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candace peaches (Chapter 9) - Tue 19 Jun 2018

oh, wow, this is a very good story. i hope you can come back and finish it. i was sad to se that inuyasha passed away. i wasn't expecting that outcome. i think you are a very good writer. you stories are so oringinal that i think you would be a great writer if you wanted to do that as a career move. i've read your one shot stories and i've placed you on my 'follow writer' on the website. keep up the great writing. c'ya'

merrrcurius (Chapter 9) - Tue 22 May 2018

I am in love with your story! This Sesshoumaru is the closest he has ever kept to true character. It's amazing! I love it!

Alesia (Chapter 9) - Mon 21 May 2018

Very nice please keep writing I am enjoying the story alot

Utsukushi tenshi (Chapter 9) - Tue 03 Apr 2018

What!!???Why  Mah boy Sesshomaru disappointed me!!!

Well, that's a great cliffhanger, or you're just teasing us,hhaha hah, I love how you potray sesshomaru in here mysterious and sexy, he's like a dark chocolate, and also here's my favorite line in this chapter 

Do you know what it means, for a daiyoukai to lust after a human?”

“It means that he is weak,” he continued, his free hand easing down the flat plane of her stomach, gooseflesh peppering her satiny skin in the wake of its descent. “Unworthy.”

That is sooo Good!!! Mah Boy Sesshomaru was Battling himself not to give in to the temptation that is kagome...hahaha tho i wish that they've done that LOL but yeah it was still good because you've done a good job writing this hahaha... I've been waiting for this update and i feel so elated when i have  received an email - a notice of an update for this story, Thanks alot for writing an update, ilove you! I shall wait for more and see what else could the demon lord would go through just hear kagome say his name! Til next time! You're awesome!

FayeMegan (Chapter 9) - Tue 03 Apr 2018

Thanks for the update! Great development

Gee (Chapter 9) - Mon 02 Apr 2018

Just another fanfic I like that is still on progress. Keep writing pls~ can't wait for the next chapter!

Makuro767 (Chapter 8) - Fri 02 Mar 2018

This next time is still pending here 4 years since last update...and it is killing me. I am slowly falling in love with how dark you manage to make Sesshoumaru in your story, both this and S t a s i s. It feels true to his personality as portrayed by both manga and anime. Many stories tended to soften that inhuman edge but yours stayed true so far. And it is intriguing. I am also both wanting and not wanting to follow S t a s i s. This is due to fear of being depressed due to how dark the story is since I do suffer depression, and how gripping the tale that I can't help but want to know the ending to. And this story also echoes that same darkness from S t a s i s Sesshoumaru. Except in this one Kagome is receptive while in the other Kagome all but want to die in every interaction only to find out that they will be bound even in death and perhaps in the next reincarnation.

Kinda want to make me see them in Bleach!AU where Sesshoumaru is an unfeeling Arrancar too powerful to care for Aizen's plot and Kagome a human miko that ended up in Hueco Mundo because she fell through a random Garganta rift in her family's old well...hmm...story plot coming up here...but bleh, you can take that. I also love how borderline Yandere your depiction of Sesshoumaru is. I have always have a weakness for psychotic love interest even though I know that will only end in heartbreak...

Ah, this have nothing to do with this story but in S t a s i s Side Story, Sesshoumaru is slowly desiring her heart didn't he? Because that is the only thing she won't give him and the only thing he can't force her to give him and the only thing she have that he doesn't own. Will this story follow the same pattern?

Also, in Transgression, Sesshoumaru is conflicted between loving her and hating her and this shows through their interaction. He does not believe in love and see himself above it. And this will perhaps show in how he will interact with Kagome and will be the biggest hurdle that he and Kagome will have to go over if they want to actually have a mutual relationship as oppossed to Dominant vs Submissive type of relationship that Sesshoumaru will undoubtedly enforce Kagome into. Sesshoumaru of your depiction is on point, he is not a gentle creature or at least not in regard to her. Even his interaction with Rin is akin to owner and pet. And Sesshoumaru is possessive, add obsessive to that and Kagome stand no chance...

Ah...I am rambling but I do so hope I manage to spark some inspiration for continuation for this story. I always find that a good review helps a lot...

BlindHuntress (Chapter 8) - Sun 21 Jan 2018

More please! I love the vividness of this story, it’s lovely!

Utsukushi tenshi (Chapter 8) - Sat 30 Dec 2017

I believe i had found a new gem! And this is so precious and read this all the way!!! Thank you! Very Much!

Erika (Chapter 1) - Sun 28 May 2017

Still waiting for ch 9 :(

Katarina (Chapter 1) - Wed 02 Nov 2016


I just wanted to ask if you will finish your stories anytime? because you have still some fans out here and I look monthly since 2014 and decided to ask you, because sometimes I reread them and I'm still as hooked up.:) 

The-infamous-one (Chapter 8) - Mon 17 Oct 2016

I'm just saying, leaving your story like this is unbelievably cruel.  Ugg. Anyways I hope that sometime soon you will come back to this and finish it. It's to good to leave as is.  Good luck

rosheemary (Chapter 8) - Thu 20 Aug 2015

oh my.. moh my... oh my... you really left super HUGE cliff-hanger there gals xD

i really love this!!! this story's so good... it's killing me to know what sesshomaru going to say, whether he's gonna tell kagome that he wanna kill her, or... he wanna continue their 'unfinished business', tehee..

Your story is so awesome, i hope that you haven't abandoned this story. Because it's poor thing to leave their fate hanging like that (>_<).

Please update your wonderful story, i really can't wait it :)



Eva (Chapter 8) - Tue 26 May 2015

I've recently discovered your work through another favorite of mine and read you dry, then followed you to Dokuga. I look forward to more of your work. I enjoy how Kagome and Sesshoumaru have been drawn together inexorably against their will, without sappy contrived plot devices. It's good to see the agonizing character growth for both of them that will leave them scared, but more mature and at peace with themselves within their own skins. You've handled this story so well. I look forward to Kagome finally living up to her nature and Sesshoumaru realizing that he is a diayoukai.

Eris (Chapter 8) - Wed 12 Nov 2014

Please update soon!!!!  I've been checking very often...wonderful story!

WildcatYST (Chapter 8) - Wed 08 Oct 2014

Love, love, love this story. Your character portrayals are spot on and the tension is just right.  I hope you update again soon! 

NelysofMordor (Chapter 1) - Sun 14 Sep 2014

Oh my word. I desperately check this story at least once a week (sometimes once a day :-P) to see if it's been updated. Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease Update!! Phew. (Seriously, this is amazing). Can't wait!! :-P

WickedLittleGirl (Chapter 8) - Wed 10 Sep 2014

I'm like a junkie that needs their fix.  After three months of waiting, you'd think I'd have gotten over my addiction, but no.  Please update soon!  :)

lilithblood (Chapter 8) - Mon 01 Sep 2014

I've been thinking about it and it's been so long since you've updated this story. Any chance you might update it soon?


Philosophy Blue (Chapter 8) - Mon 21 Jul 2014
Update real soon! I kno firsthand how real life gets in the way but still I can't get enough of this story!

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