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Twisted Fates by sahar

New beginnings


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story they all belong to Rumiko Takahashi


Chapter one

  A small slender figure stood facing a wide widow, clenching onto a piece of paper for dear life as if her whole future depended on it. Glancing down at the collage acceptance form all she could think of was the life she would be leaving behind. Although, she had no family left but there were people close enough for her to call family, but she needed a change of scenery and couldn’t bare the way this house made her feel.

Setting down the paper on the small table near the window, she made her way to the chair next to it. Sitting down with a huff she couldn’t help herself from remembering the tragedies that made her who she was today.

Growing up she was a very cheerful happy child, even if she preferred to stay indoors it was her favorite time of the day when she would sit down with her mother and she would read her various types of books, from fairytales to historical ones. Her eyes would gleam with joy as she stared at her mother with admiration; she was the most beautiful woman she ever laid eyes on, at least from what she recalled.

It wasn’t until she was 13 that she started to notice her fathers’ sharp temper and how badly he treated her mother, but that didn’t last for long. She remembers it clearly the loud noises accruing downstairs it was the same every night. Shutting her eyes tightly as she tried to cover her ears with the pillow their shouts overlapping, a sudden gunshot made her freeze in shock. She slowly pealed off her light purple blanket slowly opening the door with a creek; she could feel her heart beating loudly in her chest as she walked on the wooden surface that led to the stairs. Before she made it to the last step she glanced to her right noticing her mothers still body on the ground with her face facing away from her. Making her way slowly to her mother’s corpse with teary eyes. Her gaze lifted from her mother to the figure holding the gun, in shock she looked at her father with tear filled eyes, and all he could offer her was a sorrowful smile as he pulled the trigger to his own head and shot.

Looking back at that memory she though ‘how could they both leave me’ letting out a long sigh she stood up from where she sat and headed to the bathroom near her bedroom. After the tragedy of her parents she had this huge mansion to herself, she didn’t see the use of all this space so she settled in the eastern suite. Water dripped of her face as she stared at herself in the mirror; blue orbs staring back at her and all she could think about were her mother’s eyes. 

However, along the 5 years that have passed she moved on and healed, she had no other relatives that wanted anything to do with her, plus they were all overseas and couldn’t handle raising a 13 year old at that time. It didn’t matter she had the servants at the mansion that took care of her for all of these years and treated her as a part of their family, as did she. It was one of the maids named Sango that gave her the idea to go study abroad in japan. She would tell her of how the people there were nice and of the scenery that is breathtaking, and how her family there would help her out if she ever needed anything.

‘I guess she has a point, I can’t live my whole life locked up in this place’ she thought to herself as she heard a subtle knock on the door.

“Yes, come in,” said Kagome with a soft voice, as she peaked her head out of the bathroom.

Relieved to find Sango at the door with a tray of tea, she smiled at her friend as she made her way to the table, only to notice the paper that was laid there. She quickly placed the tray and picked the form up then spun to kagome with a wide smile.

“KAGOME, why didn’t you let me know that you got accepted” chirped Sango as she made her way to her friend and hugged her tightly before pulling away and looking at her friend that showed a sign of hesitation in her smile.

“I don’t know Sango I’ve never traveled alone, plus living alone seems like a scary idea”

“Look kagome” she said as she pulled her to sit on the chair that was in front of the window as she settled herself on the chair near her while handing her the tea from the tray “you need this, you can get to meet new people and make friends all while getting to know another culture”

Kagome sat in silence as she listened to what her friend was telling, letting it seep in.

“ Plus, you can’t keep a sweet thang like you locked up from the world” jokingly saying as she wiggled her eyebrows at her friend.

Kagome stared at her friend with a smile on her lips, when suddenly they burst into laughter.

“Oh Sango you really crack me up” giggled as she wiped that tears that formed from laughter. After a couple of minutes the chuckles settled down, kagome then looked at her friend with a gleam of sadness as she said, “I’m really going to miss you ”

As they sat in sudden silence Sango clapped her hands together “well I guess we need to get you ready then, first we need to find you a place to stay in and book your flight, after that I’ll contact my family in case you need help with something, oh and…” as she drabbled on as if talking to herself more than addressing kagome.

Staring out the window that looked upon the green lush landscape of the countryside of France, she stood up and headed towards the phone. Picking it up with determination.

“Hello, this is princess Kagome Higurashi I would like to make a reservation for a flight to Tokyo”

She then called the number of her fathers assistant so that he can find an appropriate place for her to stay in while she was there, she made sure to tell him that she wanted it not too big, but big enough that she would be comfortable in. with the click from the phone as she ended her call she turned facing Sango with a soft smile.

“Japan here I come”



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