Reviews for True Stripes by wonderbug

ponpiri (Chapter 1) - Sun 30 Apr 2017

Wow. I really enjoy your writing. I'm afraid to start reading your chaptered stories as they are all on hold.

Siera Serenity Star (Chapter 1) - Sat 03 Sep 2016

Ahaha I loved it!

Raynell (Chapter 1) - Wed 26 Aug 2015

This was so sweet, hot and lovely. And funny. Love this so much. Thank you for sharing.

Badtzmaru1907 (Chapter 1) - Sat 07 Mar 2015

Love this story so cute and funny!

Katrina Kee (Chapter 1) - Thu 05 Feb 2015

Hmmm, chocolate flavored? Kinda gross, isn't it? I get it, but still not something I, nor anyone I personally know of, would want to taste. I mean who would even want to taste a flavored condom? Yuck and so funny at the same time! Makes you wonder if Sess blushed right alongside Kagome after she opened it in front of her family. I also wonder if Sess paid a "special" visit to the sweets shop to "thank" the shopkeeper for the "free gift" ha ha!

LavenderBoots (Chapter 1) - Mon 17 Mar 2014

Chocolate condom, oh my jiminy I literally slapped my hands over my face in mortification and it didn't even happen to me. Hahaha this was an absolutely delish fic. Thanks much!



Alexandra (Chapter 1) - Mon 03 Mar 2014

Great job and great work. Great late Christmas episode. 

Sesshoumaru'sPriestess (Chapter 1) - Sun 02 Feb 2014

Okay..I cried laughing at the "balls deep" part. This was sexy,smutty, hot, entertaing and just overall great!!!

Sammi-Chan (Chapter 1) - Sat 01 Feb 2014

This story had me giggling and laughing at the end! Good job!

UnknownRandomness (Chapter 1) - Fri 24 Jan 2014

I read this and 'Center Stage' recently. 

Brilliant, absolutely fantastic! You are a very good writer; I was blushing and stuttering the whole way through but I could just not stop reading! Your characterisation of Sesshoumaru is spot on! Please, please continue to keep writing these marvellous stories because they are incredibly entertaining :)

I shall be keeping my eyes peeled for more!

Heather (Chapter 1) - Mon 20 Jan 2014

Adorable! Absolutely loved it! Kagome gets what she wants, one way or another ;)

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 1) - Fri 17 Jan 2014

This was HOT, Happy New Year!

cherry20052 (Chapter 1) - Fri 17 Jan 2014

Loved it!

Starfyre (Chapter 1) - Fri 17 Jan 2014

Seriously hot!

Too tasty for any other words to properly describe.

Loved the smut!


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