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Unexpected Desire by sesshomarusama33

Chapter 1

Chapter One


“What’s he doing here?” Inuyasha growled, his knuckles cracking as he felt the presence of a demonic aura approaching them. Kagome sighed, folding her arms.

“Oh brother, what’s got you so worked up now?” She asked, stiffening when Inuyasha turned to her quickly.

“Exactly that.” He sneered, pulling her back as a dash of light bolted into the ground. Rubble flew around them, causing Kagome to shriek in fear. Inuyasha deflected all of them, jumping into a tree branch and using his arms to protect them.

“Stop screaming!” Inuyasha yelled, putting her down before jumping back to the ground.

“You’re not the boss of me! I can scream if I want!” She yelled, clenching her hands together.

“Just shut up, we’ve got bigger problems right now!” Inuyasha countered. Closing her eyes, she pointed at him, yelling with all her might.

Sit, boy!”

Plummeting to the ground, Inuyasha groaned as created a small crate around them.

“Hn. It seems your affinity for mortal women still plagues you, little brother.” Came a deep, booming voice from beyond the body of the half demon. Kagome gasped, looking to the figure of white that was approaching them.

“Woah… who is that?” She breathed, putting her hand up to her lips. Inuyasha stood from the ground, heaving, before glaring at Kagome.

“Don’t you ever do that again, stupid!” He yelled, turning his back to her.

“You will not ignore me, Inuyasha. On your knees!” The other man yelled, releasing a green whip from his claws, thrashing it towards Inuyasha. Kagome jumped from the tree, wincing as she hurt her ankle a bit.

“Wait, Inuyasha!” She called, running to catch up to him. Inuyasha threw his hand to force her from him, staring the man down.

“Stay back, Kagome! Sesshomaru’s dangerous!” He warned. Kagome stopped, looking to the man again with a different light.

“Sesshomaru? That’s… a really nice name.” She said, blushing. She ran up to him, stopping just in front of him. She inspected his face thoroughly, then turned back to Inuyasha. “How do you know Sesshomaru?”

“Stop saying his name so casually! He’s my bastard half-brother, and he ain’t fond of mortals, so back off! He won’t hesitate to kill you!”

Kagome frowned, sticking her tongue out at Inuyasha before turning back to Sesshomaru. “Why couldn’t Inuyasha have been as good looking as you?” She asked, admiring the markings on his face and the way his hair clung to his neck.

“You would do well to tell your woman to back away, Inuyasha.” Sesshomaru warned, raising his claws towards the girl. Kagome did not hesitate, leaning in to look at hands.

“Oh, don’t worry. I’m not his woman. I’m not attracted to weaklings. You, on the other hand… you must be really strong.” She sighed, in a dreamlike state. “Why couldn’t I have rescued you, instead of that stupid idiot?”

Sesshomaru smirked, finding the girl quite amusing. Usually such nonsense would irritate him to no end, but it seemed he found someone who disliked Inuyasha as much as he did.

“It seems we are in agreement on one thing,” Sesshomaru spoke, stepping closer to the girl. “Tell me, what is the cause of your hatred for Inuyasha?”

“Well, he smells. He’s arrogant. He always yells. He has no respect. He thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips, and he never thinks before acting. I’m kinda sick of having to put up with him!” Kagome ranted, pointing out her list with her fingers.

Chuckling, Sesshomaru raised a clawed hand to her dark hair, letting them fall through his fingers.

“You have intrigued me, girl. I shall know your name.” He spoke, nearing his face closer to hers. Kagome blushed at their proximity, biting her lip.

“It’s Kagome…” she whispered, her heart beating rapidly in her chest.

“What the fuck is going on? Why do I get the feeling you’re hitting on that bastard?!” Inuyasha yelled from the back.

“Because I am, stupid!” Kagome countered, yelling for him to sit once more. He fell to the ground, deepening his crater.

“A subjugation? You must be a priestess.” Sesshomaru spoke. Kagome nodded, tucking stray hairs behind her ear.

“I just found out for myself.” She admitted, looking at him sheepishly. She almost shrieked as she was brought to his body, avoiding the spikes of his armor. She felt his knee against her thighs, blushing as he pressed it in between her legs.  

“I despise humans,” he started, his breath hot on her ear, “Yet you are more than a human. You perplex me.” He grinned, bringing his clawed hand to lift her chin up to look him into his eyes.

“Sesshomaru…” She blushed, biting her lip once again as he traced his claw down her collarbone, towards the opening of her shirt.

“You are untrained in the pleasures of the flesh…” he growled softly, pressing he knee harder against her womanhood. She groaned loudly, wakening the half demon in the pit.

“Kagome, help me!” He yelled.

“S-sit, boy!” She groaned once more, grabbing on to Sesshomaru’s sleeves and pulling. Inuyasha cried as he was forced into the Earth once more.

“Your holy power can bring great pleasure, if trained properly.His gaze was wicked, his hand reaching into her blouse to caress her lacy bra underneath.

“Oh my god.” She moaned, her body being tortured by the sensations of Sesshomaru.

“I would suggest that you train yourself, Kagome.” He whispered, biting her ear before pulling back. “For the next time we meet, I will have a valuable lesson to teach you.” She whimpered as he pulled his knee away from her, turning to walk away before stopping, as if he forgot something. “You admire my strength on this visit, but the next time, you will cower from my pleasure.”

“WHAT THE FUCK, SESSHOMARU?!” Inuyasha bellowed, going to run for his brother until Kagome subjugated him once more. She fell to her knees, sighing wistfully as she brought her hands to her enflamed cheeks, watching the handsome demon disappear into the background.

“K-Kagome… what did… Sesshomaru… want…?” Inuyasha begged, clueless as to what was going on between his brother and Kagome. She giggled, her eyes glistening as she thought of her knight in shining armor, and the promise he made.

“What a man!”



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