in the office within 5minutes. Pulling the distraught woman towards her she made the girl tell her everything and after it was all said, Kaede had a frown upon her face “so whole family is a farce, well except the western lady, she's never hidden her hatred for man kind” happy Kagome was down to sniffles “though I thought Taisho liked humans”.

  Kagome shook her head “I think it's more of he tolerates us, but what am I going to do? I can't be near Sesshoumaru now after hearing all this. It was so hard not to break down on the way here, I couldn't possibly make it seeing him tonight”.

  “I'm going to call my son, Miroku, to come get you and take you home” Kaede spoke “grab what you need to get you through the week and then I am going to transfer you to a different branch out of the city. Sango you'll be moving with her so start packing. I own an apartment complex where you'll be moving to so all that will be taken care of”.

  "Do we really need to do something drastic like moving to another city?” Sango wondered.

  Kaede nodded “it seems extreme, but I'm not doing it because I'm afraid of that family, I'm doing it for Kagome. Staying here in this city where there will be a ton of reminders will not be good for her or for that child. You are going so she has a friend because she is going to need one”.

  “Kaede thank you, but I can't ask you to do this” Kagome sniffled.

  “You’re not asking, I'm telling” she stated “now I'm going to go make the call and you message Sesshoumaru saying you'll be staying late and that I will be giving you a ride home”.

  Knowing better than to argue with the old woman she nodded her head “that solves today, but what am I going to do in the long run”.

   “You leave that to me. Take your numbers off your phone that you need” Kaede smiled “you'll have a new phone by this evening with a new number”.

  “But if he can't contact me then he'll come to my house or here!” Kagome panicked “he will know something is wrong, who knows what he will do especially after he finds that I know everything!”

  Kaede touched the woman's arm “calm down child, give me the phone. I'm going to buy you some time. Take a couple days and think things over then we will go from there, but I'll be telling you now. You are going to disappear from his life. If he cares for you even in the slightest…well we will find out what he does if he does”.

    Two weeks later, Kaede sat in her office when her secretary told her she had a visitor. Hearing the name she smiled and told her to let him in. Signing off an employee request she looked up as the inu youkai entered the room. He maybe a youkai known for not showing any emotion, but she the tightness of his face was more than having no expression. His hands were balled into fists and his walk was with purpose. This youkai was angry.

    “Sesshoumaru-sama, to what do I owe the pleasure of  your visit?” She asked.

  “I came here to surprise Kagome and take her out to lunch since we have not been able to meet due to the fact she has been working many more hours, but upon reaching her office I see it has been cleaned out” he growled “now I am here seeking answers to what is gong on”    Kaede gave a nod “I was wondering if you were even going to show” reaching into her desk she pulled out an envelope “since you did I was instructed to give you this letter from Kagome” watching as he took the letter and opened it.

    After a few minutes he broke the silence with a snarl before crumpling the paper and throwing it on to the floor “where did she go?”

  “She came to work one day in hysterics” she explained as she eyed the the youkai “she had heard you speaking with your parents about how you had been using her, as you've read in that later, knowing she had been used she felt it better to leave and so I've found her another job else where”.

  “Where?” He growled, baring his fangs.

  She shook her head “I’m afraid I can't give that information and even if I could I wouldn't” she glared “I feel like my employees are like my children and when they've been hurt I will do what I can to protect them from further hurt” she stated “you have manipulated Kagome by lying to her, to just use her sate you lust while you look for a true mate. You have mislead her and took advantage of her feelings” she stood up and walked in front of her desk “you have committed a grave act of betrayal to my daughter Sesshoumaru” she bent down and picked up the crumpled paper “go back to your father and tell him he has lost a valued partner for his part in this scheme, now leave my office or I will have you escorted off the premisses”

    Kaede watched as it looked like he wasn't going to obey, but then seemed to change his mind and stormed out of her office. Fixing the letter she read it again.

  “Dear Sesshoumaru  

If you are reading this then you have come to find out why I haven't been able to see you. As you've seen I'm no longer working here. I have left to never return. Why you wonder? Because of you.

    That day I heard you talking with your parents. How you were using me to keep away unwanted approaches from females until you found a worthy youkai female that could become the future western lady. Since it sounds like you have found a potential (glad your business meetings have paid off) and to save my heart any more pain I felt it was best for me to bow out and leave before I had to bare your hateful words directly to my face…after all I'm just a disgusting human in yours and your parents eyes.

    I thought we had something, but turns out it was just a product of your doing. You made me want you while you just used me. Thinking about it now what we had wasn't a real relationship and I was a fool not to notice the signs. You never wanted converse with me about anything unless it was business related. How could we get close if you never let me in? You were keeping me at a distance on purpose. You never really wanted to touch me unless it was to have sex. Now I understand that it was because you disliked me and my humanity so you wanted to keep touch to a minimum. There were many more signs, but I won't get into them.

  I'm sorry you had to be in my human presence. I'm sorry you had to touch my filthy skin and that my filthy human skin touched you when you did not want it. I wish I had known and I would have kept my hands to myself. However, since you do not desire me I will not seek you out nor will I darken your door step again. You can go on with your life as if I never existed and these past couple years were just a horrible nightmare.



    Sesshoumaru snarled as he entered his parents home. Not bothering to knock, he barged into his fathers study where he saw his mother standing next to his father who was sitting behind his desk. As they both turned to look at him he didn't hesitate to use his poison whip to cut off his mother’s head.

    Taisho stood up from his chair in shock “Sesshoumaru what have you done?”

  “I solved your problem” he replied “this is what should have been done to the bitch when you learned she was planning to have you killed”.

  “You know I was only keeping her around until I found everyone involved with her plot” he growled “now what has brought this on? Why have you thrown away years of investigation?”

  Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes “I've lost her because of this investigation” he snarled “because she heard us she left”

  “What are you talking about?” He wondered.

  “Kagome over heard us during one of our discussions with mother about humanity” he clarified “congratulations father we were very convincing, so much so, that when she heard us she believed us”.

    Taisho sighed as he sat back in his chair. Overwhelming guilt swept over him. He had actually liked the woman. She was smart, kind, and had business sense. He had been lying when he said inu didn't like to be touched, in fact, they craved it. His mate was a strange inu who disliked being touched. He had been suffering, denying himself that luxury, and had even made his son play along to avoid making his mate upset. Then he had learned of her plans to kill him and so, to get on her side, they had acted like they too hated humans as much as her. Though it was harder for him to act then his son, but apparently they had been convincing enough.

    "I'm sorry son” he frowned “I'll pull every resource I can to help find her and then you can explain everything”.

  Sesshoumaru snarled as his eyes flashed red “I should have been allowed to explain from the start then none of this would have happened! She would have known it was all an act instead she's left thinking I have no feelings for her, that I felt disgusted by having her touch me and it's all your fault!”

  “I'm sorry” Taisho apologized “I can't say that enough”  


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