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The Future by zodiak023

The Dream of the past

okay this came to me as soon as i started playing metal gear rising and how Raiden reminded me of a short haired Sesshomaru. i do not own any of these characters and i have no idea where this is headed so far. i hope you guys love this.

The Dream  

The sky above was dark, lesser demons came from everywhere, the hiding the clear blue sky from sight, and soon there was so much demonic aura that the air was so tainted it was causing light purple lightning to strike. There he stood at the top of a hill, lightning striking the ground a few feet ahead of him to make him look even more menacing as if he didn’t look it enough already.

Gold eyes watched as the monk continued to suck in thousands of lesser demons into his wind tunnel, carefully avoiding the poisonous bees so he could be of use throughout the entire battle. The demon slayer let her bone weapon, Hiraikotsu, sling through the poisonous bees and the oncoming hordes of lesser demons while she and the monk attacked from the back of the neko. T

he menacing figure stared down at the Shikon miko and his half breed half-brother fighting, as he himself started trying to formulate a plan of attack on Naraku himself, it would do no good to just fly into battle without a well thought out plan. Kagome was shooting arrows at the lesser demons as Inuyasha was trying to take out Naraku.

“Kagome, shoot Naraku!?!” Inuyasha shouted out, she turned to Naraku, Sesshomaru studied her eyes and face and he saw when realization hit her as she strung back her arrow and shot, he watched the arrow land in the middle of Naraku’s chest. Sesshomaru saw her disappointment and strung another arrow, again aiming for Naraku’s chest and hit him closer to the heart.

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes and realization struck him that the jewel must be in Naraku’s chest, with that information he hid his aura and went around Naraku where the wolves were fighting him, he told the wolves the game plan and walked around to the side where he could get better access. Sesshomaru waited until Kagome shot her purification arrow and then aimed for Naraku’s chest.

Between her and Sesshomaru’s attacks, Naraku’s right chest cavity and side was blown through, the wolves attacked and Sesshomaru kept his aura hidden as he formed his cloud and quickly moved in for a kill shot, he let his poisonous whip out and severed half through Naraku’s head, which turned to ash. Kagome fell from Inuyasha’s back, she had planned it that way and now Sesshomaru watched as she flew right to Naraku’s chest with a purification arrow. She stabbed his chest and slid down with the arrow turning everything it touched to ash, Sesshomaru’s eyes widen as he saw Inuyasha thrown by a tentacle towards his person, he avoided Inuyasha and he flew on his cloud with sword drawn to attack Naraku’s chest again so Naraku couldn’t reanimate the pieces that they had been fortunate to chip away. As Sesshomaru landed his first blow, he glanced down at Kagome, she had gotten the jewel shards from Naraku, that much he could sense but now she was falling.

Sesshomaru growled, he wanted to finish killing Naraku but he knew no one was going to save the miko. He flew after her, pretty much diving straight down until one of the tentacles grabbed her waist, starting to crush her. Her eyes opened wide but she held tightly to the jewel in her palm, she saw Sesshomaru flying at a great speed and had his whip out, she closed her eyes and held her breathe, she felt a large cut on her arm and she hissed out as she once again felt herself falling. Suddenly she felt herself being caught in someone’s arms, she opened her eyes and looked up, finding it was the cold stoic lord.

“Do you have the jewel miko?” Sesshomaru asked,

“Yes.” Kagome grunted in pain as she closed her eyes, he could smell his poison flooding her bloodstream. He flew away from the battle and landed in the forest, he quickly and carefully laid her on his mokomoko and glanced over her body, making sure her arm was the only place he had hit her.

“Sess…it burns.” Kagome already sweating as her breathing began to labor, he lifted her arm, it was badly infected with his green poison acid, the long, opened wound was bubbling and blistering. He would never have done this if she had been the same miko a year and a half ago, who had no control over her powers or her aura but today, in this battle, she had proven herself that she was worthy enough to call her an ally and a friend and besides it was his fault that he had poisoned her. He licked her arm very slowly, letting the healing properties of his saliva soak in. After a minute, he pulled a vile out and opened it, he lifted the miko’s head,

“You must drink Kagome.” Sesshomaru holding the vile to her lips, Kagome didn’t say anything, she just drank the clear liquid down. As he held the back of her neck up so she could drink it down and settle within her, unexpectedly her eyes rolled back in her head and her body started to convulse. He watched her closely as she stopped shaking, he could feel her slowly draining him of his youki, his demonic energy, mainly because her reiki, miko energy, was nonexistent, he watched her arm ooze out his poison and seep into the ground underneath her arm. He could sense her death, but he still felt his youki being drained and suddenly he felt the pull stop.

“Come on miko.” Sesshomaru laying her down completely and started pushing on her chest, she had said they were chest compressions for CPR in order to bring someone back from the dead.

“Miko, do not make me kiss you.” Sesshomaru growled out, he did two more chest compressions on her and still nothing. He pinched her nose closed and opened her mouth, he was mindful of his fangs as he placed his mouth over hers and breathed his breathe into her. He did this two more times, still no heartbeat, he growled as he started chest compressions again, being as careful as he could not to push too hard on her chest to break her. His beast hounded him,

~She has done a lot for us. If nothing else, you have to ensure she lives so she can rid the jewel from this earth. ~ his beast explained.

~I am trying. ~ Sesshomaru thought as he again tried giving her his breath, and again nothing, no heartbeat, on the third try his mouth had just left her growing cool lips when she arched her back and gasped for air. He turned her to her side as he knew she was going to puke out the medicine and expel some of his poison out that way. Suddenly she threw up green poisonous acid and dark purple miasma that she had inhaled in battle, clawing at her throat as her miko powers slowly healed her throat from the poisonous acid she had thrown up. Her powers again started to slowly drain his own until she was healed enough, her powers stopped draining him as she had only taken what she needed to barely heal.

“Kagome, you must take more. It is perfectly fine to do so.” Sesshomaru explained coolly as he slowly brought her and his mokomoko into his lap and held her,

“You need your…” Kagome being interrupted,

“I have enough to share, take more. You have barely healed.” Sesshomaru ordered.

“Watch over this?” Kagome asked in a whisper as she opened her hand to reveal the purified jewel. He closed her fingers back around the jewel as he laid his large palm over it and moved her hand to her side to keep it tucked away from sight as he rested his hand over hers and pulled her closer to him as he leaned back against the tree and closed his eyes and let her powers drain him.

“Why?” Kagome asked as she looked up into the half closed golden eyes of the demon that never in his life had been so selfless as he was being right this very moment, he stared at her,

“You have earned it.” Sesshomaru strongly explained.


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