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The Feudal Era and Modern Japan Collide by zodiak023

The History of the Great Dog Demon

Sorry i dont claim rights to any of the characters blah blah blah.

Kagome was an average normal teenager, though she liked history a little too much, she liked to learn about her shrine home, and she learned a lot too. Many evenings she would come home and rush up to her room and throw her yellow book bag down in the corner and throw herself onto her bed to read her favorite book of her deceased grandfather's.

The certain history book held a myth and legend story of the Great Inu no Taisho and his two sons and two wives, although they weren't called wives they were called mates. There were a couple of pictures in the book of what their true forms looked like, a beautiful extremely large white dog with a coat of fur that seemed to shimmer in the sunlight, they bore a purple crescent moon on their foreheads when they were transformed.

Kagome had read the story over and again, this book was her favorite history book. From her grandfather's books she learned that she was a reincarnation of the famous Kikyo that had married one of Inu no Taisho's sons, a half-demon and half human because his mother was a miko priestess. His name was given to him when his father was battling to protect his mother and the woman his father had died for, his name was Inuyasha.

Another gift was supposedly bestowed on Kagome, she carried around the Shikon Jewel inside of her body, and every demon in history wanted this jewel for its power. Once again it was raining outside of the Higurashi home and though Kagome had tons of homework to do she was laying on the bed and had just opened up the book that she had read a thousand times over.

"Kagome, you need to do your homework before reading grandpa's books," her mother shouted from down in the kitchen. Kagome rolled her eyes,

"Yes of course mother," Kagome shouted back as she got up and shut the door, she went back to reading one of the many books her grandfather had left her.

The two myths and legends she liked in particularly were the one about Inuyasha's birth and Sesshomaru's life, but this story was mostly about the Great Dog Demon and his family with a few other characters. And so the story goes:

The Great Dog Demon, Inu no Taisho was a powerful youkai lord who was known throughout these times in Japan. He had borne two sons from two different women, their names were Sesshomaru and Inuyasha. Sesshomaru was born from an unknown dog demoness while his half-brother Inuyasha was born from a human woman named Izayoi, making him half-demon and half human. Unlike Sesshomaru who was able to grow up and be trained from his father, Inuyasha had just been born when he had lost his father.

The story is said that Inuyasha's beautiful mother who was the daughter of an impoverished noble house was held captive by Setsuna no Takemaru and his samurai, who had planned to lure the Great Dog Demon into coming to rescue her so they could kill him. Inu no Taisho did come, he was already injured by the battle with Ryukotsusei but he still managed to get to his lover and newborn. Takemaru had already took his mate's life by a spear to the chest when Inu no Taisho got to her.

Again the Great Dog Demon was one of the most powerful demons in the west and had a sword forged called the Tenseiga that could be used to heal the dead. Inu no Taisho restored his beautiful lover's life and covered her with a red robe called the Robe of the Fire Rat which protected anyone who wore it from harm. Before his human lover fled he gave his son the name Inuyasha. Izayoi fled the burning building and after she was a safe distance away she stopped and turned hoping her demon lover would be able to survive this battle but the building's roof suddenly came crumbling down on both fighters destroying their lives and everyone else's life that was in the building. Sesshomaru inherited his father's land and castle along with his father's strength and power.

Inuyasha grew up being picked on in the village his mother lived in, only because he was a hanyou or in other words a half breed which sadden his mother to no end. Sesshomaru had become cold and ruthless and despised humans, he had become the Lord of the Western Lands, though he liked to travel most of the time with his two-headed dragon demon named Ah-Un and a small green imp-like lower class demon who was extremely loyal to his lord.

The two-headed dragon had only been given the name Ah-Un from the little girl named Rin who Sesshomaru saved from her own death by using his father's sword, the Tenseiga. Wolves had mutilated her body and seen as the orphaned girl had in the past stolen fish from a nearby village to try to feed the ruthless, uncaring demon when he had lost his arm from fighting with Inuyasha he decided he would repay her by giving her life back and falling under his protection.

Rin became another companion to the lord, in return he grew very fond of her and in return she became very devoted and loyal to her savior. There on the outskirts of the western lands was a village, an old miko lived there, her name was Kaede. She grew up knowing Inuyasha well since her sister Kikyo was the one who had married him. Kaede had lost one of her eyes in around the time that Naraku, a powerful hanyou who was greedy and wanted to steal the jewel so he could be even more powerful.

This greedy hanyou had tricked Kikyo and her mate/husband he posed as Inuyasha coming to meet Kikyo in a field, and attacking her, thinking that she had the jewel and once he found out that she didn't he ran toward the village to try and find it, Kikyo had thought that Inuyasha had betrayed her, she was going to turn him human so they would be able to have a good happy relationship with each other, and be able to pass away together.

So Kikyo hunted her husband down and in the end pinned him to a tree with an enchanted arrow for years to come, and in return she had been fatally wounded by the imposter that had tricked them and she lost her life. Before the miko had died she told her sister to burn her body with the Shikon jewel so no evil could touch it. Kaede did just that for her beloved sister. Now the old woman had become a wise miko after following her sister's path and defended her village against the demons that should ever come her way.

By the time Kagome finished the book she had fallen asleep, the book was laying over her chest. Her mother had just finished cooking dinner and came up to Kagome's room, gently she opened the door not wanting to disturb her from her studying, but she was quiet upset that the 17-year-old had dozed off reading one of her grandfather's books.


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