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Nicole (Chapter 14) - Sat 04 Nov 2017

More please!!!!

Leahchan13 (Chapter 14) - Wed 27 Sep 2017

This fic is just wonderful! I love the intense stuff that is happening! I'm not good at wording things but I just wanted to let you know I'm REALLY enjoying this! :D

Nikole Lamey (Chapter 14) - Thu 07 Sep 2017

Please update soon. Love your work.

Loveyaa (Chapter 14) - Sun 20 Aug 2017

And it was just starting to get good. So many questions about Kagome's past. Is Sesshoumaru's punishment over? Why has destiny tied them together. Your stories have a way of drawing you in and I can't wait to see what happens next time :) (in any of them)

stephanie (Chapter 14) - Mon 17 Jul 2017

Such a great story! <3

Leticia (Chapter 14) - Mon 17 Jul 2017

I'm glad you were able to update and I look forward to the next one where Kagome will hopefully beat up Kouga.

Yuichi (Chapter 14) - Sun 16 Jul 2017

I love this story please keep writing it it catches attention very well

Sarah (Chapter 14) - Sat 15 Jul 2017

Great chapter and story all around can't wait for your next update

Kae (Chapter 14) - Fri 14 Jul 2017

Hi! Glad to see this updated! I"m not sure what to enthuse about in this chapter, so I'll just say I loved it all!

Natalia (Chapter 14) - Fri 14 Jul 2017

Whew!  That was intense! I am so happy you decided for her to save herself! Finding her inner strength! Yay! And koga the jerk needs to pay, somehow I never liked him so... But the lady was awesome! 

Thx for updating!

P.s. I was literally thinking about you., I planed on writing you an email and see how you are doing, when tada you updated!

Thx for spoiling us, gone to read the next chapters!

LaDonna (Chapter 14) - Thu 13 Jul 2017

The suspense is killing me

Marie (Chapter 14) - Thu 13 Jul 2017

i have waited for tjis update and am more than happt with tour work.  i cant wait for the next chgapter. 

Dedge (Chapter 14) - Thu 13 Jul 2017

Happy to see you back!!!! Can't wait to read more of your stories.

Zinhle (Chapter 13) - Thu 13 Jul 2017

please update this story please. i have been reading it for a long time now.

Kinkyfairy33 (Chapter 13) - Tue 20 Jun 2017

You are killing me smalls! I have waited for an update and get this?? It's fantastic and i'm dying! Update quickly, please!

Leahchan13 (Chapter 13) - Wed 17 May 2017

Noooooo~ I'm out of chapters! :'( This story is so gosh darn good I need to know what happens next so badly!

blueanimegeek (Chapter 13) - Fri 28 Apr 2017

Eeeep! Can't wait to find out what happens next! I'm sure Kagome will be saved!!

Susy V (Chapter 13) - Thu 27 Apr 2017

Whoa! Now that was quite a chapter! I feel bad for Kagome. Poor girl had his back after all the grief he gave her. And the 180 Sessh did was amazing! He went from regal to begging real quick. Can't blame him, his life was on the line, but I want to see InuMama come and see him. I mean, ultimately, it's her fault. 

AngelMomma101 (Chapter 13) - Sun 23 Apr 2017

This was so exciting to read! I can hardly wait for the next chapter to be released... will his mom come and inadvertently save Kagome? She did change into her true form when she saw that Koga's wolves were attacking the village that Sho was is through the mirror so im assuming that she is on her way there.... I am on the edge of my seat here!!

Keep up up the amazing work that you do.

Catherine (Chapter 13) - Sun 23 Apr 2017

OOOOH!!!! CLIFFHANGER~ I REEAAALLY hope that Kagome lives and gets together with Sesshy in da end~~ *wink wink* (*COUGH COUGH if you get what i mean COUGH COUGH*)

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