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ashley (Chapter 25) - Sat 10 Feb 2018

I hope you update soon it’s been a long time! Please don’t give up on this story 

iin (Chapter 25) - Mon 07 Aug 2017

Sorry, is this chapter a past story about Sango parents? before they had car accident? oh I hope you can update more often but I can understand your busy schedule..

Sessygurl (Chapter 25) - Mon 07 Aug 2017

Now that Kagome is  coming into her powers then it means that the Jewel will be activated which will of course draw out Naraku. She will definitely need more training ;-)

Natalia (Chapter 25) - Mon 07 Aug 2017

Just teased my curiosity! Thx for updating! I hope nothing bad will happen!


Charlotte Loraine (Chapter 16) - Sun 23 Jul 2017

Loved this chapter! Everything is coming together beautifully! 

Sessygurl (Chapter 24) - Sat 22 Jul 2017

They just dropped the bomb. Im happy she finally did it. Love where this is going.  Thanks for the  update. 

Skylar (Chapter 24) - Fri 21 Jul 2017

That ending had me giggling! Great work! 

Anxious to see what happens next!

Charlotte Loraine (Chapter 9) - Fri 07 Jul 2017

Great chapter! I wonder what went on with Kagura and Sesshomaru? Hmm. Lol. 

Charlotte Loraine (Chapter 6) - Thu 06 Jul 2017

Uh ohhhhhhh! Can't wait to see what happens between them!

Charlotte Loraine (Chapter 5) - Thu 06 Jul 2017

Love it! I love how you made Sango's character attracted to Kagome! Really well written 

Charlotte Loraine (Chapter 1) - Thu 06 Jul 2017

Really liking this story so far! Can't wait to see if Kagome will keep her composure or not! 

iin (Chapter 24) - Thu 06 Jul 2017

Kagome's father so childish...hi..hi...hi..a kinda a big baby...hi..hi...

Anonymous (Chapter 24) - Wed 05 Jul 2017

The irony is kagome getting independent chapter on 4th of july 

Natalia (Chapter 24) - Mon 03 Jul 2017

ah the dinner! it was nice! and i liked how her dad kept freaking out and her mom put him in place!

thx for the update! i liked it!

Cherry (Chapter 5) - Fri 23 Jun 2017

I llike how you roll! Very sexy glimpse of his baser self. I like it!

iin (Chapter 23) - Sun 18 Jun 2017

Such a sexy way to celebrate....I'm waiting the triller....

Sessygurl (Chapter 23) - Sun 18 Jun 2017

That was hot! Looks like Sesshoumaru  is feeling more for her than we thought. I cant wait for another sparing match. I loved the squabbling between Inu and Sess. I hope we see mire of Touga as well. You got me hooked. I love a good dance scene. Thanks for the update.

Delcena (Chapter 1) - Sun 18 Jun 2017

Your story has come a long way and I have grown attached to it. I always wait in anticipation to see where you will take it and where you will take your characters. I hope that they do get justice for Kikyo soon!


Toni (Chapter 23) - Sun 18 Jun 2017

love it  keep yhe chapters coming 

candy (Chapter 23) - Sun 18 Jun 2017

Wow that sex looks more like lovemaking to me. So are you going to make there pups whole or half demons? I got hot from that sex they had. Please keep going.

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