Reviews for That Old Cliché by inali

knifethrower (Chapter 2) - Mon 30 Nov 2009

Oh, My, Gosh!  That was so hilarious!  It was wonderful!  I have asthma, and I will not be the same for the rest of the night.  I laughed my a** off!  The mental image of Sesshomaru standing transfixed while Kagome was soaping herself up, then being interrupted by InuYasha was great.  I love the thing about the pigeons.  Then, when Kagome figured out that he was not Miroku!  That was rich!

hikari hime (Chapter 2) - Fri 12 Sep 2008
Ah, the hospring classique was a very good one. I quite like (it's a love-hate relationship really... urgh) when authors make Kagome being "in heat" (she's a human, damnit, not a dog), the usual 'I see Inuyasha with Kikyo kissing or/and making out, run crying into the forest and bump onto Sesshomaru', not forgetting the 'I fall and he catches me' part; Oh! And the one where Sesshomaru is stuck in his dog form (that's more like fanservice really... what? yes, I know, I've written one... Oh shut up, conscience!) Speaking about fanservice... there's the reverse hotspring scene, with a naked Sesshomaru (drool), and the one where Rin falls ill... -AAAAAh! please stop me!!!- Anyway, there's a lot to cover indeed, and if your writing and my earlier laughing to tears is any indication, I know I will enjoy it immensely. Thank you ^_^ (I particulary loved the remark about Bakusaiga and the arsenal explaining of one's usual rigidity of posture... smirk)

Ethereal Siren (Chapter 1) - Tue 02 Sep 2008
lol I like this idea. I'm sure I could come up with a few overdone scenarios. Like comparing Kagome's relationship with Shippo to Sesshoumaru's relationship with Rin. Comparing Sesshoumaru to Vulcans is one of my favorites. It's kinda funny that he's usually compared to the most popular vulcan, Spock, because Spock has a human mother. Some would say that Sesshoumaru would be offended to be compared with a "half breed" of any sort, but supposedly Spock is more like 3/4 Vulcan due to some weird genetic crap I'm not nerdy enough to remember. But still, Spock's mother was human. mustn't forget the many hot springs scenes. And some Hair washing... must do some washing of that wonderful silver hair... mmmm

Fortunesque (Chapter 1) - Tue 02 Sep 2008
I love crackfics. Just please, please, please, don't make Kagome into Shippo's mom... that one drives me nuts... she's freaking 15! He's more like a little brother. Bah. You could do a 'switchup' fic where everyone switches bodies. I've never seen one of those that was actually worth a crap to read, though it is an interesting fanfic staple for all kinds of series. But I like what you're doing. Yay for overdone cliches! :)

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