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Natalia (Chapter 1) - Wed 13 Sep 2017

My mistake was believing you had only blind love!

How pleasantly surprised I was to see your other works!

This particular work shocked me to the core! I had tears in my eyes for the entire time I was reading!

Absolutely beautiful and touching and so just human!

I thank you for writing this! I can't properly express my feelings, it's too much! It's a masterpiece!

My grandparents survived the war, but the horrors they told me about... I am glad and grateful it ended and...

My grandma uses to say that there is no worst animal than human. 

We humans have the capability for love and goodness but we have it for evil, unfortunately, it's in human nature!

You showed humanity at its worst and also spilled light on it!

Thx for sharing this! It goes to my fav and I will reread it with pleasure!

A deep bow toward you!

DemonicAngel91 (Chapter 1) - Fri 28 Jul 2017

Out of all the fanfictions, I have read this year, I think this is one of the best-written ones, as well thought out stories. I loved it all. You must have to do your research as well. I think I love this story. The cross between fiction and facts was great. I laughed and cried and wanted to just cuddle the characters sometimes.

MadCheshireRabbit (Chapter 1) - Tue 27 Jun 2017

In school we have to read The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and can I just say that, that entire book didn't move as much as this fanfic did. You should trun it into an original story and publish it because omg! 

Loveyaa (Chapter 1) - Sat 14 Jan 2017

This is an amazing tale. I like how you deal with emotion and keep the story moving. I'm a sucker for a happy ending and you made everybody work for one. I can't wait to see what other stories you come up with next :)

Toni (Chapter 1) - Sat 01 Oct 2016

i just finished this story and it was amazing - you are a very gifted writer

Nisha (Chapter 1) - Thu 14 Jul 2016

I've been a member of Dokuga for awhile now ... and I've read many, many stories - but this is the first story that I felt I needed to comment upon:  Well done ... very... well...done.

Thank you.

DarkArtsWithPurity (Chapter 1) - Fri 22 Apr 2016

This is honestly a really beautiful story, retelling the holocaust and the struggles dealing with it. I really love this. I was on the brink of tears the whole time and even resigned myself to a sad ending but you changed that. This is beautiful work, I thank you for posting this, even ilthough it was not meant for me.

Katrina Kee (Chapter 1) - Mon 04 Jan 2016

So wonderful! I cannot seem to stop crying!!!

Infidel (Chapter 1) - Sat 19 Dec 2015

Thank you for writing this.  It was beautiful.

Eris (Chapter 1) - Mon 07 Dec 2015

Absolutely wonderful!   Touched more than words can describe. 

Aerinyth (Chapter 1) - Sun 08 Nov 2015

I cried. Such a good story. I wanted to stop reading when it seemed like you killed off Sesshomaru, but I'm like, nope. Gotta see. Gotta hope and oooh it was just so good. The part where she was like FIRST AND ONLY CHIIILD and then produces several was beautiful

Kira (Chapter 1) - Tue 03 Nov 2015

I just want to say that this story is wonderful.  I can't really put into words what I'm thinking it was that good. And i won't lie you had me crying at the end. Really thank you for sharing this.

Rachael (Chapter 1) - Thu 29 Oct 2015

I just have to say; 

This was one of the most eloquentry written stories I have ever read. The way that you paint these vivid pictures with your words is absolutely breathtaking.  I am there in this story. I feel Kagome'spain. I see how her eyes are sunken in. I can feel the gust of cold winter air on my cheek.


Brava, my dear. Brava tutti!!

Lana (Chapter 1) - Mon 26 Oct 2015

Oh, wow!  Amazing story, I loved every moment of it! I am a history lover and while WWII was never my favorite part of history, partly due to the atrocities that took place. I find myself drawn to stories and documentaries about that time because I want to understand why it happened. I feel that your story took just a small snippet of that time and placed Sess and Kag in a situation that brought to life what people went through and how they were able to go on with their lives afterward. Please keep up the fantastic work and I would love to see more from you! 

Kat (Chapter 1) - Mon 26 Oct 2015

That was Beautiful.  Thank you for shairing it with all of us.

Tarajah (Chapter 1) - Sun 25 Oct 2015

One of the most beautifully written stories on this site!  Thank you

Nicole (Chapter 1) - Sun 25 Oct 2015

Beautifully written. 

Marie (Chapter 1) - Sat 24 Oct 2015

I don't know when you wrote this story but the detail and information  you put into it moved me to tears. I like to think this a true story and not all the lives that made it out of that genocide  their very life snuffed out by their suffering.  This is indeed a beautiful  story and deserves to be shared with many.

FayeMegan (Chapter 1) - Sat 24 Oct 2015

A great read and a harrowing tale. Thank you so much for sharing it here with us!

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 1) - Fri 23 Oct 2015

Thank you so much for posting this gorgeous tale here.  What an incredibly beautiful, moving, well-crafted story.  I got goosebumps, I sniffled, and I loved every minute of it.  The details, the history, but most of all the moving speech by Kagome at the end... so very wise and so true!  Congratulations on this masterpiece, m'dear... and if you ever want someone to comb through it for typos and such, just let me know, 'k?  I don't have much time these days, but for this beauty, I'd glad make some!



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