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Candie (Chapter 19) - Sat 16 May 2020

Pleeeease tell me you are still working on this!

LovemeUsui (Chapter 19) - Sun 03 May 2020

Oh man I can't wait for more

Lorena (Chapter 19) - Thu 23 Apr 2020

I miss this story. I'm equally eager to read both pov's, they're just so captivating

Lumiere (Chapter 19) - Sun 08 Mar 2020

Uuuu.... hot chocolate melted butter salted caramel fudge! !!!

This is so hot and steamyand lemony and smut! 

Love it! Thank you for this beautiful smutty story! 

Love and kisses! 

ashley (Chapter 19) - Wed 08 Jan 2020

I just really love your stories!!! OMG, I just really enjoy all that you write and I look forward to seeing new updates soon I hope!!


Happy New Years !!!

Lorena (Chapter 19) - Sun 01 Dec 2019

I'm living for Sesshomaru's pov, mainly because this is very "him" while still keeping true to his character... can I applaud his strength? I feel like a lesser demon would've "handled business" regardless of the company. Plus- I agree with the observation of INUYASHA, he does not display alpha material in anything but strength and even then he isnt really keeping the group in mind 

LadyoftheLemons (Chapter 19) - Wed 20 Nov 2019

Oh yes yes yes

KShadeslady (Chapter 19) - Wed 30 Oct 2019

Nicely played Sesshomaru! You cunning dog! Nice update! Thank you!

hw (Chapter 19) - Tue 29 Oct 2019

Woohoo! Thanks for the new chapter! It was so good (as usual). Sneaky Sesshoumaru! I knew he wouldn't be able to wait until nighttime to whisk Kagome away. I feel a little bad for InuYasha but not much. hehehe!

Lauren (Chapter 19) - Sun 27 Oct 2019

Clever Sess could not wait any more and devised a plan to murder an innocent demon? I am completely unsurprised and tickled. 

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 19) - Sun 27 Oct 2019

Interesting turn of events! Absolutely loving this story though and it's progression! Looking forward to the next chapter.

Mecca (Chapter 19) - Sun 27 Oct 2019

I could cry because there is no chapter after this one T_T oh my gah, Sess is so sexy/sneaky with how he devised the whole operation Get Kagome Alone So They Could Bang. Plus of course a hot springs is always +5 romantic points. And Kags just plays along like an innocent kitten. Umph. Please update soon, I'm quite literally dying to read the next chapter!

Mecca (Chapter 9) - Sun 27 Oct 2019

Ho-kay. I mean, damn. This is raising my blood pressure, but in such a delicious way... and the fact that you name each chapter after song artists... neat touch. Super hoping Super Sexy Sess doesn't kill poor Kags - unless it's from a ridiculously good lay, at least he has Tenseiga... and what a way to go haha! Your writing is superb. I've been slumming it as of late with other fics not as well written, and yours is like a breath of fresh air, so thank you many times over. 

Shanika (Chapter 19) - Sat 26 Oct 2019

This is so good. Hope more is coming soon 

Orotami (Chapter 19) - Sat 26 Oct 2019

So happy to see another update! Can't wait for more!

Ellie (Chapter 19) - Sat 26 Oct 2019

Oh my gosh you have no idea how happy i was to see this updated! I found it on AO3 years ago and it was probably one of the first Kagome/Sesshomaru fics I read and it's still one of my favorites I used to check once a week for updates and everything lol! Anyways I still adore your writing style just as much as I did before and I'm so glad you're back mwah <3

CookieAsylum (Chapter 19) - Fri 25 Oct 2019


omg omg omg I'm super happy to see this fic updated. I love this story so much. ;A;

Finally, Sess is getting his chance lol. He's been so patient. Poor Kagome. All these dogs are giving her trouble. I love your storytelling, and I'm definitely looking forward to if you're able to update again! Keep up the amazing work!! 

Ceysna (Chapter 19) - Fri 25 Oct 2019

....'yet.' (fans self while bouncing on seat) omg I can't wait!

Pamela (Chapter 19) - Fri 25 Oct 2019

Gah! Intense chapter. So glad you are back!!!! Yet, gah! I think I swooned, hehe! Excited for the next chapter, so very excited;)

Valasaurus (Chapter 19) - Fri 25 Oct 2019

I'm am ecstatic to see another chapter. I'm hoping the next one is a juicy ass lemon ??????

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