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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year? by House_Of_Eternal_Moon

Christmas Lights

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Chapter Two-

Christmas Lights

Kagome sat on the couch drinking a cup of hot tea, a smile on her face. Her one arm wrapped protectively around her swollen stomach, heavy with child. A small smile adorning her face as she watched small family decorating the Christmas tree with colorful Christmas lights.  She never knew that her life could be this peaceful. A sigh escaped her lips as she took a sip of her tea.

A sudden nudge stole her from the pleasant dream she was having.

“Five more minutes, Sango. I don’t have to work today,” Kagome mumbled, turning over and coming closer to the warmth surrounding her. Another, harsher nudge made her open her eyes to come face to chest with someone. “How much champagne did I take in last night?”

“I could ask the same question. How did you land up in my house,” Kagome heard a voice ask her. Her eyes trailed from the chest up to the face and noticed the face of her business partner.

“Sesshomaru?”  Kagome asked, although she was shocked by the tattoos on his face. “When did you get tattoos?”

Suddenly, before her eyes the tattoos shimmered before disappearing before her eyes.

“Kagome, you did not answer my question. How did you land up in my house?”

“I don’t know. Do you have a bathroom?”

“Through the door on the right,” Sesshomaru said pointing to the door he was referring to. Kagome stood and took one of the blankets with her as she moved to the bathroom. She wondered how she got her, as she used the bathroom. It was when she was washing her hands that she noticed a new addition, on her left ring finger. Sitting on her finger was a diamond engagement ring that had two smaller sapphires on either side of the diamond set in a platinum band, in front of that was another platinum band encrusted with smaller diamonds.

Forgetting herself, she burst through the door, “What the hell did we do last night,” she exclaimed, showing him her left hand. She watched him look at her hand, then the junction of her neck and shoulder, before glancing down at this left hand to notice a ring there as well. His eyes marginally wider.

“What did we do? Kagome, I need to tell you something.”

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