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Through the looking mirror by zodiak023


Kagome was just turning 16 years old, but she wasn’t just a normal 16-year-old. Most girls would get up in the mornings before school started grab a shower, do their hair, worry over matching their lipstick to whatever preppy outfit they had hung out the night before, then eat and go brush their teeth and make sure their makeup was perfect. No, Kagome for one hated mirrors. She had no self-esteem and didn’t care what others thought about her.

So today was like any other day, she got up, showered, dried off, applied black eyeliner to her eyes and black mascara to her eyelashes while looking into a tiny compact mirror, and went to her closet to pick out a pair of Tripp pants and a red tie up velvet long sleeve shirt, though it was mid spring and getting warmer outside. Yes, Kagome Higurashi was gothic, she believed her very soul was black, just an endless darkness. She finally came downstairs and ate the pancakes her father had made.

“Kagome, I don’t understand why you dress like you do. Maybe if your mother was here she could have shown you how beautiful you are.” her father explained.

“She isn’t dad, some drunk dumbass hit her car and killed her. It’s not good to dwell on if mother was here because she isn’t. Besides, I can move more freely in these clothes and these pants have deep pockets to hide things in.” Kagome fixing her food the way she wanted it and scarfing it down before she had to listen to another lecture from her father, or worse her grandfather.

“You better not be taking anymore knives to school. Just because I train you to protect yourself doesn’t mean you can pick fights with the biggest boys in school!” her father getting upset.

“Would you like to check my pockets and my book bag? I got nothing on me dad.” Kagome throwing her hands up,

“Just finish getting ready and try not to get suspended again.” her father shouted as she was already halfway back up the stairs. Finally, after brushing her teeth she put her black lipstick on, checking to make sure her eyes and her lipstick was perfect with her compact mirror she was ready. She grabbed her purple and black book bag and ran downstairs.

Her grandfather was talking to her father when he looked at Kagome, he took in her style of living, jet black hair except with a few bright purple and bright red streaks running through it, a silver skeleton cross necklace around her neck, red velvet long sleeve shirt with a low V-neck that tied up, large baggy black Tripp pants with purple straps crisscrossing and hanging in the back, and large black combat thick heeled boots that zipped up to her knees underneath the pants that he could only see the toe of.

“Kagome, this is a shrine! You come from a long line of mikos and you dishonor your family by dressing like a demon! Please, son, won’t you do anything about this child?” her grandfather asked her.

“Whatever.” Kagome shoving a brown bagged lunch in her book bag as she grabbed her skateboard,

“Be careful on that thing will you?” her father sighed,

“Sure dad.” Kagome running out with her bag strap slung over her neck and chest, and her skateboard in hand. She placed her skateboard down and took off on the sidewalk, when she came to the 20 stairs that led up to the shrine from the street she didn’t bother stopping or slowing down, she jumped her board and went sailing through the air and landed on the sidewalk next to the actual road, she looked at the stairs and shook her head. Again she took off, found a car with a good bumper to hang onto as she illegally got a free ride while riding her skateboard.

This was an everyday thing for her, switching car bumpers until she made it to school. She skated right up to the door of the school where she stopped her board and kicked it up and caught it so she wouldn’t have to bend down to pick it up. Kagome wasn’t lazy, no, underneath those baggy clothes she wore, her body was pure muscle. Abs of steel, strong legs with calf muscles most guys would drool over. Kagome had an evil grin on her face as she thought back to what her father had said about picking fights with the biggest guys at school as she walked to her locker. She hadn’t picked the fight that she recalled, it was a football jerk bullying some nerd out of his lunch money, she may not have had any self-esteem but she stood up for those who were getting picked on in school. She knew about things similar to bullying but her problem was herself.

Kagome reached up for a book in her locker and her sleeve slipped down showing her wrist, she quickly grabbed the book and shoved it in her bag as she pulled her sleeve down to hide the self-mutilated scars and scabs on her wrist. She finally made it to class and took her spot in the back next to the window. Her black hair gleamed in the morning sun coming through the window, making her bright purple and bright red highlights in her black hair stand out. Soon the other kids started coming in, Kagome paid them no mind as she slouched in her chair and picked at her cuticles with her butterfly knife. Kagome knew the kids were talking about her for the first two minutes but over time she had just learned to tune them out.

“Why don’t you wear the school uniform?” a preppy girl asked Kagome, Kagome cut her eyes at the girl,

“Because I’m afraid I might stain it with blood.” Kagome explained in a serious tone. The preppy girl scrunched her nose up and turned around and left Kagome alone. Even the teachers didn’t bother her anymore, she did her homework every day and aced every test, not because the teachers were afraid to fail her but because she was smart enough to learn it from the book. Today was going to be completely different though, Kagome had a feeling wash over her from the time she had entered the school.

When she got to Math class her teacher was one she had never seen before, tall, blond hair in a low ponytail, glasses, sharp jaw bones, manicured nails trimmed, and in a long sleeve white button up shirt with what looked like the outline of a tank top underneath it, and black slacks with shoes that if he looked down he could probably see his own reflection in them. It wasn’t hard to tell that the man was skinny, and she bother wondering if he was fit or not underneath his clothes, she just glanced at him, avoiding eye contact, figuring that he was just another prep and he would probably leave her alone like the other teacher.

The man felt eyes on him though, as if boring holes into his skin, when he glanced up though his small black framed glasses and saw a few students, only one stood out, the girl who wasn’t wearing a school uniform but who looked like death warmed over. Yes, there were eyes on him but not her eyes, she seemed disinterested while the few girls already having took their seats were eyeing him and whispering and giggling over him. Kagome had taken her usual seat next to the wall in the back, but she could feel the teacher’s eyes boring into her skin now,

~Great, just what I need, a new teacher to ask me all these stupid questions. Can’t anyone just leave me the fuck alone? ~ Kagome thought to herself as she wanted to groan. As she sat down she dug through her bag and found a notebook and a pencil, not to take notes but to draw, and soon class started.

“Good morning class, I will be taking Mr. Kenji’s place while he is away. My name is Mr. Takashi.” the tall man explained as he wrote it in chalk on the very top of the board. Kagome heard most of the girl’s giggling and whispering to each other that he was so hot and dreamy, she just rolled her eyes and wondered how many of the girls would be asking for him to tutor them one on one after class. Class went on as per usual until,

“Kagome, please come up to the board and solve this equation.” The teacher announced. Kagome heard her name, she paused her doodling and cut her eyes up at the board and then to the teacher.

“Pick someone else.” Kagome sounding bored as she went back to the drawing,

“I can do it Mr. Takashi.” a sick and sweet girly voice echoing the room walls,

“I have already made my choice, Ms. Higurashi. You are bored of listening so it should give you something to do for a few minutes.” Mr. Takashi’s brown eyes piercing her brown eyes. Kagome’s anger rose a little, as her miko powers leaked out,

~A miko, how interesting. I wonder if she knows anything of demons. ~ the teacher thought to himself as the miko walked toward him. He handed her a piece of chalk, when she took it from his perfectly manicured nails their tips of their fingers touched, sending a jolt of energy through them, Kagome made no interest in their accidental touch. She looked at the equation, she licked her black lips and let out a breath and began solving the equation. Her sleeve slid down again but she didn’t want to draw attention to it so she went on to solving the problem. After she was done she put the chalk down in the holder on the board as she slid her sleeve back down over the scars and scabs,

“Anything else I can help you with, Mr. Takashi?” Kagome asked with a smart ass attitude.

“As a matter of fact, there is, since you have correctly answered the equation, please explain to the rest of the class how you arrived at your answer.” Mr. Takashi wanting to put her in her place as he almost had a tiny smile on his lips.

“Its all there in black and white!” Kagome gritting her teeth, Mr. Takashi stepped aside,

“You and I both know how to answer this equation, however I am sure the rest of the class does not know.” Mr. Takashi challenging her.

“Fine, I am only going to show you once so everyone listen up.” Kagome turning to the board and explaining in the step by step process she had done to get to her answer, she turned, avoided looking at Mr. Takashi since she thought he was a teacher from hell, and took her seat and went back to drawing.

A few minutes later the teacher came around and handed her a pop quiz, letting out a tiny bit of his demonic aura. Kagome put her pencil down, but did not let on that she felt his aura, he knew it was supposed to be him as the teacher but she had drawn him as a demon probably because that’s what she saw him as for making her get up in front of the whole class since he had heard a few students talking bad about her.

“Good likeness of the western Lord Sesshomaru.” Mr. Takashi taking note of every detail she had drawn on the paper. Kagome shrugged as she shoved the notebook away and slid the test in front of her, he moved on to pass out the other student’s quiz. He hoped he would feel fear pouring from her just by her sensing his aura, but only a sense of confusion and a hint of interest came from her aura.

~So she does not fear me but has no idea who I am, interesting indeed.~ the teacher thought to himself.

~What was that? ~ Kagome thought to herself, she glanced at her drawing, she didn’t bother to tell him that she had drew him but only portrayed him as a demon since she thought he was a teacher from hell, making her get up in front of everyone like that. He had said something about her drawing looking like the western lord, Lord Sesshomaru. Maybe he had a thing for history just like she did, but the thing was, Lord Sesshomaru was just a myth or so her history book depicted. She loved history herself, the only subject she even cared for really besides lifting weights in gym class.

Finally pushing her thoughts aside, she was able to focus on her pop quiz and turn it in. Lunch was next and she couldn’t wait to get away from this teacher who in her eyes was a demon from hell, he was just like those preps who talked bad about her. The bell rang for class to let out, Kagome already had her notebook packed up and jumped up from her seat, there were four girls already crowding his desk,

~Now’s my chance. ~ Kagome thought, she was at the door when Mr. Takashi called her name, she winced and stopped, she mumbled to herself and turned around,

“What could you possibly want now?” Kagome huffed, all the girls looked at her as if she had grown a second head, since she was talking to the hottest teacher in their school like that.

“Excuse us ladies.” Mr. Takashi shooing the other girls from his desk, as they walked by her each one called her a different name,





Kagome just rolled her eyes at them, she stood by the door for a quick getaway, and hear came those questions she never liked answering over and over again.

“Why is it you refuse to wear the school uniform and refuse to participate in class Ms. Higurashi?” Mr. Takashi asked as he sat on the corner of his desk,

“Because I really don’t give a fuck about impressing anyone with my mind and I am not going to wear some uniform that a sexiest pig of a man came up with. Can I go now?” Kagome grounded out.

“Perhaps, though I think you need some discipline for your poor attitude and your anger issues.” Mr. Takashi explained,

“Thank you for your suggestion but I’ve got a trainer already.” Kagome seriously as she turned to walk out.

“They are not training you very well then.” Mr. Takashi taking a verbal jab at her, trying to spur more fire from her, Kagome sucked in her bottom lip and bit it, she turned her head and looked through her bangs at him.

“My father and my grandfather are the best teachers in the world and I advise you not to say another bad thing about my trainers.” Kagome’s miko powers rising again, he pushed his demonic aura out a little more.

“You need mediation; anger will not get you far in life.” Mr. Takashi coolly explained.

“Maybe I don’t plan on getting far in life.” Kagome mumbled as she quickly left the room. Mr. Takashi stared at the doorway, he could read between the lines and her body language and the fact she had scars and scabs on her wrist that he had seen only a glimpse of since she quickly hid them under her long sleeve shirt. She was silent about her life but he could tell she had no self-esteem, no desire to live her life, and she cut herself just to feel…something. Mr. Takashi wondered what caused this to happen to this miko, they were supposed to be pure and innocent humans but she seemed as if she were missing something. He had smelt two different scents on her besides her own wild cherry blossom and a slight woodsy forest scent, they were both male, one far older than the other and both carried similar scents meaning they were her family.

~She never said anything about her mother. ~ Mr. Takashi thought back to their conversation as he raised a brow. Maybe that was because she was the way she was, she wanted to make what family she did have left proud of her but she wanted to keep being her own person. Surely she wanted different things than her father and grandfather wanted for her.

And a father’s love was so much different than that of a mother’s love. A father was supposed to train any child or pup to be strong and to fight to best everyone else while give proper discipline and love, and a mother was supposed to help balance out a father’s love with nurturing, loving, encouraging her child or pup with words to boost the child’s or pup’s confidence and self-esteem and to show the child or pup affection, to show and prove to them that they were wanted and very much loved. For a girl not to have a mother, it must be really hard, Mr. Takashi felt almost sorry for Kagome because it seemed like she was always alone with no one to talk to about anything.


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