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AnimeLady04 (Chapter 5) - Mon 03 Feb 2014

wouldn't raw meat from a wild animal carry disease and kill Kagome? or is she immune to this now?

Hmmmm if she tries to kill herself again....would she be able to be brought back? Like with the Midou?

rose (Chapter 5) - Mon 03 Feb 2014

next chapter please

Luna C. (Chapter 5) - Mon 03 Feb 2014

How can Sesshomaru feed her raw meat? Didn't he see Rin cook her meals before? I guess he wanted to be sadistic and see Kagome suffer swallowing that ish, I can just imagine the taste of it... ewwww lol.

April (Chapter 5) - Mon 03 Feb 2014

Omg OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG thank you I thought it was the end  buta it's NOT! He got her back meahahahaha

thelittlegerman (Chapter 4) - Sun 02 Feb 2014

He will SO definitely revive her. Poor Kagome- There will be no salvation for her...

Sammi-Chan (Chapter 4) - Sat 01 Feb 2014

I am now officially stalking this fic. I freakkng love how evil and dark it is. BRAVO!  Poor kagome :(

AnimeLady04 (Chapter 4) - Sat 01 Feb 2014

Sesshomaru also is fast asa youkai and he has the sword of heaven.
But does his sword work when he wills it or when the soul wills it?

Maybe he won't save her in time and she can rest.

I read the prelude, awesome story. The angst is very real and you write their emotions so well....


I think Sesshomaru's wish was Kagome to live (or maybe turn?) into a youkai. But the Jewel is partially good and partially evil - so wouldn't it twist Sesshomaru's wish? PLEASE UPDATE SOON! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

April (Chapter 1) - Tue 28 Jan 2014

I would love to see a new chapter this story has me hot under the collet XD 

smcandy (Chapter 4) - Fri 24 Jan 2014

I have a good idea as to what it might be but like with anyone’s else answer it’s just a guess. I hope you’ll update again soon an if you need help with the story you can always message me privately. Good work.



Authoress smcandy

Elizabeth (Chapter 4) - Fri 24 Jan 2014

Omigoodness!!!!! I need more! Great story so far, I don't know why but I do love an evil sesshomaru.

Mimiru (Chapter 4) - Fri 24 Jan 2014

NOOOOO!! dont end it there -throws rotten cabbage-

I'm actually surpise that he let her go in the first place.

Thank you for the chapter! Can't wait till the next one and to see what Sesshomaru will do with her.

rose (Chapter 4) - Fri 24 Jan 2014

next chapter please

Elizabeth (Chapter 4) - Fri 24 Jan 2014

Can't wait for the next chapter. Please update soon.

Koi (Chapter 4) - Fri 24 Jan 2014

Guessing what this wish could be is a hard one. Mhmm. I think is for him to never be alone or maybe to prolong Kagomes life. Lol. This is getting interesting. I feel bad that she can't even have a peaceful dream without death. I can't wait for the next chapter keep it up!!

Mimiru (Chapter 3) - Fri 24 Jan 2014

OOoooo that was soo creepy, i give you props for coming up with all of this. Really amazing.


Mimiru (Chapter 2) - Fri 24 Jan 2014

I really love the ending of this chapter. Sure its morbid, but it seem poetic to me.

Luna C. (Chapter 4) - Fri 24 Jan 2014

I am highly curious about Sesshomaru's wish. Kagome shouldn't have fell from that cliff, I bet the consequences once Sesshomaru catches her would probably be painful.

I can't wait for your next update! :)

smcandy (Chapter 3) - Fri 24 Jan 2014

 So far this dark fiction is looking good. I find it very hard and rare to read good dark themed Sess/Kag fan fiction. Sometime Iy fans have to remember that before he becomes an anti-hero later on in the series he still has a semi villainous steak within him.


This was before Rin came along and ever after she did into his life. Good work I look forward to read the next chapter ASAP.



Authoress smcandy

Catalina (Chapter 4) - Fri 24 Jan 2014

HEY! What are you doing?! That's not friggin fair! HEY! YOU! Yes you! Mean! I don't know if Sesshoumaru will rescue her, or if he wished her to be immortal so that she can't die from even such a great fall. Of course, there is the possibility that he would revive her even if she was a bloody mess at the bottom of this cliff. I don't care, I DON'T CARE what you write, just write it woman!

Sayah1112 (Chapter 4) - Fri 24 Jan 2014

Psssht. Let Sesshoumaru's gonna let her die. Nice try Kags.


Next chapter please? ;) No like seriously, right now. NOW.

I hope Sesshoumaru's wish isnt that Kagome...loves him. Ooooh that would be horrible lol!

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