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hana sora (Chapter 4) - Wed 22 Jul 2015

Oke we need more!! ;)

No Uta (Chapter 4) - Tue 21 Jul 2015

Omg lololololol  @ Sesshomaru jabbing Kagome in the ribs with his yokai in the middle of such an important meeting between clans! What a flippin hoot! Oh and inu papa is loving every minute of it all as is Inuyasha. I've greatly enjoyed their interaction in this chapter. Can't wait until all hell breaks loose when Kagome realizes who her husband to be is bahahahaha.

sonja hand (Chapter 4) - Tue 21 Jul 2015

Loved it

Nenyanna (Chapter 4) - Tue 21 Jul 2015

This story is amazing thus far!  Keep up the good work!

Saiya (Chapter 4) - Tue 21 Jul 2015

So Awsome Poor Kagome Fluffys Plotting her Down fall marriege.

Haven Himori (Chapter 3) - Thu 09 Jul 2015

I feel bad for what he's going to do to Kagome. 

Loveyaa (Chapter 3) - Mon 01 Jun 2015

I can't wait to see Kagome's reaction. I never really understood how marriages made sure that the war stopped. Everybody whould be in for an...entertaining time. I also was wondering about Kedakai's mate, if it was Sesshoumaru's mother or Inuyasha's mother. I can't wait to see what happens next :) 

hana sora (Chapter 3) - Fri 29 May 2015

Why not inu no taisho as inuyasha and sesshomaru's father?

Blommie8 (Chapter 3) - Fri 29 May 2015
What is it? I like your sesshy here. Please update soon.

Saiya (Chapter 3) - Thu 28 May 2015

That was AWSOME I Love Sesshomaru's Beast the Beast know's What he's Talkin About!!!

Jade (Chapter 3) - Thu 28 May 2015

I'm loving this.

Didie (Chapter 3) - Thu 28 May 2015

Interesting... very interesting... Can't wait for Kagome's reaction! lol

Well, I hope he doesn't brutally tormented (or mutilated? lol) Kagome after their marriage and mating! 'And, of course, the wife will bear many children, blah blah blah..' indeed *evil smirk* hope you do just that...hohohoho...

Can't wait to read more! Good luck to write them!

Kimiko-chan (Chapter 3) - Thu 28 May 2015

*still laughing hard* oohh sesshoumaru's reaction.. Was... So... hm.. Amusing.. XD  and that something a little bit off.. Maybe inu no taisho's mate? I meant is it izayoi or sesshou's mother.. Just a guess.. Hahaha. Anyways, pleasee continue!! ^^ and .. Happy so.. very early birthdayy!! *poppers* XD

bri (Chapter 2) - Wed 20 May 2015

Loved it!!! Can't wait till they both hear the news!!!!

merrrcurius (Chapter 2) - Wed 13 May 2015

This is amazing! Can't wait for more!

Blommie8 (Chapter 2) - Sun 10 May 2015
Intersting!! This the first fic that put midoriko as a mother to kikyou and kagome. Hope for the next chappi soon..

Saiya (Chapter 2) - Sat 09 May 2015

MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA(coughsnorthack)hahahahahaha That was DAMN AWSOME.

hana sora (Chapter 2) - Sat 09 May 2015
Update soon!!

Scar (Chapter 2) - Sat 09 May 2015

I'm intrigued by this plot line >:)

Brianna (Chapter 2) - Sat 09 May 2015

I'm excited for thisz story some real potential here:)

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