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All I want for Christmas by zodiak023


It was six years after Kagome had finished completing the jewel and returned to her own time. She somehow felt as if she didn't belong in this modern time anymore but she had tried to return back to the Feudal Era only to be rejected by the well every time. She had lost everything and everyone who felt like a whole new family to her, even around Lord Sesshomaru who she had considered family. So she did what she only thought was best, throwing her time into her work. She was just now turning 25, but she was the same girl she had been but had filled out quite well.

Her father owned a business of stock and bonds, and Kagome decided to go and throw her life and time into the business, working long hours, going to almost extremes to please their clients, and she pleased her father and continued to surprise him every day. All Kagome ever wanted was a normal life but the impact of her other worldly family that she would never see again had told her she would never be normal. Once her father had told her how extremely proud of her he was, she had begun to manage the company for her father even, but then everything came to tire-squealing, heart wrenching halt, after the accident.

It was Thanksgiving and they were all on their way to the office to celebrate Thanksgiving with their employees and to give them their bonus for Thanksgiving when a car came over into their lane head-on, her father had tried to get as far over on his side the best he could but in the end Kagome's parents never made it out alive, they had died on impact, holding each other's hands.

That's how Kagome remembered it, she always could tell that her parents were still in love with each other as if it were the beginning for them. Her brother Sota had bashed his head into the passenger's window while Kagome had got a cut by the seat in front of her on her forehead and her leg crushed by her mother's seat pushing back onto it. A lawyer had met with her in the hospital explaining that her father had left her the stock and bond business, which was growing wildly and only because Kagome had brought in new clients that loved doing business with her because she was so pleasurable to them.

The employees there loved Kagome and her parents also because they were kind and caring people and the employees got to have a voice in the matter, that and they all had flexible hours and if they ever needed money which they never did because they were paid pretty well, but if they needed it Kagome's father made sure that the employee or that person was helped out, that's how Kagome's father had become a legend. His name was Ryouta Higurashi, well-known even in the U.S. which, thanks to Kagome they were getting clients from the States now.

It had been almost a week after the accident on a Friday, Kagome decided she couldn't handle sitting at home on her first day back home from the hospital and even though she had Sota the house still felt empty, so she decided to call a taxi and go into work. Sota had been back to school already one day, and he managed to get himself into a bunch of trouble, Kagome knew he was acting out because of losing his parents, Kagome had tried to talk to him about his bad boy attitude, but nothing worked.

Last night she slapped him so hard across the face it stung her hand, she yelled at him telling him that he wasn't the only one who had lost their parents that they only had each other now, and Sota had hugged her and apologized but she didn't know if that was the end of his 'bad boy' attitude.

"Ms. Higurashi, we are here," the cab driver announced several times,

"Huh, oh, yeah, sorry, here, keep the change," Kagome giving him a $40 tip, she opened the door and got out slowly with her leg in a cast and with help from crutches she went into the building.

"It's a pleasure to see you back Ms. Higurashi," the desk clerk thankfully.

"Come on Charlie, there's no need for such titles here, it is Kagome, never Ms. Higurashi," Kagome making her way to the elevators,

"I should warn you now your business partner doesn't think like that," the woman behind the desk explained, Kagome stopped in her tracks.

"Excuse me…did you say partner?" Kagome sounding beyond pissed,

"You'll see, he may be eye candy but he is a bit scary," Charlie shuddered,

"Well I will have a talk with this partner of mine," Kagome angry and determined to get to the bottom of whatever was going on. The elevator opened and she walked inside, slamming her fist on the third floor button. Once the elevator opened the doors and she stepped out, everyone started to clap for her returning back to work, she gave them a smile and a wave to them and if her leg wasn't in a cast she would be stomping down to her office, but she settled for quickly making her way to her office. When she opened the door she saw someone on a Bluetooth device.

"Get the hell out of my office! I don't care who you are or how big your ego bubble may be but this is my office, this is my business and you sure as hell have no fucking right to…" Kagome being interrupted, the man showed her a contact signed by her father.



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