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candace peaches (Chapter 19) - Tue 29 Sep 2015

the lemons were steammy and i had fun reading this story. i laughed more in this story than in any other. you did good in writing this story. i love it when there is a happy ending with lots of "pups" to make it happier. i think when inuyasha and sesshoumaru get along as pack they do great things together. c'ya'

Siera Serenity Star (Chapter 19) - Wed 02 Apr 2014

I loved it!!!

CuriouslyStoic26 (Chapter 19) - Sun 01 Sep 2013 I have to say that I absolutely loved this first I was like wow this is really unlike Sesshoumaru, but I didn't really mind...this story had me laughing so hard at points that I truly believed I would fall out of my was tender and loving, with just the right amount of action, drama and did a great job...I would have gladly spurred you on with comments at the end of each chapter, but I just wanted to keep reading, so I saved it for the end...I hope you don't mind too much!!! ^_^

TKE (Chapter 19) - Sun 25 Aug 2013

It was a happy ending yah!!!!

tonya (Chapter 19) - Sat 24 Aug 2013

loved this chapter! i love this story!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 19) - Sat 24 Aug 2013

This story was awesome and the ending was great.

Moonlight Silk (Chapter 18) - Thu 22 Aug 2013

Great chapter, and I loved the foul mouthed Kagome, can't blame her though she was in labour with a creepy Naraku around. I liked that one of the pups looked like Inuyasha and was named after him. So now they are parents, update aagain soon!

Reba Lynn (Chapter 18) - Thu 22 Aug 2013

Next please.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 18) - Wed 21 Aug 2013

I'm glad Naraku is dead and, that Kagome and Sesshomaru along with their new pups are back togther, keep it coming.

mari (Chapter 18) - Wed 21 Aug 2013

so loving this update thanks.

tonya (Chapter 18) - Wed 21 Aug 2013

this was an awesome chapter! i cant wait to see what happens next chapter!

Jemillia Grant (Chapter 17) - Tue 13 Aug 2013

keep it coming! i want to know what the pups look like and if they are boys and girls. go get him sesshomaru!


tonya (Chapter 17) - Mon 12 Aug 2013

i can't wait to see what happens next! great job with this chapter!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 17) - Sun 11 Aug 2013

Great chapter, please update the next chapters quick. Keep it coming.

tonya (Chapter 16) - Thu 01 Aug 2013

great chapter! can't wait to see what happens next!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 16) - Wed 31 Jul 2013

I hope Sesshomaru come back quick and save Kagome from Naraku, keep it coming.

mari (Chapter 16) - Wed 31 Jul 2013

loved it thanks.

elizabeth (Chapter 16) - Wed 31 Jul 2013

me gustaron mucho los capitulos 15 y 16

sigue asi esta historia esta muy interesante y entetenida 

Moonlight Silk (Chapter 15) - Wed 31 Jul 2013

This chapter was so much fun, and Inuyasha being foul mouthed as usual. And I like how Sesshomaru defended Kagome from Jaken. Great update!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 15) - Mon 22 Jul 2013

Loving it, keep it coming.

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