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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year? by House_Of_Eternal_Moon


Disclaimer: I own nothing. I am not profiting from this story. It's just for enjoyment =)

Chapter One-


“But, sir, I can’t miss Christmas Eve at my husband’s parents again this year! This will be the third year in a row. Please, can you for once this year close the office early and let us have off this Christmas? You know it is the most wonderful time of the year.”

“Hn. You’re fired.”


“Clear out your desk by the end of the day.”

Sesshomaru then turned around effectively dismissing the, now former, employee. He had a business to run, not a charity case. What did it matter that it was that time of year again. He and his partner hadn’t ever closed early before. They ran all year round.

Hearing the door open and close, Sesshomaru continued working, not knowing that his partner had entered the room as the employee left crying.

“So, you fired another one, hmm? What’d they do this time? Spill coffee on the files?” A feminine voice called out, obtaining Sesshomaru’s attention.

“They wanted off Christmas, and for us to be closed. Why are you here, Kagome?”

“Well, we have received an invitation to a charity ball tonight. Our marketing head has suggested that we go, especially since, we didn’t do any last year, and this is the charity to help raise money for the orphanage.”


“I think we should go. So I’ll have a car waiting for us by seven. I’ll be out of my office getting ready. I’ll see you then.”

Sesshomaru closed his eyes as his partner, Kagome, left and wondered why he went into business with her in the first place. But, most of the company’s money has come from her ideas, so he shrugged it off, before picking up the phone to call his personal assistance to have a tux brought into him. He might as well work up till seven.


When seven rolled around, Sesshomaru double checked himself in the mirror one last time. His silver hair was pulled up in a high tail, allowing his hair to hit the top of his shoulders in a nice point, his tux was impeccable, as always. Satisfied, he walked out of his office to find his partner, and apparent “date” for the evening. Or that’s how they always worked it. Any event business related, they went with each other. Made it easy to find someone and form no unnecessary attachments.

Walking outside he saw Kagome standing by the car waiting for him. Her raven black hair was twisted up in an updo with a halter silver dress that had a slit in it up to her knee with silver jewels encrusted in a filigree design.


“Sesshomaru. Shall we go?”

Sesshomaru held open the door for her allowing her to slide in before settling in for himself. He grabbed a bottle of champagne and poured the both of them a glass.

“To an evening out, and helping out charity.”

They clinked glasses and drank, not knowing that their marketing man, Miroku laced it so that for once his bosses would enjoy themselves. Miroku got his wish. They not only had a good time, but the next morning woke up as husband and wife. Or, in the case the Kagome, now knows, demon and wife.


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