Reviews for Kinbaku-bi by Lyra

Asanobara (Chapter 5) - Sat 10 May 2014

That was so disturbed, yet so amazing. At the same time. O.o Very, very, very well-written. I have but one last thing to say: "Bad Shippou!"

AnimeLady04 (Chapter 5) - Thu 06 Jun 2013

I think I got a bit confused.
I'm not quite sure how Shippo could have protected her when he was so little.
Also, if Sesshomaru even suspected what Shippo was up too, why did Sessh leave Kagome with Ship?

*~*Missy*~* (Chapter 5) - Tue 04 Jun 2013

Dear god Woman!  That was amazing!  This story blew me out of the water!  Absolutely loved it dearie!  Great job! :)



Kayelyn (Chapter 5) - Tue 04 Jun 2013

O.O I have no idea how, but now I just feel bad for the poor bastard. And then you got Sesshomaru over here, swooping in like Batman a la the Dark Knight, coming in to save the day. For me, I get the impression that he was simply waiting for her to figure things out, for her to awaken, even if it was slightly, on her own. That she at first needed to want to save herself before he would step in because he didn't want a dormant Kagome.

I really enjoyed this, dark and twisty just the way I like it. Best of luck, my love!

Kayelyn (Chapter 4) - Tue 04 Jun 2013

Shippou, you have been a naughty, naughty boy indeed. I love how his madness in his chapter is right at the surface, then seems to lie dormant and allow  for methodical, calculating thinking. It makes him more...just more. And poor Kagome never ever had a chance against him. She was doomed from the second he laid eyes on her.


Kayelyn (Chapter 2) - Tue 04 Jun 2013

Oh Inu-twit, you selfish and cruel bastard. ::shakes head:: But I really like the fact that Shippou's obsession started way back when. It makes my mind whirl with all the possibilities.




Kayelyn (Chapter 1) - Tue 04 Jun 2013

Part One just keeps better and better everytime I read it. I love the fact that it's Shippou, out of everyone it's sweet, adorably innocent Shippou. I don't know if it's my own warped brain that likes seeing him this tainted and dark, but I think it's something that could definitely fit as the centuries pass.



Stella Mira (Chapter 5) - Tue 04 Jun 2013

I cannot believe that you took my jokingly given prompt - time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana - and actually managed to turn it into this succulent, magnificent piece, centered around one's nature. I must congratulate you for your ingenius thinking xDD

I DID enjoy this tremendously - strange or not! The senteces were powerful, the 'sweet' metaphors strangely erotic, and the whole bondage smut incredibly sensual! Once again, I reiterate, WELL DONE! XD

Stella Mira (Chapter 4) - Tue 04 Jun 2013

HA! I knew it! *does a little victory dance* Ehem...Well, who can actually blame the girl for finally succumbing? Definitely not I xD

I must admit that this chapter is my favorite yet - surprisingly, not because of the smut xD I truly liked the way her chaotic, self-condemning thoughts were portrayed. Well done! xD

Stella Mira (Chapter 3) - Tue 04 Jun 2013

WOO! Competitors!! Wait - scratch that - ONE competitor. The wolf scurried away with his tail between his legs xD Oedipus complex much? No, nope, this is something....different. Had Shippo ever actually viewed her as a mother figure to begin with? I do wonder...XP

Stella Mira (Chapter 2) - Tue 04 Jun 2013

Hm, so I see. Inuyasha, Inuyasha, must you always be such a cruel bastard? You really wished to die, didn't you? And, in doing so, you managed to perfectly sc*ew over Kagome once least that's my take on this little piece. xD

Stella Mira (Chapter 1) - Tue 04 Jun 2013

So it does begin! And what a glorious beginning this was! I dunno why, but I find the thought of Shippou as a bondage expert very fitting. Am I twisted? Are you? We probably both are! xD 

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