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Cherry (Chapter 5) - Fri 23 Jun 2017

I llike how you roll! Very sexy glimpse of his baser self. I like it!

iin (Chapter 23) - Sun 18 Jun 2017

Such a sexy way to celebrate....I'm waiting the triller....

Sessygurl (Chapter 23) - Sun 18 Jun 2017

That was hot! Looks like Sesshoumaru  is feeling more for her than we thought. I cant wait for another sparing match. I loved the squabbling between Inu and Sess. I hope we see mire of Touga as well. You got me hooked. I love a good dance scene. Thanks for the update.

Delcena (Chapter 1) - Sun 18 Jun 2017

Your story has come a long way and I have grown attached to it. I always wait in anticipation to see where you will take it and where you will take your characters. I hope that they do get justice for Kikyo soon!


Toni (Chapter 23) - Sun 18 Jun 2017

love it  keep yhe chapters coming 

candy (Chapter 23) - Sun 18 Jun 2017

Wow that sex looks more like lovemaking to me. So are you going to make there pups whole or half demons? I got hot from that sex they had. Please keep going.

sonja hand (Chapter 23) - Sun 18 Jun 2017

Well written. Loved it. 

Natalia (Chapter 23) - Sun 18 Jun 2017

Well this certainly was more romantic and deeper! I can see their growth and the seems closer! Not as rushed as the earlier ones! It's fitting! Thx for updating! I enjoyed it!

Anna Grey (Chapter 23) - Sun 18 Jun 2017

I love the part when Sesshou ate Kagome out, it's really hot and passionate, you should do this more often *wink wink*. And I love you even more for updating so fast, idk, 2 chapters in 1 week? Go girl!!!!

Sessygurl (Chapter 22) - Fri 16 Jun 2017

I didn't think this chapter was boring. I thought it filled in a bunch of blanks about Kagome's power . This was like a filler chapter and I for one really liked it. I thought it was well thought out and I can't wait for more.

Anna Grey (Chapter 22) - Fri 16 Jun 2017

I love your fic more and more after every chapter. Kag has become stronger, and so does her relationship with Sessho, though I hope there would be more SessKag's moments in next updates... Thanks!!!

Natalia (Chapter 22) - Fri 16 Jun 2017

Ah training and the envelope. Necessary! We had to know! Thx for updating can't wait to see more! I expect the reaction of both fathers!

P.s you changed your penname? Nice!

iin (Chapter 22) - Fri 16 Jun 2017

Congrats to kagome...thanks for update...

Scar (Chapter 22) - Fri 16 Jun 2017



Great chapter hun!! 


I just love their banter back and forth, It gives me warm and fuzzies. 

Natalia (Chapter 21) - Mon 12 Jun 2017

Dun dun dun! What will happen next? Thx for the teaser! It got me curious!

iin (Chapter 21) - Sun 11 Jun 2017

aw...the thriller....such a teaser....let's me guess, it's Naraku and the gank...hem...

Sessygurl (Chapter 21) - Sun 11 Jun 2017

Ooo so good, I cannot wait for the next chapter.

Sessygurl (Chapter 20) - Sat 03 Jun 2017

Love the changes.

Sessygurl (Chapter 20) - Sat 03 Jun 2017

Thanks for the update. I think there needs to be a little bit more interaction with Kagome and Sesshomaru with her powers. I mean there's a little bit of explanation about her powers but I think we are needing a little bit more background on why she came to think or able to control her powers with the earrings. Maybe some more research on her family lineage and Sesshomaru lineage as well we'll have a little bit more impact on the story. Other than that I love the chemistry between Sesshomaru and Kagome that is developing in the story. Lastly I'm surprised that Kagome didn't ask Sesshoumaru what Inuasha meant about about the miko comment about him calling the kettle black so to say.

Natalia (Chapter 20) - Fri 02 Jun 2017

It was a nice chapter don't worry! Lots of information! The plot is thickening! Thx for updating!

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