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Twisted Fates by sahar

Into the Well

Chapter two

“Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Tokyo, Japan. The local time is 9 am and the temperature is 23 Celsius…”

 As the flight hostess rambled on. All kagome was thinking about was how she actually made it to where she was. After all the sob filled goodbyes, she finally had the courage to head to the airport. The whole flight was somewhat of a daydream to her.

‘Last time I was on a plane was when mom and dad were still alive’ thinking quietly to her self as she made her way to the airports exit, while pushing a cart that had three very large suitcases.

Upon passing the exit door, she slowly scanned the area to look for the driver. Not really knowing how he looked like. All she knew was that he was the personal driver of her father when she was here. So he had to be an older looking man. With that thought in mind she noticed an old, short, and bulky looking man running with his arms wide open towards her.

Thinking out loud “I guess that’s myoga”. Suddenly a pair of arms where wrapped around her.

“Oh my lady kagome I am glad that you made it safely,” said the old man as he pulled away to get a better look at her.

He was a short, very old man. He had grey hair that covered only the sides of his baldhead. His face was covered in wrinkles and worry marks, that came with age. But his eyes were full of youth, as if it held all the magical stories in the world. Smiling slightly at the old man as she said “mister myoga, thank you for picking me up and for being my personal driver while I am here”

She bowed in respect to the elder before her. When she lifted up from the slight bow, his face held a surprised expression, which then turned into an amused chuckle.

“ I see you are very similar to your late mother. Both in beauty and manners”

Blushing furiously, she bowed her head down in embarrassment and said “really mister myoga I didn’t think you were such a womanizer” she laughed at bit when she saw him smirking devilishly.

“Of course not my lady, I was only stating the obvious. Also you can just call me myoga”

Laughing softly, she replied, “Okay, only if you call me kagome”

He gave a quick node as he pushed the cart that had her luggage in, and made their way to an elegant, sleek looking car.

The road to her new home was awfully quite, she tried to make small conversations with myoga, but eventually they both settled for silence. From her seat at the back of the car, she stared in awe at the huge building and the walking people. This was all too different from what she was used to, not to mention she never really interacted with anyone other than her servants at home.

Finally, reaching their destination.

Kagome opened the door in a rush to see her new home for the next 4 years or more. However, her excitement dulled when she was faced with a large gate that led to the villa. Not wanting to seem like a brat, she wouldn’t complain.

The old man carried her luggage to her new home. As they passed the entrance, they were greeted with a breathtaking garden that seemed to surround the whole house. The sakura trees were in full bloom.

‘Well I guess this place isn’t so bad’ thought to herself as she made her way to the wooden front door, the whole house was a pale shade of blue. When the door was finally opened, myoga opened the light switch and moved to the side to make space for his lady to pass by.

The house was not too big as it seemed, but still she would’ve preferred something smaller. To the left was an American style kitchen, and next to it was a small bathroom, along with a small path of stairs that led up stairs. Directly in front of her were two living rooms, one in a traditional Japanese style was on the left and to the right was a western looking one. Turning to myoga she asked softly “how many bedrooms are here?”

He looked at her and answered with confidence “there are two bed rooms, along with a study room. As well as two bathrooms up stairs” he finished his sentence with a smile.

“This is not what I asked for, damn” he was surprised to here the anger in her voice.

“Lady kagome if this is not to your liking I will find a bigger place for you by tomorrow morning” you could here the fear in his voice as he bowed with an apology.

Turning at the sudden fear of the old man, she looked at him with sympathy and guilt as she said “ no myoga this is fine, it’s just that I asked for something smaller. I’m sorry”

She moved forward to the still bowing old man, she held both of his shoulders and lifted him up to look into his eyes before hugging him suddenly.

He was shocked to say the least “please don’t be this way, I am not my father and I never was. So please, I’m sorry. I hope we can still be friends”

Pulling slowly from the girls’ arms, he looked at her with soft, gentle eyes before he stood on his tippy toes to kiss her forehead in a fatherly way. He then quickly made his way to the door.

“If you need anything you have my number. Also, you really are the spitting image of your mother” with that he closed the door on his way out.

Sighing faintly, she tried her best to pull the overly large suitcases up the stairs.


She was finally in bed, tucked under the fluffy silk sheets. She was very proud of herself. After unpacking all of her clothes, which took her half a day. She managed to talk to Sango on the phone before taking a shower, and heading straight to bed. Sango kept nagging at her to go visit her family at their shrine. In the end she gave up and accepted the offer.

“ Nothing could go wrong, right?” said out loud as she yawned tiredly, before drifting off into the world of dreams.


Waking up the next day full of energy. She hoped into the shower and made a light breakfast, since she knew that she would have lunch with sangos family.

From what Sango told her, their house was very near to her current house. However, it only after an hour of walking that she was furious.

“ It’s only around the corner, she said. Oh just you wait Sango, one of these days I’m going to eat you alive…” she kept rambling to herself in anger all the way to the steps of the shikon shrine.

Looking at the never-ending stairs, she let out a groaning sound and she made her way up the steps. When she finally made it, she was breathing for air from her crouched position on the ground. Which wasn’t leaving much to the imagination, she was wearing a somewhat lose fitted cream-colored dress that was cinched at the waist with a brown belt.


Suddenly lifting her head, she saw a small black kitten, with piercing blue eyes. Smiling happily at the feline. She always was a sucker for fluffy animals.

“Hey, kitty” giggling as the cat made its way around her feet and started rubbing against her. She slowly reached down to the cat to pet it, when it ran away and entered a well house of some sort.

Running after the kitten as fast as she can, but she made a sudden stop at the scene in front of her.

The kitten was standing on the rim of a wooden well.

“Here kitty kitty kitty” said kagome while slowly rising her arms, so that she might catch the cat from falling, and possibly dying.

Swiftly the kitten turned its body and leapt into the well. Just as the cat was falling, kagome miraculously caught it. However, the dirt covered ground made her lose her balance, they both fell into the depth of the well.



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